uh. This is the budget. Mid range android phone from xiaomi and just about five days ago, had posted its unboxing, video and i’ve been actually using it. As my primary smartphone for the last five days and i’ve been using it with my jio and a tel sims, so let’s talk. What do i feel about it and, in fact, in my unboxing video, i was very optimistic about this smartphone and still, i would say, it’s a very good smartphone. But some of the pros that i mentioned in the unboxing video have moved to the cons and some of the cons that i was thinking are actually the pros. So let’s look at it and let’s divide it here and here are the specs guys, as you can see, and the version that i have purchased and i’m using is the higher end variant for that’s for 14 000 rupees, but sadly that 12 000 rupees variant the Base variant is simply not available. I hope it launches so anyways let’s go over it and i need a list guys so i’ll go over all the list of pros and cons made a huge list. So i’ll just look at my laptop so that i don’t miss any point because uh quite a few points that i want to talk about uh. So, okay, first let’s talk about the good things on this device and the first thing is regarding the screen guys – and this is the big thing uh xiaomi says this – is an amoled screen it’s a 6.

43 inch screen, so not very big, so nice to hold in The hand and i have to say i am liking the amoled screen on this one guys what happens with the cheap budget oriented amoled screen there’s. Three things, one is color. Accuracy is really bad in some of them. That’S not the case. The colors look actually accurate on this, so no weird over saturation or extra pale colors, or something like that so color reproduction is good. Second thing: what happens is that the panel is not enough bright. So outdoors, if you go uh it’s washed out that’s, not the case. In fact, if you leave it on auto brightness, this one is easily visible, even in outdoor condition, and the third thing that i noticed quite a bit is uh. When you lower the brightness to minimums when all the lights are closed at night or something you go, minimum brightness either it won’t go to very low brightness or if you go to very low bright, it starts to flicker. That problem was also not on this one. So i’m really happy with the amoled screen on this one. I don’t know how xiaomi managed to do this, but they’ve put a good quality amoled screen on this one, the colors contrast, etc is very nice. I’M, using this black theme looks actually pretty cool, so good job to show me uh on the type of amulet panel that they have used, it’s a full hd plus, and i just hope, other manufacturers uh when they introduce amoled panels.

They put at least this good quality. I have not worried about 120 hertz 60 hertz at this price point is a good amoled panel let’s now talk about the build quality again guys uh the front is gorilla glass, but black. This is again plastic guys this entire and even though chase’s is actually plastic, but again because of that, i feel the weight is actually really good on this one though it’s having a 5000mah battery, so it’s very comfortable to hold and i’ve been actually using it without The case or anything and this black plastic coating does resist the fingerprints to a certain point so it’s not that bad, i would say in fact, from a distance. Many will be full like that. This is having a glass back so that’s regarding it, and i won’t complain guys if i just put slight pressure: it’s, not flexing or anything like that, but yeah. If you want to break any phone, you can obviously break it uh, but overall, i would say the weight distribution and in hand feel they have done actually a good job. Next, if i talk about is the earpiece on this one as i’ve told you guys, i’ve used it with both my atl and jio slims in hyderabad and here i’m really happy with xiaomi, because i used to complain about this a lot earlier. Xiaomi redmi phone, especially in the mid range, the earpiece quality, was simply not that good, but on this one the earpiece quality is actually really really good.

In fact, i could compare it with some of the higher end smartphones that good the earpiece quality, so no issues while taking calls. In fact it is pretty loud and clear and in fact i didn’t have to actually keep the uh. What do you say? Earpiece volume at maximum when i was taking the calls that crystal clear and loud at force, anyways let’s move to the next thing. This is regarding call quality and other things that many of you have asked carrier, aggregation, etc, and i tested this with geo and intel here in hyderabad and with my jio sim. I am getting carrier regulation that is 4g plus, but with my 810 sim i’m, not getting that 4g plus signal, but again guys. I won’t blame this handset. Even my samsung flagship that’s, the z fold. 2 is not getting 4g plus with atl in hyderabad. They are doing something weird, but carrier aggregation is there on jio. I got that anyways uh. The network reception was also very good on this smartphone now. Another thing that i really liked on this smartphone is this: has wi fi uh? What do you say? Five gigahertz band and i have to say i’m, connected to my 5g router – the speeds that i’m getting is actually really good and even the wi fi range is actually pretty good on this one let’s actually run a speed test now uh. This is connected on my five gigahertz band let’s.

Do it i’m on that 300 megabit uh, jio, fiber connection gets generally about 280 let’s, see how it does and again, as you can see so very good performance in terms of wi fi. The range was also very good, so they have done actually a really good job in terms of wi fi i’m impressed uh speeds are consistent, even on the five gigahertz span. Uh let’s and i’ll just cut this and let’s move to the next thing that i like is uh. The white wine l1 support. Is there on this uh. I was watching you uh what they say: netflix and stuff. If you go to app settings, sorry not accounts. If you go to app settings here, if i go uh to the playback specifications, as you can see, white one l1 support is there. That means it can play it in full, hd and everything so that’s. Actually, a nice thing, because i’ve noticed some of the handsets in this mid range price. Actually don’t have wide one l1 support. They fall back to l3. That means you can’t play hd contents it’s restricted to just standard definition, content, so that’s. Actually, a nice thing on this one uh next thing is regarding the fingerprint scanner it’s a side mounted one and excellent guys, no issues with the fingerprint scanner very, very responsive. Some of you were asking like yeah. They should have because it’s an amulet screen in display fingerprint scanner over here, uh, but again guys if they would have done that the cost would have increased.

So again the fingerprint scanner quality is very good, so i don’t have any complaints. In fact, i didn’t even enable the face, unlocking because this works, as you can see so well. Next thing is regarding the general performance it’s having this new snapdragon 678 soc, and i would say this is a good soc and handles most of the stuff that you throw on it. Fine, i would say uh again no issues with the processor. I even did some gaming with this one call of duty i played and it played ha actually fine. In fact, it was playing at the high graphics setting. So the processor is good, guys and general ui. Miui 12 is good, but sometimes i don’t know sometimes it’s a memory leak issue or something sometimes i noticed some jutters here when i was using twitter and stuff right now, it’s very good morning i was noticing, but i just rebooted it once and now, it’s very Smooth so it looks like there is some memory, corruption or something in the background uh first three days it was fine. This morning i had to actually reboot and now again it’s fine. So again those typical mini ui bugs. But overall i i think so if you reboot this device every couple of days, then it won’t be a issue. I hope they fix this now it’s very smooth guys earlier. I was getting some micro jutters at times anyways moving to uh. The next thing is regarding the miui 12 on this one, and this is neither a pro neither a con guys – and many of you have asked about this one.

The ad situation on this one again guys watch my unboxing video that i had posted and there i disabled some of the things and after that i’m not getting those full page ads or anything in the last five days. I did not get that. Yes, with the gets app that the irritating thing i was getting some stuff in the notification, but you can easily disable it. For example like here, if you go in the settings, let’s assume it’s the get stab you go to the most setting and just disable this, and that way i disabled the get sap setting, but no full page ads or anything that i have seen, but guys don’t Be stupid, don’t log in with the xiaomi account i haven’t done that. Nor do i use the xiaomi’s built in apps, like that’s, music, app, etc so i’m not doing that i’m, not using the me account or using the. What do you say me, music, app and everything and i’m not getting any ads. So again we have common sense, guys don’t use the xiaomi apps, i would say just for the privacy reason: i’m, not using it i’m, not getting ads, get sap. Yes, you will get that annoying notification sometime over here, but you can disable it. So i i feel now uh. This one is improved version of me ui because last year, if i have to compare with the redmi note 9 and the uh knight nine pro, what i had used that was getting too many ads.

Guys so looks like xiaomi has cleaned up the ui a little bit and in fact the ui now is very close to what we are getting in the poco and the me smartphones. I think so this they might have done because a lot of reviewers like me, complained about it and a lot of public pressure also, but i feel it was because of the indian government that had banned the me browser and the me community app. I think so. Xiaomi took note of that and they have toned down that so not full page ads that i’m, seeing so that’s, actually a nice thing, but some notifications uh that you’ll see. But again i feel that is bearable, anyways uh. Moving to next thing is i, like the uh charging, speed, 33 watts, so super fast at recharge and also the battery life is really good on this smartphone uh again because of the weight it doesn’t feel like you’re having a 5000mah battery, but the battery life has Been actually really good on this smartphone easily over a day, i couldn’t kill it within a day. Guys here are some of the battery stats. This is a after about one and a half days of usage, then also about eight plus hours of screen on time so easily. I would say it’ll last for about one to one and a half days and if you’re sort of a casual user almost about two days worth of battery life, so battery life is not an issue on the smartphone uh again gaming, as i’ve told you call of Duty, i have played a little bit.

It was fine at high graphics, setting again guys i’m, not a hardcore gamer. If you want to know about gaming check out some other youtube channels that play new gaming continuously, i played call of duty a couple of games continuously about two or three games. If i recall for 20 25 minutes – and it played fine – yes, it got slightly warm, but again that is to be expected. It didn’t get hot. That is another thing that i’ve noticed with regular usage. The phone never got hot now. Let’S also talk about the camera. On this one again, we have that quad camera on this one uh, but i would say that 48 megapixel is the main camera on this one and i have to say, the camera performance is good outdoors. It does a good job, as you can see, with the samples and indoors it does a decent job, but guys got to be careful and be realistic about the camera performance and indoor lighting conditions. Yes, if you’re not careful in indoor lighting conditions, while taking the snap, is there a shade, you will see that blurriness. But again that is to be expected. This is not a flagship smartphone that cost 70 or 80 000. let’s be realistic. For the price point i would say, uh the camera performance is good and if i compare it with some of the other smartphones that i have recently reviewed around the 12 000 price fund definitely uh.

The camera performance is slightly better and the camera is slightly better. Optimized but again guys, don’t expect miracles with the camera in indoor lighting conditions, that’s my frank opinion now let’s move to the cons on this smartphone and again guys. This is an amoled screen and they advertise this always on but notice. What will happen after 10 seconds? They say this is always on i’ve enabled all the assault. If i just leave it, i think you have to just leave it. This always on just disappears after 10 seconds, so i don’t know what stupidity is this uh? If you have an amulet scheme and you’re saying that it’s an always on, why not i love it to be always on uh let’s, just it’s a stupid setting, always on yeah always on display. Okay, as as you can see, you have switched it on always on. Is on but again this just displays for 10 seconds. You can’t disable it you don’t have anything i don’t know. I know the battery life is good i’m. Getting about one and a half days worth of battery life. Why can’t? I enable always on always on, like always on it’s just for 10 seconds, so this is annoying. I hope they fix this with the ot update, give people an option of having a truly always on. If they want. Yes, it will take a hit on the battery life, but why not just provide it second thing that i was praising uh when i got the phone was the stereo speakers? Yes, this one has stereo speakers here and here, but i have to say the stereo speaker calibration is one of the worst that i’ve seen see.

Why do we like stereo speakers is because you get that stereo effect from here and here and to get that the volume level should be actually balanced, uh, but that’s not the case with this one, i would say the volume level. Eighty percent of the volume comes from this, but only twenty percent of the volume comes from this side. Let me demonstrate uh that uh. This is uh yeah copyright, free i’m gon na maximize it, as you can see, and i’m gon na it’s, coming from both the sides now i’m gon na block. This hardly any difference in the volume. If you notice there’s, hardly any volume is coming from this, but if i block this see how low the volume is from this side, let me show you again if i block this so very imbalanced. Stereo speakers guys i’m happy don’t get me wrong. I’M. Very happy that xiaomi is providing stereo speakers on this one, but the implementation is done. Very bad. 80 volume comes from this, only 20 percent, so you simply don’t get that stereo effect at all on this one. So i hope they improve this in future ones. It’S a namesake, i would say stereo speakers to be frank. Guys again, as i’ve told you, this is the me ui 12 guys so still not totally optimized. I even if you see my unboxing video, i was getting some flicker over here uh. So again, some bugs are there now i’m, not getting it.

But yes, there are some bugs with this one, so be careful with that uh out of the box. Yes, it’s uh running on me, ui 12., but again as it’s me. Why be a little bit careful when you get updated just don’t rush and uh get install the updates because many times with their updates, they add bugs so just be careful it eventually. Yes, they will solve it. But yes, there are some bugs that i have no test on this one anyways moving to the next thing is regarding the ram management – and i would say here, it’s slightly better than some of the older uh xiaomi phones. But again the ram management is very peculiar. On the smartphone uh it’s much better than the older phones, for example, right now, this twitter, this youtube etc are in memory, even my uh, gmail, etc is in memory uh. These are the apps that i had opened recently. They are on memory, but some of the apps. It simply does not like to keep in memory and that one of them is this true caller, as you can see just boot it out so true color simply did not work properly on this smartphone, and i that way i got a lot of spam calls. So i don’t know, i think so what they are doing is they know some of the popular apps uh, those they are keeping it in memory, but uh some of the obscure apps they’re, simply putting it out of the memory and truecaller is one of them.

So again, memory management is so so yes, it has improved a little bit, but still i would say so so on this one anyways uh next thing is regarding the bug that i noticed in wi fi this i noticed twice guys uh. It was working fine throughout the day and night. You just leave your phone oops i’m. Getting. Let me cancel this spam. True color work because we just actually uh invoked it, but most of the time it does not work anyways. So i was talking about wi fi bug, yeah wi fi works perfectly fine on 5 and 2.4 gigahertz most of the time, but twice i noticed that night. I just leave the phone like this it’s left morning when i switched on the phone. It was saying for my internet, no internet connection on wi fi, but my uh, what i’d say internet connection was working perfectly fine. I checked with some other devices, tablets, etc. So there is some bug i had to toggle this wi fi switch on and off three four times and then it actually connected to my internet. So again, these are some of the small bugs that i have, but wi fi performance once it’s connected properly is actually really good on the smartphone and, lastly, let’s talk about the flash sales and the honest pricing and all that crap. If i go over here again, if you look at it right now again i’m looking at this is i purchased it from amazon uh.

There is also supposed to be the 12 000 rupees based variant, but again they are still advertising this higher end 14, 000 variant. So i don’t know when they will introduce this 12 000 variant and if they even introduce it, how much quantity uh they will release, because i feel uh. That is the pure value from any uh device, and this one has that triple slot. So again, storage is not an issue, but i just hope they bring it on sale properly because again, it’s the flash sale model and getting these devices is difficult and xiaomi is not releasing all the models if they can do that. That will be great, but i have noticed that there is a little bit of black marketing also going on these xiaomi phones. I think so that should actually stop, and i have even seen that happening with me: authorized stores uh. When people go over there, they have to be a little bit extra and these shopkeepers, the me authorized stores also uh, tell users to buy some accessories if they want to buy it. I hope this should actually stop. Overall, i would say it’s a good uh smartphone and in fact it exceeded what expectations i had, but again it’s, not without its uh. What is a flaws that i have mentioned? But overall, i would say uh. This is a good value, smartphone uh. If you can get that 12 000 rupees variant at 14, 000.

Yes, it becomes slightly dicey, but still overall, the performance of the phone was actually really good. So i can suggest this one anyways it’s not perfect because of some of the xiaomi, the stuff that xiaomi does like flash sales, uh, stupidity, uh and me ui. Yes, though, it has improved quite a bit, but still there are some issues with miui anyways, guys that’s. It for now for this review, if you guys, are still not subscribed to the youtube channel, hit that subscribe button and guys, if you’re buying it from amazon, use my link. It does help the channel. I have to buy a lot of devices anyways guys that’s it for now, thanks for watching.