This video is going to be on the cheaper galaxy, a52 and we’re going to be talking about everything you need to know about this phone again. It’S got some really nice features like a 90 hertz display the quad cameras, a big battery, but it’s also got some quirks, and this video is going to be my full review. My honest verdict on the galaxy a52 we’ll talk about everything you guys need to know and i’ll also tell you guys if you should be buying this phone and, if it’s worth your money with that being said, subscribe to the channel give this video a like and Let’S get started: oh baby, hey all right, so starting off with the unboxing experience and taking a look at the box itself. It’S usual samsung packaging here, so not a lot on the box, the picture of the phone itself and taking that lid off you see the small packet with your sim ejector tool and opening it up. You have your documentation so note that there is no free. You know tpu case included in this phone and the reading material is boring. You have your safety and warranty information, a quick start guide. Nobody reads that getting to the phone itself take that plastic off, and it reveals that awesome blue color and note that this is not glostic. This is actually polycarbonate, so there’s no shine to it. It’S, just matte plastic it’s got that soft touch. Coating to it and it’s also got the headphone jack now getting to the other stuff.

In the box we have a usb type c to type a cable for charging, so it’s, not type c to type c like on the a72, but again should get the job done and you have a not so fast charger but it’s included in the box. So it’s appreciated, like it’s, surprising we’re, appreciating free charges in the box in 2021, but that’s the unboxing experience, it’s, sweet and it’s simple and yes, i do miss the free earphones that samsung used to include in their box in their previous phones but it’s, not here And there’s nothing, we can do about it, but you know after one of the quickest unboxings i’ve ever done, let’s get to the galaxy a52 itself. Alright. So now, starting off with the specifications of the galaxy a52 it’s powered by the snapdragon 720 g processor and you can have up to 8 gigabytes of ram and 256 gigabytes of storage, there is micro, sd card expansion and the galaxy a52 also has a 4500 mah Battery which can be fast charged via the usb type c port, but the charger included in the box is not really a fast charger. So if you want to take use of that feature, you’ll have to buy a third party adapter. But again i really appreciate that the fast charging is there and you’ve got ip67 water resistance, as well as a headphone jack on this phone. So that’s really nice and those numbers might not mean anything to you.

If the real life performance isn’t great – and i can tell after using the galaxy a52 for some time, that the performance on the phone is good for day to day tasks – and i think you can also play you know some games on it – let’s say you like Playing pubg or call of duty or something like that, but the performance is not the best. There are certain. You know, lags and jitters here and there in the ui and that’s just going to be there. For example, let’s say you open the camera app and you click a photo after you press the shutter button. There is a significant delay from you, pressing the shutter button and the picture being taken on the phone. So just keep that in mind. The 720 g is a good processor, but again i think samsung could have done better or maybe you know throw in a exynos cpu of their own to get some better performance. So this phone is not going to crush benchmarks, of course, anytime soon, but again, relatively the performance for day to day tasks and just normally use let’s, say you’re, doing social media watching videos and consuming content it’s good. So the performance is decent. Now talking about content and the display on this phone it’s, a 6.5 inch infinity, o display it’s, full hd plus in resolution and the bezels surrounding that display are pretty clean. Although the top and bottom bezel, you know, is kind of big in my opinion, but there is also an infinity o cutout for the 32 megapixel selfie camera, with a silver ring around it, which i don’t know why samsung has it there it’s annoying, but the display Itself is amazing, it’s a super amoled 90 hertz panel, which is really nice for watching videos, playing games and just doing things on this phone now, there’s also a 52 5g that has 120 hertz.

But i don’t know when that’s coming to india – or i mean, but the 90 hertz 6.5 inch display, in my opinion, is a really nice one. The quality of the display, the brightness. All of that is really good, so you’re not going to be disappointed with the display. Any time and again, i watched a lot of youtube and it does have white wine l1 certification, so in terms of the display there’s, no complaints now let’s talk about software. On this phone you’ve got android 11 and one ui 3.0, which in my opinion, does still need some refinements. The ui itself is nice, it’s, smooth and it’s. Pretty snappy multitasking felt great the ram management and things like that again, it’s all good, but there is still a lot of bloatware like you get this mx, you know cheaper tick, tock version of the app and there’s also snapchat and amazon and netflix, and a bunch Of other apps like opera and stuff pre installed the bloatware i get it like. The companies have an agreement and they pay money to each other, but i think when you’re buying a phone for let’s say 30 000 rupees. This shouldn’t be the experience. The software can be cleaned out and refined a little bit, but, apart from that, the performance of one ui itself and android 11 is good. You have some. You know good features on this phone that you might want to use so yeah.

All of that is good. You’Ve also got always on display, and you can use samsung pay on this device now talking about the design and build quality of the galaxy a52. I, like it it’s good it’s built, you know really well, but the looks itself you know at just the first impression it might feel a little cheap because of the you know, polycarbonate back and it’s, not glastic like it used to be in the past, like there’s. Not a mixture of glass and plastic, it is not shiny, it does not feel like glass, it feels like plastic and it is plastic. The phone is a little bulky, a little heavier and also kind of thick like. If you look at past a series devices, they were trying to be really sleek and slim. This one is not, it is heavy and bulky, but it’s not feeling cheap. In my opinion, like, yes, it gives you that premium feel and the you know feel in the hand itself is good and because of the 4500mah battery, i guess it has to be a slightly thicker phone, but i really like that there is the headphone jack. So i don’t mind the thickness. The camera bump itself is not that much but it’s there. So, yes, there might be a little bit of rocking when you do lay it flat on a table. But apart from that, the designable quality, in my opinion, is nice and yes, it is plasticky and the phone isn’t really ashamed of it.

But i think if they had gone with this similar kind of design that they have in the galaxy a32, like that iphone 8 iphone, 4 kind of design, again it’s still plastic, but just looks more premium but there’s, four colors in the galaxy a52 and the a72 And, depending upon what you like, you can go for anything, but in my opinion, all the four colors are nice. My favorite has to be the you know: purple as well as the white and the black is just going to be showing a lot of fingerprints and scratches and yes, durability is nice on this phone, so fingerprints and scratches and stuff like that. Wouldn’T be very. You know easily visible on this one unless you put on a case. It should be all good, so you know drop tests and stuff like that. I think this phone is going to be a little more durable if you drop it on the back now, designable quality aside let’s talk about those cameras. We’Ve got the 64 megapixel main camera with optical image. Stabilization and it’s also got the f 1.8 aperture you’ve got a 12 megapixel ultrawide, a 5 megapixel macro and a 5 megapixel depth sensor. Now the ultra wide and the main sensor i really like i can even do with the macro, but i don’t know why the depth sensor is there when you can do live, focus and just portrait mode with software. I think it’s, just there to you, know, make the quad camera complete like on the a72.

You have a 3x telephoto which i like, and i think that should have been the case on the galaxy a52 itself, but specs aside, you’ve also got a 32 megapixel. You know front camera, which is really nice for selfies and stuff, like that in broad daylight and good daylight. The pictures turn out to be really nice i’ll. You know try to link up some camera samples down below, but i, like the camera app as well as the camera. You know experience itself, it’s good. The main sensor is very detailed and you also have the samsung processing the samsung colors. If you like them, you’re gon na, like the photos and videos on this phone, apart from that you’ve got all the basic modes like live focus, and you know the pro mode as well as you’ve got a bunch of extra modes that you can access and talking About the front camera as well, the selfies and the videos that you do take on that camera are, you know, pretty detailed and they’re, really good again, daylight. Good daylight performance is good when you go indoors, it kind of depreciates and in low light as well. I think the camera should do pretty decent and i think samsung has done a good job with the camera system on this phone, so that’s that and talking about battery life with the 4500 mah battery in this one and the fast charging i think, you’ll get at Least a day of battery life, no problem even with heavy use but let’s, say you’re a you know, heavy gamer or something like that.

You might have to plug this phone in before the day ends and the ip67 water resistance is nice. Let’S say you do take the phone out in the rain or let’s say you want to. You know, take it for a dunk which you shouldn’t really, but i think it’ll survive. If you do so so that’s that all right, so the galaxy a52 conclusion time. Should you buy it? What do i think? Yes, you should buy it, but it’s, not a perfect phone. No phone is perfect and it’s got its set of pros and cons. You know it’s quirks there’s, a good display, there’s, a good camera system. The battery life is good, but also you have the cheaper build quality. The lack of you know the best processor that could be had in this price and also the lack of you know accessories in the box like earphone or case that’s, not there. The fast charger is not there, so i really think that samsung could have done better. But overall, if you look at this phone it’s good, the display is nice. In my opinion, the camera takes some good pictures and videos, the battery life, the ip67, the headphone jack. All of that does make up for a good experience, but just know what you’re getting yourself into when you do buy this phone. As i said, the performance is not the greatest that you can have in this price. There are phones that might perform better or give you better.

You know benchmark scores for a slightly lesser price, so that’s that, if you’re looking for the best buying for the buck price to performance, this might not be the phone for you, but let’s see. You are impressed by one of the features on this phone and, if you want the samsung experience, yes, the galaxy a52 is good overall value, in my opinion, so that’s that and that’s my conclusion for the galaxy a52 i’ll leave links to the a52. If you want to buy it, it’s going to be available on amazon as well as flipkart, and you can, you know, help the channel out if you do so so, apart from that that’s been it guys, i hope you guys enjoyed this video. I hope you had fun if you learned something and if you enjoyed going to smash like button as well as subscribe to the channel and hit the notification bell, so you don’t miss out on future uploads. But with that being said, my name has been useful.