Xiaomi has a brand new phone. Well xiaomi’s a brand called poco, so this one is called the poco x3 pro. This is a phone that looks pretty much identical to the poco x3 and fc. That was the phone that we got about four months ago, so what’s so pro about this one. Well inside this phone we have a much more powerful cpu. So inside this phone we have the snapdragon 860 and for those of you that, like benchmark scores, well, the poco x3 and fc used to get a score of about 280 000, where this one so the poco x3 pro we get an antutu score of about 485. 000., so this is a much more powerful device. So if you’re into gaming or some graphic intensive tasks on your device, this one will do much better than the poco x3 and fc. We have the same six gigs of ram and i personally have the version that has a gigs of internal storage. The phone can also take an ssd card, but you cannot use two sim cards and an sd card at the same time. So you can only use one sim card and an sd card at the same time. Aside from that, we have the same screen. This is a 6.67 inches ips panel, the 1080p resolution, but with a high refresh rate, so 120 hertz refresh rate, which is definitely nice, mostly when you’re gaming. But this is technically the same screen that we had on the poco x3 nfc and just as i said in the video for that phone, even though the screen looks great great viewing angle is really good.

The colors i wish to be a bit brighter because if you take the phone outside in direct sunlight, the screen isn’t crazily bright. So i kind of wish the screen would have been a bit brighter other than that. The back is made out of plastic. Just like the poco, x3 and fc, the frame seems to be made out of on plastic as well at the top. Here we have that ir blaster um. We also have a 3.5 mil audio jack at the bottom. We have the usb scene charging port and of course we have dual speakers. So you have one speaker at the bottom here and one speaker at the top and the speakers do sound, um very good, just as they did on the poco x3 and fc, and i guess this is a quick example. So you can hear how the speakers sound up again on the right hand, side of the device here just like we had on the poco x3 and fc. We have the fingerprint scanner and the volume keys and the fingerprint scanner works really well, so you just have to touch it and the phone will unlock within half a second i’m gon na say probably even less than that, so the fingerprint scanner doesn’t work really well. Now, on the back here we have a bunch of cameras, so we have the main camera. We have an ultra wide camera and then we have a macro camera. Now i believe that the ultra white camera and the macro camera are the same as we had on the poco x3 nfc, but the main camera seems to be different.

I believe this one is using a 48 megapixel sensor where the poco x3 and fc fcos using a 64 megapixel sensor now the picture quality isn’t that different. But overall, i still believe that the poco, x3 and fc was taking somewhat better pictures in some situations. Of course, these are some pictures that i took with this one, the poco x3 pro, so we have a night mode available for the ultra wide lens and for the main camera. So, if you take pictures at night, the phone still does um pretty decent for video. Recording the device can do 4k at 30 frames per second, and we also have image stabilization for those 4k 30 frames per second now it almost looks like the video quality is better than the poco x3 nfc, at least in my opinion. Of course, this is a quick example of a recording that i’ve done with this device the other day. So, overall, the cameras are a bit different than the poco x3 nfc, but you can’t really go wrong with either device for a budget friendly device. I think that the cameras are decent enough and the same kind of goes for the front facing camera. We have the same 5160 million power battery, but this one so the poco x3 pro we don’t get as much um screen on time as we used to get to the poco x3 and fc. So this one, you typically get between 8 and 11 hours of screen time, depending what you do with the device, and that makes sense because we have a much more powerful cpu that needs more power.

The phone also supports fast charging, so charging this from zero to 100. That is done in about an hour and 20 minutes or just under an hour and 20 minutes. So still pretty fast forum such a massive battery, the phone runs miui 12, which is based on android 11. And yes, this one feels a bit snappier than the poco x3 and fc just a tiny bit snappier, mostly when you’re switching between applications. When you open new applications, this one does feel a bit quicker than the other one, but not a massive massive difference, as that antutu scorum would suggest. So all the apps that i’ve tried on it. I’Ve tried facebook, instagram i’ve, tried them a bunch of games. So everything works extremely well. The phone does get a bit warm when you’re playing games. So if you play call of duty for about an hour, the phone does feel pretty oral. I don’t think the poco x3 and i’ve seen felt as warm as this one, but the poko x3 and fc didn’t do that great for some games. This one does much better for those graphic intensive tasks. So, if you’re looking for performance, this is definitely one that you should consider, of course, the gps unit inside it works really well, it takes maybe half a second for the device to find your location. We have a variety of sensors available and, yes, we have nfc as well. So if you want to make payments to the phone, you can definitely make payments um with it now, should you buy this over the poco x3 nfc? Well, if you are looking for more performance, if you play a lot of games, if you edit videos, for example, on your phone, this one will do much better than the poco x3 nfc, but either than that there isn’t that much of a difference between this one And the poco x3 nfc, the phones – look pretty identical.

I kind of wish this would have been a bit different just so we can differentiate them a bit more but overall for a budget for mostly if you’re, just switching phones. Now on. Yes, this is a very powerful device that does extremely well for pretty much everything and much better value than a lot of other devices that um are available on the market, all right guys.