With my sim in here, so here is my hands on review and without taking much of your time, yo guys let’s get started on opening the box for the smartphone. The first thing i got greeted with was the smartphone itself in its glory, setting that aside for now reveals a 15 watts charging brick a usbc connector, and i was in search for the jelly case and sim ejection tool. Yeah, the other parts of the box holds an envelope containing the sim ejector, the tpu jelly case, and some paperwork and that’s all no earphones here. The new design is something that really got me excited about the new, a lineup, especially when you look at the rare of the smartphones. You clearly see that it takes some design cues from the s series. You have the soft edge design on the smartphone, a matte finish, wear and not that glossy fingerprint magnet style. We got from last year’s design and with this unique looking camera bulge, the smartphone is definitely rocking on flat surfaces. Besides having the button placements in the usual samsung fashion, that has the volume rocker on the power key to the right, 3.5 millimeter, jack port and usb c to the bottom. You get an in display fingerprint sensor which isn’t the fastest but gets the job done, and also dual stereo speaker configuration on the smartphone this year. This display on here is really responsive. When you compare to what we got on the a51 from last year, you have a 6.

47 oled 1080p resolution with a 90hz refresh rate. If you get the 5g variant of the smartphone, you are getting 120hz refresh rate on that device. I’M not going to lie. This is one of the best displays for the price i mean it’s samsung. This display is very much usable under direct sunlight with its 800 nits of brightness and high contrast. I mean i can’t, really complain here, it’s just the best around the price point. Now it is definitely not the fastest device. There is out there, but it is one that feels really snappy and have your mobile computing needs met. You get a snapdragon, 720 g chipset here with six gigs of ram and 128 gigs of internal storage. One thing i noticed here is that games seem to run without a hitch. I mean so far. This smartphone fails and seems very stable for gaming. Another amazing thing about the smartphone this year is the fact that samsung has committed to giving you three years of updates and four years of security patch or updates on those devices more, so you have android 11 on the a52 and also one ui 3.1. Before i get to talk about the cameras i want to, let you guys know that in my full review, i’ll go in depth on the performance of the smartphone. This is just basically my first impressions, video for the a52. So why not subscribe to this channel? To get notified when that video comes along 64 megapixel sensor with um ois is what you get for photos and videos on the smartphone.

In fact, this video you are seeing right now is coming from the front facing camera. It 32 megapixel sensor on samsung galaxy a52 for the rear cameras you get up to 10x zoom with an 8 megapixel ultra sensor attached also to that rear, a 5 megapixel macro camera, which is quite decent for the macro shots and a 5 megapixel depth sensor. For those portrait shots make up the quad configuration from the rear of the smartphone did i mention you are able to shoot 4k videos on the smartphone with optical image, stabilization yeah that’s. There also for the battery capacity. You are getting a 4500 milliamp hour battery and this smartphone comes bundled with a 15 watts charger out of the box and from the last charge i had on this smartphone, which was yesterday, i haven’t been able to drain the smartphone’s battery. You also have support for 25 watts charging, but you would have to go pick up a separate, faster charger, as you have a 15 watt from the box, if you’re into that kind of stuff. For now you get just the 15 watts charger included in the box. So conclusively, the samsung galaxy a52 seems to be a solid smartphone so far and i can’t wait to put it through its pieces. I have my sim card in here and i’ve been testing it for the past two days: i’m gon na.