it’s a phone that is the complete opposite of a minimalist smartphone experience and is really a phone made for maximalists and i kind of love it Music. So quick, look at the design, it’s super flashy and this phone is really meant to be seen. The device has a matte finish on the glass back and depending on the light. It actually changes colors quite a bit from a blue to a purple, to yellow to gold it’s wild i’m, not really a fan of all this printing and copy on the back, but the phone does feel pretty nice to hold, although it is a very tall phone. So that might take some getting used to the buttons are nice. The dual speaker setup is pretty interesting and does get nice and loud and there’s, actually an ir blaster for controlling your tv, which is very rare to see these days. But there are a few things missing, like microsd card support and an official water resistance rating. But you should be fine if you get caught in the rain. Okay up front powering on the display you’re greeted with a solid in display fingerprint scanner, which is pretty fast up there with many other smartphones that have this technology and the display itself is 6.8 inches oled 1440p and also has a 120 hertz refresh rate. The display is vibrant, sharp, bright, it’s beautiful and having that 120 hertz refresh rate is definitely quite nice for that extra smooth experience.

The one weird choice here are these corners: the radius is kind of whack and it makes the phone look like it has ears, not really my thing, but what i don’t really mind is the minimal hole, punch, camera, cutouts, it’s small stays out of the way. It’S. Not bad now let’s talk about the softer experience on this phone because it is quite a wild ride. So imagine this imagine a phone where every possible feature you need and features you really don’t need. Are here. That’S me ui, 12, on top of android 11.. So the main home screen isn’t really anything too weird it’s fairly customizable. It has an app drawer or no app drawer. Whatever you choose, google snapshot when you swipe right and control center when you swipe down and honestly it’s, quite beautiful the whole software experience is really polished and looks nice there’s tasteful, blur transparency and gradients. Some really nice clean, icon designs. I kind of love it definitely. A contrast from past xiaomi phones, they’ve evolved quite a bit, but underneath the surface level, simplicity is a neatly, organized bucket load of features and it sounds like a complaint but it’s really not. There are so many features built into almost every area of the software experience. On this phone, like, for example, if you’re watching a video, you can open the video toolbox, which gives you a bunch of settings to make your watching experience. Even better floating windows are easy to access from multitasking, and i quite like the ui going from a floating window to a full screen pretty quickly.

As it is android you can pretty much customize the phone in almost every area and as you dive into some of the stock xiaomi apps and the settings there are just features on features on features on features. Now this is all before we talk about the camera. Experience on this device – and there are plenty of software features built into that experience as well. Let’S talk about the actual hardware first up front is a 20 megapixel selfie camera and selfies are mostly okay, i’d say in some situations. Photos are better than others, but some of the features they’ve included are pretty wild. So there are these sort of live ai filters that as you’re looking in the viewfinder, you can pretty much change your entire appearance. It is incredible technology. Is it a good use of this technology? I don’t know but it’s pretty crazy at the back it’s a 108 megapixel main camera 13 megapixel ultra wide camera and a 5 megapixel macro camera that i’m, not even gon na talk about now taking photos with this phone it’s a pretty great experience. The image processing is solid, photos are vibrant and sharp with incredible detail. The shutter is quick and in almost all conditions, you’re getting beautiful shots. The ultrawide camera is also a joy to shoot with as well and has consistent processing and colors as the main camera. It looks great and while the phone doesn’t feature a telephoto zoom camera, the processing on two times, zoom shots using the main camera are not that bad because of 108 megapixel sensor there’s a lot of detail to pull from and those zoomed in shots.

Look pretty good. Now there is kind of an issue with phones that have 108 megapixel sensors like this one. You get this incredible natural depth of field, but the cost of literally everything, except the center of the frame being slightly blurred or distorted. At times it works well at other times. It can be way too much. So if you’re shooting with this phone, the natural depth of field can be a great thing if you use it correctly, but it can also be a hindrance at times as well. It’S very extreme, even at night photos are awesome coming out of this phone they’re a little bit better with the night mode on, but still fairly good with the standard, camera mode, shooting shots Music now here’s, where that crazy softer experience comes back in again. Okay, look at this photo now. If i go into the editing section and i go to sky, i cannot only change the time of day, but also the weather and also what’s in the sky. It’S, absolutely absurd in a good way. You can completely change a photo or even turn it into a short video, honestly it’s wild now, it’s, not perfect and doesn’t work well for all photos. But if you’re out here just posting these up on instagram or twitter or facebook, you don’t make massive changes to the photos. You can easily pass this off as being how the shot actually looks. There’S also other more useful features like an in gallery editor.

So you can clone stamp things out, remove lines or reflections and it’s very impressive. How much you can actually do without getting any sort of third party apps. Now video recording is quite nice too. As long as you shoot in 4k, 8k video is present on this phone, but doesn’t. Look that great. If i’m being honest, we’re going to stick to 4k, videos are sharp, colors are stellar and the phone handles dynamic range exceptionally well, and if you’re walking with this phone, while you’re recording, expect smooth stable shots thanks to the optical image stabilization as well as digital video, Stabilization as well, Music, there’s also kind of a mini video editor built into the gallery app as well. So you can add. Titles adjust colors contrast all that fun stuff, it’s, really nice to actually have a video editor sort of built in to the main app so that’s. The camera experience on this device and putting aside all the weird software features and editing tools. The core camera experience on this phone is actually really good for both photos and videos. Xiaomi killed it here now. Actually using this phone performance has been quite solid thanks to the snapdragon 888 as well as 8 or 12 gigs of ram. My phone has eight gigs in combination with the 120 hertz display, day to day swiping around multitasking playing some games. Everything on this device, including processing all those crazy software features it’s a dream, no problems here whatsoever.

These are, of course, top of the line specifications. So you can definitely expect some great performance and even with all those software features baked in the phone has no problem keeping up, and this also applies to battery life, whether i’m, home or out and about using 5g. The 4600 milliamp hour cell is definitely enough to power. A full day of usage i’ve been taking a lot of photos watching a lot of videos using social media and a mix of wi fi and 5g. All with 120 hertz on in the full resolution and i’ve had no problem getting through a full day of usage and ending those days at around 30 battery. There are, of course, plenty of battery saving modes on this phone, and you can also turn off the 120 hertz refresh rate or reduce the resolution if you want even more battery life. But overall, from my experience, battery life is not an issue here and for charging. There are of course, options here too wire charging up to 55 watts, and you can either choose to have the charger in the box or move ahead without it. If you don’t want it for some reason, but i would definitely get it if you can, because it is a great charger. There’S also 50 watt wireless charging with supported wireless chargers and, of course, 10 watt, reverse wireless charging, because why not? You can definitely share some of that large battery okay, so this phone is truly a maximalist’s dream phone from the flashy hardware and design to the overkill camera setup with all those reality bending features, so the top of line specs the power software experience packed to the Brim with everything from advanced multitasking to customization and everything else, this phone is doing the absolute most, but does it all in a way where those extra features are there? If you want them, but they’re not forced on you here’s a metaphor to compare this phone to think of a home with thousands and thousands of books, but they’re all neatly organized and tucked away.

If you want to see them, you want to read them they’re there. If you don’t want to see them they’re, hidden it’s, a bunch of features, neatly organized in a phone that presents a clean software experience first and foremost, and there are so many features we didn’t even have a chance to talk about in this video. This phone is just packed while the mi 11, unfortunately isn’t available in all regions or areas around the world. If you are able to buy this phone or you import, it you’re going to enjoy it. Even someone like me, who prefers more minimal software experience and just a more clean experience with their device, i really enjoyed my time using the me 11.. Now i want to know what you think of the xiaomi mi 11.