This is ranjit and in this video we’ll do the unboxing and have a first look at the samsung galaxy a52 samsung launched our two smartphones that’s, the a72 and the a52. We have the a52, so let’s have a look at the same and guys this is the indian uh variant and in india they only launched the 4g variant that’s. What i have and if you look at the box, guys nothing at the back. Actually, this comes with the snapdragon 720 gsoc and let’s just quickly open it up uh and guys uh i’m uh recording this video prior to the indian launch. I don’t know the exact pricing, but i have asked you guys also on twitter. What do you expect? The pricing of this indian, specific variant and i’ve got various replies ranging from about 25 to 28 000, and i feel as if this is a a series. A product definitely there’ll be that a series premium on this one, and i expect the pricing to be somewhere around 25 to 26 000 and compared to the galaxy a51 uh. This one is having a snapdragon soc uh. Also, new thing is that this one has ip67 water resistant, which is generally not found in this range, and this is believed to have that rear camera main supposed to have optical image stabilization, so let’s quickly open this up and have a look. So here we have. This and some ejector tool looks like no case.

Yes, just some paperwork. They should have actually given a case. Anyways let’s so again, uh looks and feels sleek. This is supposed to have a 4500 milliamp hour battery guys and this blue color. They have sent us so let’s remove this. What is this and back is actually guys that polycarbonate on this one, this is not glass front is glass. I believe this is gorilla. Glass, 5 anyways. We have that quad camera let’s. Look at what else do we get? We got a usb type, a to type c, cable and a power brick and guys. This is a standard 15 watt power, brick uh, though the phone actually uh charges a maximum capacity of 25 watts. They should have given a 25 watt charger, anyways that’s. What we have in the box that’s it we’ll test the weight of this one 189 grams of weight on this one let’s go over here on the top. We have some plastic i’ll, remove that later uh. We have the sim tray over here at the top itself. On this one, so let’s just pop this, so we have that rubber gasket here guys because of that ip67 and it’s a hybrid solution that we are getting with this one. I believe the micro sd card up to one terabyte is supported on this specific variant. Anyways uh storage will be 128 gigabytes uh, but will come in two variants: six gigabytes of ram and eight gigabytes of ram.

Okay anyways. If we move here, we have the volume rocker power on off button and bottom will be your speaker vent i’ll. Just remove that this is supposed to have stereo speakers, so we’ll look at it later and usb type c, port uh, main microphone, 3.5 mm headphone jack and on this end, actually nothing very surprising back. Then you have that quad camera set up main is that 64 and it’s supposed to have optical image stabilization. Then we have, i believe, it’s a 12 megapixel that’s ultra wide. Then we have again that two two megapixel no it’s not 2 megapixels it’s, actually 5 5 megapixel depth and macro camera and that front is supposed to be a 32 megapixel camera. So let’s just power this on guys and uh. I hope it has some charge yeah and let me actually set this up and then we will continue so guys. I have set up this device, so let’s have a closer look at the same now and, as you can see guys it’s having a super amoled screen. That’S, a 6.5 inch super amoled screen and guys here are the specs for the same. You can have a look at it and this is actually a full hd, plus amoled screen and it’s having that 90 hertz refresh rate. If you go to the display uh here, as you can see, motion smoothness is on high over here and guys by the way the moment i set it up first time i actually got the ota update.

Let me actually show you and i applied that ota update uh, so there was an ot update. I had applied that and i also changed the default keyboard from the samsung keyboard to the google keyboard, because for some reason haptic feedback was disabled with the default keyboard. So i changed that, but apart from that i did not install anything. There is a little bit of junk. That is there that came as you can see, the snapchat etc. Is there so phone pay and all those things you can uninstall some of the junk? But yes, there is some junk that is installed like this and guys again follow my video of the galaxy m12. Where i showed you, what are the steps that you should do when you are installing the first install on the samsung phone? I did the same for this one, and this is what we got so again, quite a bit of samsung apps. Are they samsung health samsung pay a lot of samsung apps? In fact, as you can see on this one and uh, this is having an amoled screen. So we also have this always on. It was not enabled by default, but you can enable it, and it has this in display fingerprint scanner, as you can see so, typically in display fingerprint scanner that you are getting on this one looks fine, as you can see. So that works and the brightness is actually looks to be good on this.

The screen is actually relatively bright on this, so i have disabled, auto brightness, but it is there and, as you can see quite a bit of quick toggle, so a lot of uh customization, even dolby atmos – is there on this one and yes, this one also has Nfc so again, that’s actually nice, but the thing is that guys, though, the phone feels comfortable to hold in the hand or something, but i simply do not like the fact that, as this is an a series they are still using, this is a completely polycarbonate. That plastic black on this one, so i don’t like it, they should have actually given a glass back on the smartphone, and i don’t like the fact that they haven’t even bundled a case on this one, because again guys this is a plastic bag and uh. Eventually, you know, after sometimes plastic you will see scratches so again, you might have to invest extra for that case in terms of ui and everything uh. This is the new uh ui that you’re getting one ui. So no issues with that. If you look at it that’s the one ui 3.1, this is the latest, and this comes out of the box with that android 11. So that’s also not a problem and now uh these guys and with these new samsung smartphones update, is not an issue because they have promised three years of what do you say three generations of android updates and four years of security update so that way, that’s a Good thing what they are doing in terms of software and in terms of ui guys because of the snapdragon 720 soc again, everything is responsive on this one and uh.

This one has a 4500 milliamp hour battery and i feel the battery. My life will also be pretty good on this one, because the snapdragon 720 g is a pretty power. Efficient uh, processor, uh, but again let’s also look at the camera because i think so that’s an important point, because this one actually has that optical image. Stabilization uh, which was you generally not found in this price range earlier. We used to get some smartphones, but os generally, we are not getting in mid range smartphones and uh. I’Ll show you the camera, but before that guys, i like the fact that they have implemented this ip67 rating. That is waterproof and stuff. So i just want to test. I put some water on this, as you can see, and yes it’s actually nice to have that ip67 rating. I hope most smartphones actually provided so that is nice, but let’s. Now look at the camera because i feel that’s also a big highlight again: uh typical samsung uh. What do you say? Uh layout, so you have this uh. This is the wide angle. Oh, it actually goes pretty wide regular and then you can move between the and guys uh. This is digital. Zoom, 2x, 4x even says 10x, but i would not suggest go beyond what you say: uh 2x, because it’s digital zoom it’s, not optical zoom, uh, then uh. If we look at the front and again if we move here, we have all the modes.

So here they don’t skimp on this thing, even night mode. We have the pro mode uh dedicated macro mode, because it has that five megapixel macro so i’ll take some micro shots later on. So we have a dedicated mode like this. So, in terms of software, yes, we have a lot of modes here and it has ois so hopefully, even an indoor lighting, the camera performance should be good. I’Ll show you some samples, but here is that front facing this is supposed to be that 32, and here also we can go a little bit wide like this, and here also we have a lot of modes over here. So let me do one thing: let me actually take some sample shots with this one so that you have a better idea regarding the camera, so these samples were taken with the rear facing camera outdoors and, as you can see, the pictures came out. Actually really good. Has a lot of sharpness and you can even get this natural background blur very easily with the same and the effect actually looks very nice. So these are some samples with human subjects again notice. The skin tones were produced very well. This is in the portrait, bokeh mode, and that also looks very natural. I would say this was with the wide angle and i like that there was no color distortion, even with the wide angle lens, and this was with the front facing camera now going to semi indoor conditions here also, i felt that it did a good job and Even wide angle does not have that distortion, and now these are taken in completely artificial lighting in my office, and i was very impressed with this wide angle, it’s doing a good job and some more samples that i took in artificial lighting in my office.

This was the regular shot, and this was the wide angle lens now make the human subjects in artificial lighting. Here also, i feel it’s doing actually a pretty good job, and these were taken with the portrait mode. So definitely i would say, camera is one of the biggest strength of this galaxy a52 smartphone, putting this video with the front facing camera of the samsung galaxy a52 and it’s a little bit windy, uh and the audio is also being recorded by its internal microphone. So what do you feel about the front facing camera performance of this galaxy a52 so guys that’s it for now for the unboxing and first look at this samsung galaxy a52. So what do you guys think about the same and guys regarding the pricing? I’Ll leave the uh pricing information when it’s announced in the description so that you can check it out, anyways guys, that’s it for now, thanks for watching uh.