For sending this to me, this box – i have in front of me, is the multi purpose. Vlog microphone. The model number is ucm, 11pl. First, what we’ll do is take a look at what comes inside the box. Then we’ll take a quick look at how to put it all together and then we finally move on to what we all want to see is how it works, and how good is it? I’Ll run some tests inside and outside, and what i’m more interested in is to see how far away i can step away from the microphone for it to pick up a decent, sound if you’re new here i’m sure loads of youtubers have said the same thing to You in the past so hit the subscribe button and like if you enjoyed this video, if you’re returning then welcome back. Your support is always appreciated before we do jump into it, though, everyone wants to know the price of it right. So this bit of kit at the time of this recording is 58.99 and there’s, currently a 20 voucher, so that takes it to just over 47 pounds. If you want to take a look at it, the amazon links are in the description below they are linked to my affiliate feel free to take a look, and if you buy anything using my link, it helps out my channel, but anyway enough of that let’s jump Towards the unboxing, so this is the box itself.

If we have a quick look at the box first, you can see the picture of the microphone itself if we turn it over. It shows some of the features on the back so simple, plug and play rugged. Construction compatible with dslrs smartphones, consumer camcorders, pcs, etc, etc. It’S a compact on camera, microphone adjustable light source. It includes a mini tripod phone, clamp, video, light, wind foam, trrs, audio, cable and trs to trs adapter i’ll. Come to that shortly in a minute. What that actually means in terms of your technical buffs, if you want to have a look at the specification of the microphone that’s just here, so we can see it’s a super cardioid mic. What the frequency response is the signal to noise ratio max spl, cable and the adapters, and what the dimension looks like in terms of the lighting. Its max output is 5.5 watts. It has a beam angle of 60 degrees. The brightness of the light is 800 lumens and the colour temperature is 6000 k. So if we look around the box there’s nothing too much to see so just again, just a few things on the side here, what you can use it for so let’s go ahead and open this up and there we go. So if we have a quick look inside there’s, a technical support contact so straight away, if you need any help, you can contact them, which is good and the fact that it is all from one same company means it’s quite easy to reach out to them about Anything to do with this product, we have some instructions which are in english just here, so the multi user guide, which is just here and you’ve, got a user manual as well.

So this is the tripod stand right here, so you can see it’s a ball joint. You can loosen that up make it any angle. You want go down side up, left right, it’s, entirely up to you, okay, so we’ll just pop that to one side, then we have the phone clamp. So if you take that out, you can slot your phone in there we’ll demo. That shortly here is your audio adapter, the trrs trs adapter. So if you’re plugging this into a smartphone, you would use this adapter itself if you’re plugging it into an slr. You can use this adapter here. This is the microphone itself, so this is probably where all the uh, the majority of the uh cost of this product is it’s gone into the microphone itself. So we can pop that on there it’s got a wind guard and the screw mount at the bottom and the 3.5 mil jack on the bottom pop that to one side and the last thing inside the box is the light. So you’ve got the light. You’Ve got a wheel at the front in terms of brightness to turn it on and off. It takes two double a batteries. Unfortunately, those batteries are not included inside this and again you’ve got your ball uh mount on top just here, so that’s that part, so let’s have a look at how we would piece this all together. So let’s move that to one side now. The main question is: is how do you piece this all together, so let’s take a look at how you do that, so we have the microphone stand just here.

We can place the iphone mount just here or whatever phone you have. I say iphone because that’s what i use so we place that just here that’s adjustable. We can clip this straight in up here. Actually we can put the light in here when you pop this light in you can just tighten it here. There’S a little screw mount here and that stops it from falling or moving around so we’ve got that here. We’Ve got that done here and the last thing is actually with with the speaker. Mount is, with the light, stand sorry or with the light. You have three different options on here. You can place it on the side. You can place it on the top. You can place it on the other side, so it’s entirely up to you, where you wish to place it so i’m, just going to put it at the top for now and we’ll tighten that up there we go make sure that’s, nice and secure. So you can see that doesn’t fall out, so that is that and then we have the audio adapter. So the audio adapter just plugs straight into the back here and then this would plug into your phone wherever it’s set up. So just gon na insert some batteries into this, so we’ll pop that here and that one in here there we go and i’ll hold this straight up to you. If i hold the power button down at the back, you can see the light comes on.

So that’s me doing the light it’s. Actually, if i look at this it’s actually fairly bright um in terms of the light itself, so that’s quite useful, so let’s see how we can put this all together and how it works and how it sounds. So much like everything else, with an iphone you’re going to need yourself an adapter from your lightning port, and that will give you a three and a half mil adapter. So let’s just mount this just here i’m going to go ahead and plug this in so that should now give us an audio. You can actually see on the device itself. It’S saying is this lightning adapter connected to a pair of headphones and you can say other device there we go so let’s go ahead and test the camera. So this is me recording on the uhuru microphone stand. So just so, you can see what the light difference is i’m going to turn the light on just now, and you can see i brighten up in terms of the lighting, so that is fairly bright like i said, and it does light you up, which is good. So now that we’ve tested what it sounds like inside let’s just go outside and have a look and see what this sounds like now. I know this is a very basic wind guard, but if there’s something a little bit more powerful that you can get on the more windier days, i would suggest you get that.

So this is a test outside. This is not the warmest day. It’S quite cloudy uh. With the sun breaking through a little bit but i’m going to try and turn the light on just to see if it makes any difference while you’re outside um. Looking at the image on here, i don’t think it’s made any difference but it’s a bit of wind. Now so let’s see what this sounds like so in this next bit, i want to quickly test how far back i can go from this i’m, currently about arm’s length away from the microphone itself, so i’m going to start by pushing the microphone back a little bit And then i’m going to push back myself so i’m, not raising my voice any higher but i’m, going a little bit further back and i’m wondering if the sound is deteriorating or whether it’s still picking me up. So by the end of that, i was probably about a meter and a half away from the microphone itself, so i’m coming a little bit closer again and hopefully it’s still picking up my sound just as clearly so overall, my conclusion would be. Yes, i probably would go out and buy this as an all in one solution if you’re getting started with vlogging or you want something to practice with or even if something you are using this in meetings now, a lot of us are working remotely nowadays, so using Something like this, you get yourself a nice, clear image.

You get a nice crisp, sound and there’s an additional light to make you a little bit brighter. I think the development into the microphone is really good. We did see, however, when we went outside that you when the gust of wind came, the audio got a little bit choppy, but i think if you buy the additional win guard for this, it may be good for uhuru to offer this as an additional piece. The overall build quality um you can see most of the money went inside the microphone as the quality is really good. The rest of it is plastic. However, you want something lightweight and portable that you can take around with you and that’s what this is. It will allow you to take it wherever you want. It doesn’t feel very heavy, even with your iphone on it. It doesn’t feel overly like you’re gon na have a dead arm by the end of it. I really hope you found this video useful again.