let’s get into it 10 out of 10 presentation box. I got ta say this thing was so heavy that i would have only been half surprised if it was just filled with rocks, but no as soon as you open it. This enormous spaceman poster reveals itself. This will make more sense later, and then we have the oneplus 9 and the oneplus 9 pro there’s, also a draw underneath, which just shows a couple of the cases you can get the first being carbon fiber, which in two hours, i think, really works in terms Of texture, but then there’s also a classic oneplus sandstone one which, by comparison just feels a little scratchy plus a 50 watt wireless charger, yeah it’s a chunky bit of kit, but at the same time not many phones can wirelessly charge at 50 watts. So it’s impressive. But all that stuff’s just a bit of fun. The only thing that really matters here is the retail boxes. What you get if you buy one of these, so this is the oneplus 9. You get a little manual up top there’s the phone and then apart from earphones, which oneplus has never given it’s the full package. You get a clear case with a bit of texture, a red, usbc, cable and a 65 watt charger Music, and then we’ve got the pro, which is a very similar package. So we won’t do the whole thing again Music, but the one difference is that, instead of clear with the pro you get a matte opaque case and thanks to surfsharkvpn for sponsoring this video, okay here’s the thing with oneplus for the last five years, they’ve just been Extremely easy phones for me to recommend they’re cheaper than the competition they’ve still had top end specs, and they run on software that’s, both slick and intuitive, for non techies, but also with enough depth for people who are looking for it and that mentality hasn’t changed this Time around like bearing in mind that the oneplus 9 starts at 629 pounds here in the uk, which makes it about 20 cheaper than samsung’s base s21.

Getting a lot of stuff here, like both the 9 and the 9 pro, have a snapdragon 888 chipset with performance that actually comes out slightly higher than that of a galaxy s21 ultra in an isolated test, but like that phone does also fall with persistent usage. They both got 120 hertz. Fluid amoled displays dual stereo speakers, which i’d give like an a minus two they’re, not the best, but they’re also, definitely not the worst 4 500 million power batteries. Wireless charging plus wireless reverse charging and warp charge 65 t which is 65 watt charging, but optimized to be able to fully charge from 1 to 100 in 29 minutes. I was a bit confused, though, why they were giving me a 1 to 100 figure, so i tested it myself and if you’re charging from 0 to 100, which is probably the more likely scenario it’s more like 33 minutes, still very rapid though, and then we’ve got The 9 pro which for 829, has a few things that separate it from the normal nine i’ll say a few things it’s, actually one of the biggest jumps i’ve ever seen between a pro and a non pro phone, so 15 watt wireless charging on the 9 becomes 50 watt, the pro has an official ip68 rating and aluminium on the sides. Instead of well glorified plastic it’s got a better display. The flat 1080p panel becomes a brighter 1440p 10 bit color curved adaptive panel, which, as you probably know at this stage, can scale its refresh rate down based on the app you’re in to save a bit of battery.

I know some people don’t like curved screens, but i do think in this case. It helps the phone to look a bit more premium, whilst also making gestures a little easier on the fingers. However, it does have slightly worse viewing angles than the normal 9, but it’s. The cameras too, the pro has a next generation main sensor, capable of shooting 4k video at 120 fps versus 60., and also the addition of an optical zoom camera on the back, a laser autofocus module on top and an extra microphone which can help to reduce background Noise, when you’re picking up vocals so that’s a lot. In fact, both these phones they’ve got a grand spec sheet and they’re so fast that they almost accustom you to everything happening at the snap of a finger, but for the most part, we’ve seen this before 120. Refresh rates are kind of an industry standard. At this point, 65 watt charging is old news, we’ve seen even bigger camera sensors than these, and is it just me, or does this oneplus 9 pro display? Look like a 100 carbon copy of the oppo find x3 pro display that i looked at a few weeks ago. That was rhetorical i’m telling you they are basically the same but that’s okay. If you can deliver what your competitors are doing for less money, then that’s a good thing and, to be honest, that’s, probably better for most consumers than just adding a load of features in on top just for the sake of it plus it’s not like you’re.

Just getting the basic shell of a phone with some good specs, these have character, i wouldn’t say they look as premium and confident as the s21 ultra but there’s not a huge gap. The camera lenses are well defined. Everything’S, wrapped in a slick, chrome accent to make each component feel purposeful and the general colors on these phones are pleasant. It’S, probably the right word. So every option on the nine and the nine pro is inspired by calm, which gives them these really soft color palettes. That, while they’re, probably not exciting enough to elicit a change in underwear, they do feel distinct like this one at its core is lilac, but you can also see pinks, you can see reds, you can see yellows and both of these phones have a very subtle gradient. They’Re, like mirrors at the bottom, which it kind of fog up as you go higher, i would say, it’s a refreshing idea if it weren’t for the fact that they were covered in fingerprints five seconds after unboxing them. Thanks for that, i strongly recommend the matte options. If you’re considering going caseless, but you get the idea, oneplus has spent years building this reputation of creating high end on an upper mid range budget, and i mean this is a compliment when i say that the nine and the nine pro haven’t really strayed from that. Apart from one thing, hasselblad branded camera systems, let me be very clear about this: hasselblad is a high end.

Camera brand we’re talking the kind of company who makes fifty thousand dollar cameras, ten thousand dollar lenses and even 100 cables, and so it kind of seems like a weird match for a company who’s whose main selling point is price. But i think it’s an indication that oneplus wants to change that over the next few years they want to become their own standalone premium brand with their own standalone premium prices, but that doesn’t change the fact that for now these are affordable. These are pretty much the most affordable pieces of tech. You can get with the hasselblad brand name on them, so it’s not surprising that oneplus is slapping, that name everywhere. All these space themed teasers, the phones had the astronaut on the box, those are referencing hasselblad and how hasselblads were the first cameras to be taken to the moon. You’Ll see hasselblad on the retail box. The camera app itself is inspired by hasselblad design. It’S inscribed on the back of every phone. It was even on the instruction manual and i will give them this. It at least makes these phones feel more premium. You get a hasselblad themed pro mode. You get an optional hasselblad watermark on your photos. You get their signature orange shutter button, which is made to sound like one of their high end cameras, it’s, very satisfying to use, and i think just the fact that hasselblad is a more respected name in the camera. Space than oneplus is naturally means that this association is going to bring up the perception of oneplus phones, but i think that’s pretty much the extent of this collaboration and if you are enjoying this video, then a sub to the channel would be hassle free.

So on one hand, these are good cameras even for the standard oneplus 9. The main 48 megapixel sensor is the one that we used to get in the pro phone last year and for the most part it’s as crispy and snappy as you’d want in an upper mid range 2021 camera with a couple of luxuries, like a flagship, great ultra Wide camera actually the same ultrawide camera that the 1099 pound find x3 pro was bragging about. Remember this phone is 629. and even though it’s still a little laggy the fact that we’ve got two reasonably high end. Sensors makes transitioning between them about as seamless as i’ve seen on android there’s nightscape video 2.0, which makes for undeniably cleaner low light footage. It can shoot 8k video at 30fps, though i’m still struggling to see the benefit in most lighting conditions and that new ultrawide camera. It also doubles as what i would call a solid 6 out of 10 macro camera and the oneplus 9 pro can do one better get this shot right here. Yes, i’ve got a new kitten. He is adorable. This was taken in low light. It just gets more information in photos than the non pro, and laser autofocus means it’s, more likely to be pin sharp plus. I just i like the fact that oneplus isn’t jumping around with the kind of things that they put their efforts into you, get some smartphone companies who who one year say.

Zoom is the best thing in the world, for example, and then the next year they just kind of move on and scrap that old feature. The oneplus 9 pro has basically taken the oneplus 8 pro and improved everything which also means it’s kept the optical zoom camera. But made it better, it can do 3.3 times magnification at full quality, which means that as long as you’ve got good lighting, you can get to about 10 times without it. Looking like anything’s off is this the best camera you can get on a phone? Well, it’s up there, but i’ve got a camera battle coming tomorrow versus the s21 ultra and i think it’s gon na be epic. I think it’s gon na answer any question you could possibly have about the oneplus 9 pro camera, but i think the important thing to remember for this video is that the hasselblad collaboration is probably causing more problems than it’s solving you see when a smartphone company works With a big camera brand, it can mean a lot of different things like when huawei worked with leica. They basically said to them, you do it. They gave like a free rein with everything from which sensors were used to how the lenses should be built to what kind of feel the end images should have, and as a result, i remember that the first time i used a leica branded huawei phone. I could tell the images had a very distinct quality to them, even down to the style of portrait mode.

When sony worked with zeiss, they integrated zeiss’s signature, t star anti reflective glass for better optics, but that’s not really what’s happening here. What it feels like is that oneplus has already decided what lenses and sensors they want and they’ve just said to hasselblad. Well, you can have some say over colors, but ironically, colors are probably the weakest part of this camera. Again, you’ll see this properly in the camera battle tomorrow, but sometimes these phones are oversaturated. Sometimes they can completely crush darker areas and at night i couldn’t help but feel like it was making skies very blue, like disney film, blue plus this whole hasselblad collaboration it’s. All about consistent, color right, the way it was quoted to me is that it means that the oneplus 9 phones will have supremely exact color standards. But if you take one photo on the oneplus 9 and then the exact same photo on the pro half the time they look completely different to each other. This calibration was was hasselblad’s one job so to clarify these are good camera systems for their respective prices. I’M. Just saying that you can a pretty much forget the fact that the hasselblad logo is on here and b. You can knock one camera off either of these phones, because technically the oneplus 9 is a triple camera and the oneplus 9 pro is a quad camera. But for both of them, one of those cameras is a two megapixel monochrome sensor that in some cases, might help you to take more accurate, black and white photos.

If you open up the camera, go into filters and scroll right to the end, to activate it, i mean here’s a photo using the monochrome sensor and one without using it i’ll. Let you decide if it’s something that you care about? Okay, so should you buy these phones? Well, if you watched my oppo find x3 pro review, i basically said hang on, because oneplus is probably about to come out with something that is about as good, but cheaper and that’s. Pretty much what’s happened here from the screens to the cameras to the specs, but what’s kind of surprising here is how much cheaper. When i first got given these phones, i didn’t actually get given a price, and so i was looking at other devices from samsung and xiaomi and asus and other competitors trying to work out how cheap they would need to be such that. I would recommend them and it turns out they’re quite a bit below that threshold. I would rather have this oneplus 9 pro that’s, 829 or let’s just say 900 for the sake of getting the highest storage option than the find x3 pro, which is 1100 or i would rather have the base oneplus 9 that’s 629 than just about any other phone. Under 750., fundamentally because it makes cuts in what i think are the right places like they’ve gone for gorilla glass 5. Instead of the very latest gorilla glass victors, the things like having splash resistance, but not paying extra to get an official ip certification things like slower wireless charging, they’re the kind of omissions that you would notice if you were looking for them.

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