Now, usually i don’t pay a whole lot of attention to these little joint ventures. Since i usually see them as a marketing gimmick where one brand is trying to mooch off the popularity of the other brand without much actual improvement to the consumer, but this time seems a little different for one. Oneplus is dropping 150 million dollars over the next three years to improve their mobile cameras and that’s a big deal and for two hasselblad is just pretty cool one of hasselblad’s. More notable ventures was with nasa and the apollo missions. The cameras weren’t digital back in those days so nasa took a specially adapted hasselblad camera into space, along with a roll of film that allowed for 70 pictures. Imagine taking only 70 pictures on the trip of a lifetime into outer space. Nowadays, people take about 70 picks to get a decent bathroom selfie during the apollo 11 mission to the moon. After the cameras had taken their pictures, they hoisted them up. The ladder took out the film and then tossed the camera bodies back behind to the moon’s surface. To save weight on the return trip back to earth during all of the apollo missions, a total of 12 hasselblad camera bodies were just tossed out and left behind. On the moon’s surface. Normally we frown on littering, but i guess we can make an exception in extreme situations, speaking of which let’s hope this oneplus 9 pro survives. The durability test, let’s get started: Music Applause, Music right off the bat.

The most noticeable thing on this oneplus 9 pro is the camera bomb. With this quad cameras and the very noticeable hasselblad logo across the lens, then, of course we have the highly reflective glass back panel. The coolest part of this phone is obviously going to be those cameras, but, like usual let’s start with the screen and once again, oneplus has been nice enough to pre install a rather nice plastic screen. Protector can’t complain about that Music, as i scratch, through the different levels of mohs, hardness we’re, able to tell what the screen is made from plastic. Would scratch at a level two or three glass would scratch at a five or six and a sapphire screen? Would scratch at an eight or nine word on the street? Is another sapphire screen phone was just released and i’m gon na try to get my hands on one, but as we can see, the oneplus 9 pro is made with gorilla glass and scratches at a level six with deeper grooves at a level. Seven pretty normal. The front camera is a hole, punch and sits in the top left corner of the phone. It’S got 16 megapixels and is protected by that front glass. There is a plastic speaker grille, covering the earpiece slot. This also doubles as one of the two stereo speakers and the phone has pretty minimal bezels, going all the way around the screen. One thing i do like about silver phones is that they are less prone to showing scratches, since the metal is also silver on the inside as well after seeing the rog phone.

This antenna line makes me nervous. The power button and mute slider are both made for metal. I think every phone should have one of these. The top of the phone is pretty vacant, which is one of those noise cancelling mics up here then we have the volume rocker running down the left side. Also made for metal at the bottom of the oneplus 9 pro we have the second stereo speaker slot, the usb c port and the single sim card tray. It does have a red rubber ring around the opening. The phone is officially ip68 this time around, but we’ll have to check out the rest of the ingress points from the inside during the tear down the back glass panel is super smooth this time around no frosted, glass or etching. Just a soft smudge collecting piece of glass if you’re, trying to keep your fingerprints on the download there’s, always robot camo from dbrand. The nice thing about skins is that you can switch them up whenever you want and it’s like getting a totally new phone. Robot camo is kind of fitting for the oneplus 9 pro, since there are more robots than humans in space. At the moment, i’ll leave a link down in the description, so you can customize your own phone let’s talk a little bit more about this hasselblad camera setup. I feel like smartphones in general, have been doing small quirky things to stand out lately, but i’m, hoping that oneplus huge investment into the mobile camera will bring some legitimate improvement to the space.

Since this is the first phone constructed during the partnership. Hasselblad has contributed software improvements, color tuning and sensor calibrations, but no physical hardware. Just yet up at the top. We have a 50 megapixel ultra white camera, which does have a sensor that’s three times larger than the iphone 12 pro max’s but who’s counting. Then we have the main 48 megapixel camera, which can do 12 bit raw images and ak video to put that into perspective. This camera can capture 68 billion colors, while the screen can only display 1 billion, which is crazy. The extra information is still utilized, of course, for picture, editing and better quality in general, even if it’s not visible on the screen, it’s just interesting to see how far cameras have come. The main camera also works alongside a dedicated two megapixel monochrome camera down. Here then, we have the three times: zoom eight megapixel telephoto camera over here with the dual colored led flash we’ll talk more about the cameras when we can see them from the inside before we can get to the screen. I haven’t had a lot of luck recently with the underscreen fingerprint scanners. They don’t consistently read my fingerprints, so i’ll get the oneplus 9 pro set up and then give it a nice coating of level 7 deeper grooves. The scanning location is optical, as you can see from the light that helps illuminate my fingerprint for the underscreen camera it’s also positioned very low on the screen, which is interesting, but it does still work every time.

No complaints here now for the screen, the oneplus 9. Pro is packing a 6.7 inch, 1440p 10 bit display, meaning it’s got those 1 billion colors. We talked about earlier, most cell phone screens do not plus it’s got the 120 hertz refresh rate with a touch sensitivity rate of 360, which is even faster than the rog phone 5 gaming phone. May he rest in peace, but the most important thing of all and the reason you’re all here – is that the amoled screen can last 40 seconds under the heat from my lighter, which is good, because that was a lot of information to communicate. It’S, a powerful flagship of a phone, and with that the 9 pro does have a flagship of a price. The last thing we have left is to check the structural integrity. Rumor has it. There are two batteries inside of this thing and the last dual battery phone. We tested didn’t do so well when bent from the back this oneplus 9 pro does have a slight curve but locks out and does not crack kink or break flipping it to the front it once again locks out and stops bending not too shabby. My fingers are pretty happy. There are no glass shards this time around. The oneplus 9 pro passes my durability test i’m, looking forward to seeing what this hasselblad partnership brings to the camera space. If hasselblad is creative enough to work with nasa i’m looking forward to seeing what they can do with oneplus, and when you see that hasselblad logo just remember, there are 12 hasselblad cameras just chilling on the surface of the moon free for the taking all you got To do is: go get them hit that subscribe button.