So does this slick new flagship have what it takes? Let’S find out Music. The oneplus 9 pro is packed with some of the best technology. The smartphone world has to offer there’s a lot. I really like about it, and there are some great reasons to be excited. It looks beautiful for one thing, with quite an elegant, classy design, which i think would appeal just as much to your suit and tie wearing business types as it would to your beanie hat wearing microbrewery owners. I really love this mirrored finish on the back, as well as those shiny, chromed accents around the camera and, of course, the shiny hasselblad logo as well it’s, all glass and metal. So you probably will want to keep it in a case if you’re the clumsy type, but it is ip68 rated, so that will at least keep it safe from the odd spilled drink. The 6.7 inch display curves nicely at the edges and fills the whole front of the phone. So there’s no wasted space here with a max resolution of 1440×3216 pixels. It is absolutely pin sharp and it’s bright and vibrant too so playing colorful games looks absolutely superb. Underneath all of this is the qualcomm snapdragon 888 processor and on my review model, there’s also 12 gigabytes of ram safe to say, then it is absolutely stuffed with way more power than you’re ever likely to need, and certainly in my time with the phone i found Basically, nothing that would slow it down for its camera.

Oneplus partnered, with pro camera maker hasselblad, to help bolster its photography skills now that’s, a pretty smart move because, while oneplus phones have generally been pretty good, its cameras have never been right at the top of their game. So has this new partnership changed that well? In a word, no there’s, no question that this thing can take really beautiful photos using its standard, it’s super wide or it’s telephoto lenses. It takes good photos at night as well and it can shoot video in up to 8k resolution. But oneplus has made a big fuss over its pro mode and after spending some time using it i’m, not super impressed sure it can take photos in 12 bit raw and the more bits you have. Theoretically, the better dynamic range your photos will have, but promo doesn’t use all of the lenses. So you can’t use pro mode with super wide and you can’t use pro mode with a telephoto lens there’s, also no kind of modern computational raw photography. Much as what we’ve seen with apple with its pro raw, so i’ve generally found the images shot in pro mode. Don’T, look as good as images that you would get from the standard camera lens using things like hdr powering. All of this is a 4 500 milliamp. An hour battery which put up an average fight on our tests being beaten by the galaxy s21 ultra and even the cheaper oneplus 9.. However, the 9 pro does support 65 watt fast charging, which will take this thing from empty to full in about 30 minutes.

Now that is hugely fast, and it makes it ideal if you’re heading out but you’ve forgotten to give it a full charge. You could just give that a little bit of boost for 10 minutes and you’ll be good to go better. Yet the 65 watt charger comes in the box, so you don’t even need to hunt around the internet to find one that works. It also supports 50 watt wireless charging, but only if you have a compatible wireless charging dock, and that is something that you’ll have to buy separately. So yes, with its lovely design, its gorgeous screen and its super quick charging skills, the oneplus 9 pro really does have a lot to offer. The camera can take gorgeous images, and while it is a step forward for oneplus, both apple and samsung have taken even bigger steps forward with their phones recently and unfortunately, oneplus still isn’t quite up there with them. If camera skills are your top priority in a phone, then it’s still worth looking towards the galaxy s21 ultra or the apple iphone 12 pro max. But unless your goal is to get the best camera around and you shouldn’t, let any of that put you off, because this thing does tick every single box that we expect from a flagship phone in 2021.