, But what they’ve actually done with the 9 and the 9 Pro is create their best shot at earning your dollars.. They continue to innovate in some very important areas with both devices, which is going to be a must, as these devices compete not only on features but on cost. Now. I’ve had both for a week now, but with One Plus promising some big things I’m going to go into a bit more detail with the Pro model.. So let us take a look at what One Plus is throwing at 2021.. My one week, review. upbeat music, Hey. This is going to be a lengthy review of both devices., So go ahead and click those chapter markers down there, below. We’ve provided those. So you can skip to the things that are most important to you. And while you’re clicking around go ahead and click that subscribe. Go ahead and click a thumbs up and go ahead and click that notification bell., So you’ll be notified. When we upload the latest video. upbeat music, The most notable changes in the lineup this year is One Plus price point. And their new partnership with iconic photography. Brand Hassellblad., One Plus phones have been marketed as the top alternatives to phones costing hundreds of dollars. More. To coin an overused phrase, flagship killers. More accurately, they have been top notch flagship alternatives., Which are flagship devices in their own right.. But the one area that they haven’t quite consistently been able to fully match has been flagship, cameras.

And that’s. Where this new partnership with Hassellblad comes in.. I can tell you that in my early testing against three other flagship devices, the results are very promising.. My wife and I drove up the California coast recently for some RNR and I tested the One Plus Pro cameras with their new camera. Color science called natural color calibration with Hassellblad against the iPhone 12 Pro max Google Pixel, 4 and 5G and Samsung Galaxy S21. Plus. I’ll cover the results and observations from those trials, including some low light and 120 frames per second video comparisons in a separate video., But let’s talk about the 9s and their differences.. So, of course, the question everyone is going to ask is: should I buy the 9 or 9 Pro Three things will factor into that answer. Number one: how much you’re willing to pay for a phone. Number two, what you really feel you need in a phone. And Number three: what deals carriers are going to be offering. Let’s, get it out of the way. For the entry level models; that’s, eight gigabytes of Ram 128 gigabytes of storage, you’re, looking at 969 for the 9 Pro and 729 for the 9., No expandable storage with either Of them. At the end of the day, are the differences for the average user night and day Nah. In my early testing are any differences notable For some folks absolutely.. So what are those noticeable differences? The biggest difference is going to be the battery.

They both ship with 4500 milliamp hour batteries., But am I testing this week? I found that, with all of the options turned on with the 9 Pro and with the 9 I saw about an hour difference in battery life., Whereas I saw about 11 and a half hours of usage with seven and a half hour screen on time with the Pro I was seeing 12 hours of usage with eight and a half hour screen on time with the 9. One Plus carried over the innovative warp, 65 T charging from the 80, with both devices., But with the 9 Pro they upped the ante on the wireless charging.. In this case, you’ll get 15 watt wireless charging with the 9 and 50 watt wireless charging with the 9 Pro.. If you buy their 50 watt wireless desktop stand charger. You can use that with the charging brick which comes in the box with your phone.. Yes, you actually get the charging brick in the box, GG One Plus. And it’s their Warp 65 brick., Which you’ll have to use. If you pick up the 50 watt wireless charger, because this doesn’t come with the brick. And if you want to use what came with your phone for travel, you’ll need to buy a PD charging, brick one rated at 65 Watts or above. With One Plus warp. 65 T this charging dock works as advertised charging a dead One Plus Pro in around 45 minutes. I’ll be doing further testing with my 100 watt Omni charger from anchor and some other third party PD chargers to see how well it holds up.

. The next difference is in display brightness when watching certain content.. I watched through my list of videos and there was a clear difference between the brightness of the Witcher, with the 9 Pro being brighter.. That makes sense, because the 9 Pro’s display is rated at 1300. Nits of brightness., While the 9’s is rated at 1100., If you’re a hardcore, gamer playing Call of Duty via touchscreen and not a third party controller that’s, another area you’ll likely see a difference at high level. Gaming., The touch polling or responsiveness has been cranked way up on the 9 Pro to 360 Hertz, with their new hyper touch. Tech. I’m, not a hardcore FPS player., So I’ll be having my sons who play CoD. Put that claim through its paces., As the feature currently works, only with pub G mobile CoD mobile League of legends and Brawl stars.. But I can tell you that in my time playing Cod mobile movement response was lightening quick, almost too fast for me. And, of course, the games. I played CoD and Streets of rage for both look absolutely beautiful on these displays.. So how are photos on the devices? Actually they’re beautiful., Like I stated before I’ll, have an in depth comparison., But for this video I’ll note that there were times I’d. Take pictures with four different cameras. Then ask my wife, who would be representative of the average consumer as she isn’t so much into tech. As I am. Well not really at all, but she’s a good sport about supporting me.

, So I would take pics and then lay all four phones in front of her with their brightness. All set to full. Then ask her, which picture she liked most. And though it varied from pick to pick. She regularly picked the 9 Pro and one other phone as her two favorites for their vibrant and its night mode.. This is the night mode photo that she chose as her favorite over three other top rated smartphone cameras.. On that trip I mentioned we were sitting on the balcony of our hotel room and I took a picture of the night sky.. The 9 Pro’s camera captured the most stars and had the best contrast and best compromise of black levels to graininess of all four phones. Our naked eyes. Couldn’T even see that many stars in the sky to be honest. And in this dusk shot. My wife also chose One Plus 9 Pro’s camera and one other as her two favorites., But let’s get into some other photos. The front facing camera, captured, beautiful low light selfies both standard and portrait mode.. My Metro stop photos on the 9 Pro were impressive.. The Palm fronts had great detail, as did the palms trunks.. What was outstanding, though, was the ultra wide, which is the same on both cameras.. The ultra wide’s night mode photos were some of the best captures I’ve, seen from any smartphones ultra wide cameras. For edge to edge clarity, low noise and sharpness of detail.

One plus has some of the best ultra wide shooters in the game. In it’s 9 series of phones. And they actually take pretty good looking macro shots as well.. What issue I did see with the difference between the two phones beside the fact that one is a triple camera concept and the other four cameras, One Plus Hassellblad color sides seem to produce images with hue blue with the 9 Pro compared to those images taken with The 9., With the 9 Pro that blue leaning processing goes away and pro photo mode. One other observation.. The 9 Pro can appear aggressive with contrast, but that would be due to digital overlay HDR or DO HDR, which I’ll get into in depth. In my camera comparison and review., The good news is that One Plus is placing a substantial investment in improving its cameras with RnD and over the air software updates.. So what we’re, seeing today isn’t the final product, but a work in progress which should improve over time. And you know One Plus also launched their new watch.. So now we have phones, wireless chargers, earbuds and watches all working seamlessly, together. They’re, putting a lot of effort into providing consumers with an ecosystem of connected products. And I’m here for that. Competition is a good thing. And Apple and Samsung could definitely use some competition if At the very least, for nothing other than keeping costs in the realm of attainable by the average consumer.

So which one are you going to buy, Which seems like the best fit for your lifestyle. I’Ve been pretty impressed with some aspects of what the Hassellblad partnership has. Produced. And Android 11 with Oxygen 11 is a wonderful operating system, duo. crowd chanting And, of course, the media experience from the HDR plus and fluid 2.0 display on the 9 Pro to these stereo speakers, with Dolby Atmos on both is one of the best in your Pocket., Especially with the One Plus 9 Pro. After one week, it looks like I’ll be able to recommend both devices but longer term usage may uncover red flags. Who knows, I think the primary thing that is going to flag hardcore One Plus fanboys is the price point of the Pro., While it undercuts other devices on price, let’s, say the iPhone 12 by about 30, the reputation for undercutting flagships by hundreds may be a thing. A tough thing to grow out of.. To that end, I will say this. Many phones, this year cut features to bring you pandemic pricing, while One Plus added features that are important. And it’s, showing that they want to start with the big dogs with their commitment to camera technology and still undercut other manufacturers pandemic. Pricing. I’m. Here for that kind of competition. And that there I have spoken. Stay tuned for my camera comparison with still and video examples., I can’t wait to show that to you. There’s, some really interesting things I saw on the camera images captured with that.

, Hey I’m Tshaka Armstrong For reviews.org. I’ll get this one day.. I don’t take it lightly that you spent your time watching with us.. As always, if there are any questions that I didn’t answer about these phones, please leave them in the comments below. I’ll get to them., Like I said, I’ve had them for a week. So I’ll answer as much as I can., And this has been reviews.org..