We have time codes in the comment and description section below if you would like to skip to a certain section of the video let’s go ahead and start with unboxing right now. This is what the box looks like let’s go ahead and see what’s inside the box. Music, it comes with one type c: charging cable. It also comes with one instruction manual in a couple: different languages and finally, they provide with one urig wireless, which will go more in depth pretty soon. So these are the only three things inside the box. Okay right now, let’s take a look at the different parts of this phone rig on the top of the phone rig. You’Ll, see three cold shoe mounts where you can install different accessories and i’ll. Show that to you later, looking at the front of the rig, they provided you with two handle grips to make it easier to hold. This rig can also stretch out so that different size phones can fit here, and we will review that later, as well, specifically on the right side handle grip, you can pull it out so it’s easier to access the phone’s charging port to connect your mic or charging Cable on the bottom of the rig, you have a 1 4 screw hole to connect it to different types of tripods. On the back of the phone rig you’re, going to find the type c charging port to charge, your phone, wirelessly and we’ll show that to you later on this video and finally, it comes with a thread so that you have more confidence holding the rig.

Just in case you happen to drop it and therefore not falling from your hands. Let’S answer this question: what can you install on the shoe mounts? Well, you can install lights such as this one. This is the ulonzi vl49 light. I’Ll leave a link in the description below if you’re interested in getting this anyways to install it. You just align the shoes together like this and then turn the dial until the light is secure on the rig, this rig is so cool. You can actually put another one on the opposite side, and this is what it looks like, and this right here is the movo vxr10 shotgun mic, there’s a link in the description. If you’d like to learn more about it to install it, you basically do the same thing. You take the two mounts together and tighten the dial until the mic is secure on the rig so yeah. This is what it looks like so far. If the windshield cover bothers you, you can take it out to get maximum light depending on your shotgun mic. You might not even have to worry about the windshield cover. Maybe you don’t have a shotgun mic, but instead you have the movo wmx1 system. You could hook it up the same way. You did with the shotgun mic, and it looks like this as you can see – it’s secure and safe to use, but it seems like most people love to use the rode wireless go with this.

You don’t even have to turn dials it’s like a belt clip. That goes onto the shoe mount very simple to install and that’s the reason why i use it the most so just as long as you have shoe mounts, it should fit on top of this rig. Okay, so here is an important question: how do you install your phone on the rig? The camera side should be on the left side of the rig, and the charging port should be on the right side of the rig. So now you’re just going to stretch out the rig and let the phone fall into place like that now let’s try to drop and break my phone by wiggling the rig in multiple Music ways. It seems like it holds pretty great to take out the phone safely. I’M, going to push the phone up from the bottom on the right side of the rig and pull the sides of the rig at the same time, there’s the stretch and the push and that’s how you do it without dropping your phone next question: will a phone With a case fit in the rig here, i have an iphone 11 case with a pre installed, mirror on the back of it. Let’S see if this fits. It was honestly a little tougher to put the phone in this time, but i still managed to fit it in anyways here’s the wiggle test. I didn’t wiggle the rig aggressively here because i felt less confident about it, but, as you can see with regular use, the phone with the case probably would not drop involved.

Here is a related question to the last one. Will the iphone 11 with a battery case fit in the rig let’s, give it a try? I must say that it was not comfortable installing using a battery case with this rig. As you can see, it falls off very easily and i would not recommend doing it. This way by the time of filming this video, the iphone 12, is the latest series for apple. Since i do not own the iphone 12 let’s do a quick comparison just to see if iphone 12 would fit on the yulonzi rig. This information you’re. Seeing right now is on apple’s website, as you can see here, both iphones are not extremely too far apart when it comes to their size and weight, which means the iphone 12 without a case should fit on this yulonzi rig. If you’re, one of those people that got the biggest iphone, which is the iphone 12 pro max i’ll, compare it with my wife’s iphone xs max and, as you can see here, it’s really not a huge difference when it comes to their sizes. So let’s test out the iphone’s xs max on the rig right now. So here is my wife’s cracked iphone and, as you can see here, the phone has no problem fitting inside this rig, which means the iphone 12 pro max should have no problem either. So if you do not have an iphone here, are the measurements to fit the phone on the rig.

The information you’re looking at right now is on amazon and i’ll. Put that link in the description below if you’re interested. So to answer your question: if your phone fits or not check to see if your phone can fit 165 millimeters in length and 87 millimeters in height, one of the coolest features of this rig is charging your phone with it. So how do you charge your phone with a yulonzi rig? Well there’s like three different ways and here’s the first one take the provided, cable and insert it right there. This end right here goes on the back of the rig, and this end goes to the usb charger there’s, the back of the rig and there’s a usb charger connected to a charging station. You could also use your phone’s power adapter if you wanted to anyways, as you can see right here, that my phone is not charging yet because the icon isn’t green. So here we go that sound, tells me that it’s charging and check it out. I have a green icon with a bolt next to it, which means it is charging here’s. The second way to charge your phone with this rig get one of these camera cold shoe mounts and a phone mount and screw both of them together. Like that then grab a power bank make sure it’s fully charged and then tighten it with the phone mount and make sure it doesn’t fall, connect your charging cord to your power bank and install it on top of the rig, adjust it accordingly, and it should look Something like this now install your phone and open the secret compartment on the right grip handle inside.

You should find your iphone’s charging port to connect the other end of the cable and there you go it’s charging right now. I know it looks kind of ridiculous and probably no one does it this way, but hey. If you want to stand out, this setup is the way to go the third way to charge your phone is actually the best way to do it. I’Ll show you why my wife is holding the yolonzi’s battery. Handle grip i’ll leave a link in the description below if you’re interested in getting it. This script connects to your phone or the rig and charges your phone while you vlog this way. Your phone’s battery will last all day first get a usb cable and plug it in the handle grip for this video we’re going to connect it to the phone. As you can see here, the phone needs some charging. The cable is now connected to the phone, and now the phone is charging now the fun part is to vlog all day using this setup. What can i install the rig on you ask? Well, here is one option. We installed it on a tripod, specifically the pivot tripod, not sponsored we just like the tripod. You could also put the rig on a selfie stick, just don’t be so attached to your selfie. Stick that you forget, your baby boy is kind of far away from you. If the selfie stick isn’t your thing, try a mini tripod.

My wife is specifically using the manfrotto mini tripod. It holds the rig really well and we highly recommend it again, not sponsored it’s. Really cool mini tripod, alright here’s, the next question. So how do you hold the rig when filming easy, just grip it? A good thing to know, though, is that your hands will be squeezed in when holding the sides, because, if you haven’t noticed there are no handles to grab on the sides, but it’s not a deal breaker, the rig still does its job by keeping the shot steady. Just know that your hand position will be like this when you don’t connect the rig to a tripod and don’t, be one of those people that covers the lens of the camera. Unless you really enjoy looking at your own finger, can the rig fit in my pocket? Well, since i cannot measure your pocket i’ll measure, the rig for you it’s a little over seven inches in length a little over four inches in height and not even one inch in width. So now that you know this information go ahead and measure your pockets. Let me know in the comment section below if you actually did fit this in your pocket, quick question: guys is this item right for you? Let us know your thoughts and opinions by typing them in the comments section below and i’ll respond back to you as soon as i can. If this item is right for you there’s a link in the description below to purchase it.

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