Smart you’ve got gigabit 5g, of course, of the obligatory 5g, and the big headline here is that oneplus has teamed up with swedish optics expert hasselblad in order just to fine tune. The optics and hopefully bring the oneplus 9 series in line with the rest of the flagships out there, the likes of the samsung galaxy s 21s, the oppo find x’s all of that good stuff. So enough, waffle, i’m gon na whip, the oneplus 9 pro out of its big red box and take you on a full on tour of the hardware and the software ahead of my in depth review and for the latest greatest tech. Please do put subscribe and hitting that notifications bell, cheers okay, so let’s see what we actually get in the box. So first up we’ve got the usual welcome letter which actually comes with that hasselblad brandon as well. They are going all in with that usual. Never settle mantra and it’s a very familiar sentiment from uh good old pete uh, all about listening to the community and uh. Taking that feedback on board essentially boils down to the oneplus 9 pro is the mutt’s nuts, so there’s, one plus nine pro in all of its glory. I’Ve got the morning mist version and also in here you’ve got your sexy condom case. As you can see, it’s, not your typical boring, transparent effort, it’s actually great to match that morning. Mist color on the back of the oneplus 9 pro you’ve also got an absolute monster of a power adapter with warp charge, 65 t support and your usual extremely red type c, to type c, usb charging, cable, that’s everything that you get in the box and now Let’S check out this mighty more for itself, the oneplus 9 pro and first impressions are very standard sort of design for oneplus, nothing revolutionary here, it’s gorilla, glass plate in front and back, unfortunately, the pre release, specs didn’t say which version of gorilla glass, the 8t was Gorilla glass, 5, so it might be the same.

Hopefully, it’s been updated as six though now you’ll be able to pick up the oneplus 9 pro in three different colors. The two base models are the pine green and the stella black, which i’ve now referred to as silver black in no less than two takes, because my brain has basically minced me by this point and both those models come with eight gigs of memory and 128 gigs Of storage, whereas this right here is the morning mist model – and this is the more premium of the three devices it comes with more memory and more storage, 12 gigs of ram and 256 gigs of storage and, as you can hopefully make out there, it is a Silver finish on the back, but it is more of a frosted finish up top, whereas you’ve got more of a glossy finish down below and it’s kind of a gradient effect between the two or as one plus putty it’s, like fog, on a mirror, fading away. Yeah fair enough, of course, one problem with having the glossy bit right at the bottom here is that that’s, the bit that you actually hold and that’s the bit that’s gon na inevitably get lots of greasy mucky fingerprints all over it. The oneplus 9 pro is 197 grams, so it’s got a decent heft to it, but it’s not like crazy heavy like some of those premium flagship smartphones and as well as the gorilla glass plate in front and back you’ve, also got an aluminium frame in between the Middle just sandwiched between the two and you’ve also got full ip68 water and dust resistance, and no real other surprises here.

You’Ve got a return of that alert slider over here, just above the power button, which was uh, of course, called for the oneplus nord. Cheaper models got your volume rocker on the other side, no headphone jack, of course, uh, which i don’t think anyone was expecting anyway. So without further adieu, let’s get the oneplus 9 pro all set up, and then we can take a proper full on tour of the rest of the phone. Oh and, of course, no real surprises when it comes to the sim tray either it is a double sided. Dual sim effort, but, of course, no space for microsd memory cards as usual: okay, oneplus 9 pro all set up nice, quick and easy setup. And, of course what you’ve got here is the latest android 11 os, as you would expect, with a good bit of oxygen. Os 11.2 slathered on top just adding a few bonus features so everyone’s favorites are here, including, of course, the good old shelf which you can drag down a like saw. I kind of preferred it when it was off to the side instead of the google feed. Just as an alternative there uh, because i always prefer to dive into the home settings and instead of sweating down to access the shelf, i like to swipe down to access the notifications because let’s face it. The oneplus 9 pro is an absolute freaking beast there’s, no way my stubby little thumbs are reaching all the way up to the top of that goddamn display, but i do get on really well with oxygen os.

As i say, i like the fact that it’s got that nice sort of stock android vibe, just with a you know, a bit of a tweak to uh the menus to the icons just to give it more of a oneplus vibe. The menus are generally uh well suited to one handed use, because everything tends to be sort of crunched down towards the the bottom edge, which is definitely a bonus, and you know oneplus hasn’t, taken liberties with the menus everything’s nicely laid out it’s, not an absolute cluster. Like it is on color os and some alternatives, your one stop shop for personalizing. Your phone is the customization section which allows you to play around with those icon, packs, colors, fonts, desktops everything just so get it looking exactly the way you want. It got a good variety of the usual funky wallpapers. You can play around with all kinds of different colors and random things. Otherwise you can have a black and white line drawn of your own mug. If you fancy it, as i prefer just go with my usual anime shenanigans don’t want to break the mold there’s. Also, the usual ambient display shenanigans you’ve got a variety of these that you can choose from and yes, the horizon notifications light is back in action as well with a small selection of colors. You can choose from that’s for the security. Well, there’s, no real change there. You’Ve once again got an in display fingerprint sensor house right at the bottom of this mighty display you’ll see a little indicator pop up once you tap that screen and uh.

This seems very, very responsive as usual and once again backed up with a good bit of face unlock action. Two just in case your mitts are a bit greasy or grubby, or something and like the fingerprint sensor that fierce recognition seems to be super super nippy. In fact, it’s faster than a cheater on crack, you don’t even see the lock screen. All the other usual features are, of course, present and correct. You’Ve got nfc for your contactless payments. You’Ve got ufs 3.1 storage on here. As i mentioned, this is the 256 gig model. Although the base models do come with 128, of course, not expandable, unfortunately via microsd as usual. As for that, whopper of a 6.7 inch display well it’s an amoled panel and no real surprises here. The pro model sports a quad hd plus resolution 3216 by 1440 pixels. So, as you can imagine nice fine crisp detail when you’re browsing your photos or just kicking back with a flick. You’Ve got full hdr 10 plus support as usual as you can stream, your hdr. Goodness, on the likes of netflix and other streaming services that support it, and if you dive on into the oxygen os display settings frankly, there is a plethora of different options that you can play around with in. Here can be quite daunting if you haven’t used a oneplus smartphone before you’ve got various features which seem to do a very similar thing: the likes of comfort tone which can automatically adjust the screen temperature just to sort of match your surroundings.

Then you’ve also got the likes. The vision, comfort and the reason mode. You’Ve also got various features to just boost uh the colors on the display as well make them look extra, vibrant and vivid, which i certainly recommend, if you’re a fan of animation and anime. Like i am you get some really nice punchy images and yeah on the pro model of the oneplus 9. That screen does curve ever so gently around the edge of the device, not quite as bad as previous generations uh, but obviously that will be irksome to gamers and the like, as you might want to look at the regular oneplus 9, where it is a completely flat Display, certainly no qualms is when it comes to. You know the viewing angles. The brightness tops off at 1: 300 nits on the pro model, so again nice and bright and uh punchy, and in your face so it may be absolutely fine for outdoor viewing. As with other previous oneplus flagship phones, there’s a stereo speaker output here on the oneplus 9 pro let’s boost up that volume and see what you got and uh kelly price’s daughter was banned from tick tock. I mean jesus, maybe tick, tock isn’t such a charish. After all and it’s, not bad on that maximum volume a little bit of distortion um, but you know reasonably clear and at least it’s uh, pretty loud on top of him as well, so you’ll be able to clearly hear what is going on.

You’Ve got a nice bit dolby atmos tuning uh, which, as you can see, is set to dynamic by default. So it will just adjust the audio output to suit what you’re doing watching a movie listening to tunes or whatever. As for bluetooth, 5.2 support with usual ldac aptx, all that good stuff supported as well, but as i mentioned before, no headphone jack, so it is bluetooth or a bit type c. Dongly action now no surprises on the performance front. You’Ve got qualcomm’s mighty mega balls, snapdragon 888 chipset packed in here, backed by either eight or twelve gigs of ddr5 ram, so nice and nippy. This is the 12 gig model had absolutely no worries blazing through genting impact on those top detail. Settings at 60 frames per. Second, a couple of tiny little drops in frame rate. I noticed as we’re dodging about the place but that’s pretty standard for a snapdragon, 88 chipset, even because this is one hella demanding game. The display offers up a bit 360 hertz touch sampling, so every poke and swipe is instantly registered. Basically and you’ve got the usual gaming tools as well. Although i say the usual, you don’t actually have the fanatic mode anymore. That uh collaboration must have come to an end, so now it’s, just a pro gaming mode that can block notifications, dedicate all the resources to the game. Yadda yadda and oneplus has packed in the usual coolantekers, while you’ve got an even bigger vapor chamber than previous generations and five layers of graphite.

I did notice that the smartphone heated up considerably when i was charging it and gaming at the same time, but again that’s fairly standard as long as you’re not charging it. At the same time it stays perfectly respectably warm ish. There goes the snapdragon 808. You got qualcomm’s built in x65g modem, as well as a bit future proof in there for wi, fi 6 support and then on the battery front. It’S a 4 500 milliamp cell so hopefully should keep you going all day and when it comes to recharging the bugger. As well, it should be nippy as out you’ve got 65 t warp charge supports a 65 watt wired charging charges up in bugger all time, we’re talking like half an hour using that warp charge, plug and it’s job done even from a completely drained battery you’ve also Got support for 50 watt wireless charging so again under an hour on a supported wireless charging pad job done so now, let’s turn our attention to the oneplus 9 pause, camera tech and, as you can see, it’s actually got the hasselblad brandon right there on the camera Itself, so oneplus has clearly taken this collaboration very seriously indeed. So, apparently, this collaboration is going to be a three year – partnership, at least to begin with her, but for right now on the oneplus 9 series. Smartphone, all that hasselblad has really done is helped to fine tune. The color output, they haven’t, actually had any impact on the actual hardware or any of those bits, but apparently that will be coming with future oneplus handsets so.

The primary shooter on the oneplus 9 pro is a 48 megapixel sony, imx 789 custom sensor with built in optical image stabilization. You will get a 12 megapixel image by default when you hit that shutter button uh using four in one pixel bin and just help brighten up the scene etc. But you can jump to the full 48 megapixel resolution, like so that’s only recommended in very well lit scenes, though, and apparently the sound that the oneplus 9 makes when you hit that shutter button is the trademark hasselblad leaf, shutter sound, very, very nifty, as well as That 48 megapixel primary lens you’ve also got a 50 megapixel ultra wide angle, lens here on the oneplus 9 pro 5g that’s using the sony imx 766 sensor, and it uses the same anti distortion. Tech for the edges, as the oppo f5x3 pro, which i recently reviewed and as usual, the oneplus 9 pro also serves up a telephoto lens as well with a 3.3 times optical zoom, as you can see there, and this has got built in ois as well. Just to help keep everything nice and steady when you’re shooting from a distance, and you can keep on punching in there all the way up to 30 times, digital zoom and eagle eyed viewers among you will have noticed, of course, there’s a quad lens set up here. On the oneplus 9 pro that’s, because you’ve also got a simple 2 megapixel monochrome lens just to help out with your black and white shots, good all the usual uh bonus camera modes on here, including, of course, good old portrait mode.

You can have a slightly more pulled out view like so using the ultra wide angle. Lens you’ve got that nightscape 2.0 mode to help out when it’s really low light, and you got the pro mode as well, which apparently hasselblad has been helping out with the problem. Also captures uh jpegs by default, but you can change that to 12 bit raw images. If you want to edit on the fly, you should get nice natural. Looking results with that one and last up let’s check out the video chops. One plus support photos are normally pretty uh respectable in this regard. As you can see, it shoots 4k resolution by default uh, but you can actually bump that all the way up to 8k uh to match the likes of the s21 series. Otherwise, alternatively, if you leave it in 4k, you’ve now got the option of shooting at either 30 60 or 120 frames per second you’ve also got that nightscape video option as well, but this only works at 1080p at 30 frames per second got a good bit of Video portrait action if you’re shooting a human subject just to help blur out the background and help them stand out. Just like the standard portrait photo mode and apparently the oneplus 9 pro will be very good in hdr style situations as well with strong contrast, but i’ll be fully testing out that camera tech. For my in depth review and, of course, can’t forget the 16 megapixel front facing camera using sony’s imx 471 sensor, not like uh, good old, leaf, shutter, again and yeah.

I can see i’m really gon na enjoy taking selfies on this thing, so that right there in a nutshell, is the oneplus 9 pro now it’d be great to hear your thoughts down in the comments below. Are you tempted by the pro edition? I’Ve also done a full unboxing of the standard, oneplus 9 and i’m doing a comparison of the oneplus 9 and the pro. So you can see exactly what the differences are between them work out, which one might be best for you, if you’re tempted, as i said, stay tuned for my in depth review to see what i really think after slapping my sim in this bad boy.