For 2021, is this bad boy here the realme 8 pro – and this boasts some very impressive specs indeed including an amoled display and a 108 megapixel rear camera to take on xiaomi’s very own redmi. Note 10 pro now i’ve been using the realme 8 pro as my full time smartphone. So here is my in depth review and for more on the latest and greatest tech, including roundups of the best budget smartphones in 2021. Please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers now. The real me 8 pro ain’t, exactly compact at 6.4 inches but it’s, certainly not as big as some other recent budget blowers and it is reasonably light as well at just 176 grams and the design is fairly typical for a budget smartphone around this price point. The realme 8 pro is wrapped in a plastic frame which stretches from the edges all the way around. The back and it’s got a lovely textured finish as well to aid grip and prevent any nasty greasy finger. Scuffs, oh and just in case you didn’t notice, it there’s also a fairly sizable slogan branded across that arse. Exactly the kind of thing that you wouldn’t shout at someone stood precariously at the edge of a cliff it’s. Definitely a very bold move by real mean one that could well potentially put off a lot of uh consumers as well, but at the very least it’s a conversation piece. When we all start meeting up in pubs again, you’ve got two main color choices with the real me 8 pro infinite blue, or this here infinite black model, which sounds pretty morbid for sure.

But don’t worry. You shouldn’t find yourself staring into that infinite black surfacing and pondering the very fragile nature of our existence. At least i didn’t, unless i started, hitting the scotch pretty hard and apparently there will also be a fluorescent, yellow version of the real me8 pro available in some regions as well, which sounds utterly batch. But it should be a bit brighter and happier at least and yeah, because the realme 8 pro is constructed from plastic. You can expect scuffs and scratches to build up over time, although touchwood after a few days, it’s still looking pretty fresh. You do get a condom case, bundled in the box, which is always handy, and this thing has already slammed down onto a hard bathroom floor and touchwood emerged, absolutely unscathed, hazard and it’s, more good news when you actually boot the phone up as well, because the real Me 8 pro sports, the latest android 11 os, plus that all new and improved real me ui 2.0. This is still effectively color os by a slightly different name, and while it certainly has its foibles like that absolute cluster of a settings, menu there’s still plenty of stuff to love here too real me ui is certainly easier to customize than stock android. With a personalization section that gives you full control over the icons, fonts menu, colors and other bits, and forget that bog standard dark mode, because here you’ve got three grades of darkness and there’s an always on display feature to take advantage of that.

Oled screen you’ve got some nifty gesture control in there, including the bit of rays to wake action, all the usual shenanigans and a very much appreciated one handed mode as well. When i can actually get it to work because our hazard drinks all around and sure real me ui can be a bit janky in places the animations aren’t always super smooth, which can give the illusion the performance isn’t quite as good as it actually is, but overall I’D say that the benefits outweigh the drawbacks and all of the other features that i expected from a budgetee smartphone were present and correct, including dual sim support, plus a separate microsd slot to expand that generous 128 gigs of storage and yeah you’ve got nfc on here. With full google peer support for your contactless payments very, very helpful. Certainly these days, you also have an in display fingerprint sensor to authorize payments and to unlock the phone and, unfortunately it’s not the best example of an in screen scanner that i’ve used. Overall, it tends to work all right, but occasionally it’ll just take sort of two or three attempts to actually recognize your print and unlock the smartphone, which can get quite frustrating. I even removed the uh on screen protector, which came pre installed just to see. If that was you know, bulking it in any way. Doesn’T seem to have improved it at all, but fortunately the real me. A pro also supports some very dependable face recognition, which works.

A hell of a lot better, combined with raise to wake the real media pro pretty much unlocks as soon as you pick the phone up, which means you can then get on with admiring that pretty 6.4 inch. Super amoled screen it’s still pretty rare, to see an oled screen on a budget smartphone around this sort of price point, although last year’s real me, 7 pro did break that trend with the oled screen and, of course, xiaomi’s redmi. Note 10, pro very impressive budget. Handset recently came out with an oled display as well. The real me 8 pro is certainly a feast for the eyes, with its sharp contrast, reasonably punchy colours and wide viewing angles. It’S, not the brightest screen around, but i didn’t struggle to see outdoors and the full hd plus resolution certainly keeps movies and photos. Looking super sharp, the xiaomi phone does beat the real me april when it comes to the refresh rate, however, because the redmi note 10 pro sported, a 120 hertz refresh for us here on the real me it’s, just a bog standard 60 hertz panel, while the real Me8 pro only supports a mono speaker setup as well, instead of a stereo speaker setup at least it’s pretty bloody loud once you bump it up to the maximum volume. Another absolutely no issues with bluetooth: 5 connectivity as well connected to headphones speakers, nice, strong, stable connection throughout no issues, no judders plus you also get a headphone jack and if you’ve got a pair of phones that support high res audio.

Well, so does the realme 8 pro so good times all around the like last year’s real me, 7 pro you once again have qualcomm snapdragon, 720 g chipset running the show and it’s a definite shame that the specs haven’t been boosted for this fresher model. Still you’ve got a pretty generous six or eight gigs of ddr4 ram in backup and everyday shenanigans were fine and dandy. On this 8 gig model, i did see some slowdown in the transitions when zipping through the ui and such forth, but i think that’s more down to the launcher than the actual performance and certainly no worries if you want to relax by supplying random online strangers. With a dozen new orifices, courtesy of an m15 machine gun games like call of duty mobile play beautifully even on those higher graphic settings, helped by the responsive, 180 hertz touch sampling, while realme ui’s, comprehensive gaming mode also offers up all of the usual tools, including resource Management and notification blocking to give you that competitive edge you’ve got a 4 500 milliamp battery crammed into this plastic chassis, and certainly that did the job absolutely fine, even on the longer steers with plenty of camera use, media stream and all that good stuff. With around five to six hours of screen on time, i usually still had around sort of 20 25 battery. I left at the end of the day. I don’t know why. I’M speaking like this, you got support for that 50 watt.

Super dart charge tech as well. So you get a full charge in under an hour even from a completely drained battery, and you actually get 65 watt power. Adapter bundled in the box as well, which is exceedingly generous for a budget smartphone, especially when some smartphone manufacturers can’t be bothered to bundle any charger with their overpriced blowers. So realme is making a big deal about the camera tech here on the 8 pro, notably that 108 megapixel samsung h2 sensor and like xiaomi’s 108 megapixel optics on the redmi note 10 pro this uses nine in one pixel bin and just to help give you slightly Brighter more balanced, looking shots, so what you end up with is 12 megapixel picks that are still detailed enough to enjoy on a monitor or a tele. You can swap to a 108 megapixel mode if you want more detail, but the color reproduction clearly suffers. As a result, now most of my test photos on that 12 megapixel, auto modes came out. Well, you will see some slight over saturation in bright conditions and subjects who won’t particularly fond of poison, do occasionally come out of it. Blurry, just the usual budget foibles for darker scenes. You currently switch to night mode which helps to brighten up the shot, it’s, not exactly a miracle worker, but it does the job and for a different viewpoint, you can always swap to that eight megapixel ultra wide angle lens. This obviously does not come with the benefit of that pixel bin saw.

You will notice that images can be a little bit murkier colors, don’t, look quite as natural and overall it’s, not quite as great but it’s always an option. You’Ve also got a macro lens on here, which is fine if you want to shoot something from a distance of a couple of centimeters, plus a monochrome portrait lens that helps to produce some rather tasty results for your human subjects. You’Ve got a variety of effects and filters to choose between, including the ability to drain the color from the rest of the photo. Very funky you’ll find a similar selection of filters and fun modes. When you swap to shoot and video, including a bokeh feature that works all right, but leaves a fuzzy kind of halo around your subject and more color highlighting options as well, though bear in mind, you’ll have to shoot at low resolution to activate these. On the other hand, your standard 4k footage will look good, no problems here with focus, although the audio pickup is definitely a little weak unless you’re actually right next to the phone and last up flip it around to the front and you’ve got a 16 megapixel selfie Cam that’s your typical basic budget, shooter complete with usual portrait, smarts and all of that jazz, and that right there is my full review of the realme 8 pro and while it doesn’t quite baste, my turkey, in the same lovely way that the xiaomi redmi note 10.

Pro did it’s, certainly a solid budget smartphone. In every regard. I would have liked to have seen an upgrade to that snapdragon platform and unfortunately, the display can’t quite match the redmi note 10 pro either. Despite the fact, it is all the luscious bit of all that action, oh and if you’ve got the real me, seven pro don’t concern yourself with upgrading, because it is just a minor step up so that’s my thoughts anyway on the real me. It probably be great to hear what you guys think down in the comments below and please do check out my run ups on the other uh budget smartphones. You can grab right now in the uk in 2021, including that redmi note 10 pro, which i can’t stop gushing about apologies and for more on the latest greatest tech.