Well, that time is now and this phone right here is the real me 8 pro, and there are quite a few areas where this phone can stand up to the likes of the mighty apple iphone 12, pro max and samsung’s galaxy s21 ultra. But before i get into all of that i’m gon na run through some of the key specs that you guys need to know about, and then i will reveal the price and when we get to that point, let me know if you’re surprised or not so powering The real me 8 pro is the qualcomm snapdragon, 720 g chipset. You can get this phone with six gigabyte ram or eight gigabyte of ram, and the internal storage is 128 gigabytes. Although it does have a hybrid sim card tray, which means you can expand the memory. If you run out and that’s a feature that the s21 doesn’t have and the apple iphone doesn’t have the display on the realme 8 pro is a 6.4 inch super amoled with a 90 hertz refresh rate, which is 30 hertz faster than an iphone 12 pro max Screen the touch sampling rate is 180 hertz, which means this phone is great for gaming, on very responsive to touch and the battery inside this device is a 4 500 milliamp hour cell and it charges with 50 watt start charging now here’s, where it gets really interesting. While all of the other manufacturers are stripping the phone charges out of their boxes, real me are doing something very different and quite opposite.

In fact, they actually give you a 65 watt dart charger when the phone actually only uses 50 watt dart charging so they’re, giving you more than you actually need and they’re doing this, because this can actually charge a lot of the other products in the real me Ecosystem so that’s nice they’re going way above what everyone else is doing and giving you more. So if you saw my unboxing video you’ve probably already got a look at the camera. Module on this phone and you’ve got four shooters. So you’ve got a macro. Shooter you’ve got a portrait shooter an ultra wide and then, of course, the crown jewel, the samsung 108 iso cell sensor and that 108 sensor allows for nine in one pixel binning, which means it takes nine pixels and combines all of the detail into one pixel, essentially Giving you a better picture and we’ll get into that a bit later on in the video stick around for that now check this out a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, a feature that neither the iphone or the s21 have at the moment that supports high res audio via A wire which is still the most stable and highest quality method of getting audio from a device to your headphones. Although i did hear there is some new qualcomm tech coming, which is going to upscale the bluetooth quality we’re going to get so make sure you keep an eye on this channel for more info on that coming soon.

So let me take you on a tour of the design of the realme 8 pro and the back is an ag crystal with a two tone effect and a frosted finish and real me have even added in fluorescent aspects here and real me’s explanation of how they Achieved this finish is nothing short of mind: blowing it’s super thin at 8.1, millimeters and it’s very light too. At 176 grams, the bezels around the super amoled display are very thin, especially on the left and the right and the top bezel at the bottom of the device. We do have a bit of a chin there, but when you’ve got the dark mode on the full dark mode, you actually don’t notice that a lot of the time – and i really like the indented ridges – that run across the top and bottom of the device kind Of reminds me of a blade and the left edge of the device houses, the hybrid sim tray and, on the right hand, side. You have the volume rocker and power button and at the bottom of the device you have the headphone jack, the speaker, grille, the charging port and also dual microphones, which means better voice call quality, which is what phones were originally all about. Now the camera module on the back does protrude a little bit. It’S got that two step design very similar to that scene on the iphone, which means, when it’s flat on a table.

You do get a little bit of table wobble, not a massive problem though, but it is something i noticed so my personal opinion on the realme 8 pro’s design is that it’s, quite a unique and distinctive looking phone is very eye catching and the bold slogan on The back isn’t going to be for everybody, but i actually quite like it and in terms of look and feel it’s quite refreshing to use a device that’s this thin and this light. And although the back cover is plastic or glass, stick as samsung likes to call it, it doesn’t feel like a cheap phone to me now. Let’S talk about some of the other features that i think you guys will really like here and one of them being the fact that it’s running on android 11 straight out of the box, which means anybody, who’s used a samsung device or any other android device in The past will feel at home here with the operating system, but here’s, where you can make it your own. This phone has the latest real me ui 2.0, which is a skin on top of android, and it brings a ton of customization tweaks that you can play around with and again. This is something that companies like apple will. Never ever let you do so it’s really great that they give you this kind of freedom. Here, the screens 90 hertz refresh rate makes scrolling and gaming really nice and smooth.

It does adapt on the fly. So when you don’t need that 90 hertz refresh rate, it will scale that back in order to save battery the brightness output is very respectable and the colors and detail on the screen are really nice. Thanks to that 409 pixel per inch, samsung super amoled display and the display is not the only thing that they’ve borrowed from samsung let’s talk cameras. So here are some photos taken on the real me 8 pro side by side with photos taken on the iphone 12. Pro max and the samsung galaxy s21, can you pick the real me 8 pro photo out of this lineup i’m, going to give you a moment to look at these and make your decision Music so here’s what they actually are. Let me know if you guessed that one right and here are some more photos. I took on the three phones, so you can see how the real me 8 pro compares to these very expensive flagship devices, they’re four times the price, but are they four times better when it comes to camera quality? Let me know in the comments below so i think you’ll agree what you’re getting here is very close to flagship level cameras, but on a phone that costs a quarter of the price and real me of taking this up a notch with some camera software features that Enhances their shooters fire power, for example, because you have this 108 megapixel sensor behind the primary shooter, you can do a 3x digital zoom without losing any details.

Just by cropping in it’s still capturing a very sharp picture, then you’ve got the latest version of ultra nightscape for nighttime. Photography, which works pretty well as well. You’Ve got a macro lens, which is quite fun to play around with, and you can shoot in the full 108 megapixels if you want to there’s, also a starry mode for astro photography, and i heard that there will be a tilt shift mode as well. So all in all, the real me 8 pro is an all rounder, but it does have a couple of strong suits, one of them being photography, the other one being the design. This is very unique, very eye catching if you want to stand out in a crowd. This is the way to go. I am planning on testing out the other camera features and testing this against other phones. Let me know if you want to see a full comparison with this versus the iphone 12 pro max and the samsung s21. If you want to see that i’ll make it for you, i hope you guys have enjoyed this video.