Maybe i can dare you guys to watch the end of the video and then like and subscribe, but actually considering this costs just 279 pounds and it’s a bit of a cliche, but i think it’s a really good, all rounder, with a surprisingly good camera. So if you are looking for a decent, affordable phone, i think the 8 pro is definitely worth a look. So there’s no mistaking realme’s unique, bright, yellow box. You can spot one of these from a mile away and you can see we’re getting the main specs on the back inside. We get the usual gubbins paperwork, a clear case which is always nice to have, and then there’s the usbc, cable and also realme’s 50 watt. Super dart charger: this will get you up to 50 in just 17 minutes and that’s your lot well and the phone. So the big upgrades with the 8 pro is that we’re getting the latest real me: 2.0 software that’s on top of android 11., a much higher quality, 108 megapixel camera that’s up from 64 on the 7 pro and it’s, also 0.7 millimeters, thinner and 6 grams, lighter, Which doesn’t sound like a lot but it’s, actually pretty impressive, just how sleek this is. The design is definitely eye catching i’m sure you’ll, agree. I’M, not sure i love it, but it certainly lives up to the infinite bold design that realme is going for it, and actually i do like just how thin and light this is considering getting a 6.

4 inch screen and if i bring it right up to the Camera you might be able to make out we’ve got this textured back and also it shimmers off the lights, but it’s, certainly eye catching and we’ve got this glossy uh contrasting, dare to leave logo and the best part of this textured finish. Is it doesn’t pick up? Smudges or fingerprints, and it also doesn’t, feel slippery to hold and to be honest, it’s actually quite refreshing, to see and feel something a little bit different. Looking around the phone, we have this small hole, punch, selfie camera in the top left corner. We get an in screen optical fingerprint reader, although it also supports face unlocking on the left side is the dual sim and micro sd card slot, so you can expand the storage and then on the bottom. Next to the single speaker, we get a three and a half mil headphone jack um. One thing i’ve also noticed uh having come from the seven pro. This is the realme 7 pro the haptic motor is quite a bit better in the 8 pro. It just feels a bit more nice how? How do you describe good vibrations, except for playing a beach boys song now speaking of last year’s, realme 7 pro? It was only back in october that i reviewed the 7 and the 7 pro. So you can maybe forgive this for not being a huge upgrade and actually other than the slimmer design and the better camera it’s pretty much the same same price.

For a start, it uses the same snapdragon 720g chip, which is getting a bit long in the tooth. Now same 6.4, inch 60 hertz, amoled screen same 4, 500 milliamp hour battery and the same actually no slower slower 50 watt charging down from 65 watts on last year. Seven pro so it’s definitely an evolutionary update and maybe, if you missed the boat on the seven series and you’re looking to upgrade, then it’s worth considering the eight series, but it has only been about five months. The trouble is, though, the competitions got even better. So i think the real me 8 pro does have a bit of a fight on his hands to actually stand out. Let’S talk about this camera because i think it is the biggest upgrade here, not only the higher 108 megapixel resolution, but it’s. Also, using this new and bigger samsung hm2 iso cell sensor, so we’re getting a quad camera setup with the main lens, an ultra wide with a 119 degree field of view, we don’t get a telephoto lens, but you can zoom in and actually it stitches together. Multiple 12 megapixel shots, giving you a pretty good quality three time: zoom it’s, not quite an optical zoom, but it’s, definitely better than digital we’re, also getting a macro lens for close up shots and, finally, we’re also getting a black and white lens, which not only gives You higher quality black and white filters, but it actually helps the main camera capture more light to improve the quality of photos and portraits, i must admit i am quite impressed with the quality of the photos i’m getting out of this, especially considering the price they’re detailed Colors look realistic, even edge detection and portraits look good, although it can struggle with dynamic range.

Brighter areas can get blown out a little bit as standard photos are pixel bins, so 9 into 1, but you can shoot in the full 108 megapixel resolution, although i think you’d be hard pressed to tell them apart unless you zoom right in another new addition. Is this starry mode which gives you a four minute long exposure along with the starry sky time lapse, video mode and if you swipe to the more tab, you’ll find the pro mode. If you want to tinker with your shots, dual view, video, and also this ai mixed portrait, video which lets you shoot a double video exposure, say of a landscape and then a person and merge the two. But the results are well interesting. Still a lot to play with and around the front, we have a 16 megapixel selfie, which does a pretty good job and actually, surprisingly, for this budget we’re, also getting a night mode with the selfie camera. Video tops out at 4k with the rear camera, although it’s still not stabilized so i’d, keep it set to the standard 1080p. Now, i must admit i would have liked to have seen maybe a newer or slightly more powerful processor in here, along with perhaps a high refresh 90 or 120 hertz screen, but it’s still pretty capable. I didn’t have any issues with the apps and games i tested on this. I did notice the occasional stutter as you swipe around, but actually the new real me ui.

2 software is a big step up it’s a custom version of color os, so it feels similar to using an oppo phone but there’s a ton of customization options. Icon styles colors. I switched to this real choice, font which i think looks a little bit nicer. You can really make this your own. A little tip, though, is to go into the about phone settings tap on version and then tap on build number eight times to unlock the developer options and in there scroll right down and then turn these three duration and scale options down to 0.5 times. I just find it helps make everything feel a little bit snappier to use. I’Ll. Tell you what, though, one benefit of sticking with a 60hz amoled screen and a slightly lower power processor, is that the 4500 milliamp hour battery in here goes a long way. Battery on this is really good. I’Ve been carrying this around and held in my pocket for the past week or so, and i’ve been finding that, by the end of a normal day, with regular use i’m still having about 35 to 40 of my battery left, so you’ll easily get a day and A half out of this uh, maybe even two days with a bit of rationing plus the 50 watt super dart charger, tops it up nice and quickly. There is still no wireless charging but that’s to be expected at this price it’s a good problem to have, but i think we’re kind of spoiled for choice now with a range of great, affordable, slash budget phones.

I do think if gaming is a priority for you, then maybe look for a phone with a higher refresh rate and maybe a more powerful processor, but with a unique design. Good camera, with lots of fun modes to mess around with much slicker software with tons of options, albeit also with tons of pre installed. Bloatware you’ll want to hide away in folders great battery life and while we don’t have the latest processor in here, actually eight gigs of ram plus 128 storage and microsd card support all for 279 pounds. I think it’s a pretty good value option. But what do you reckon? Would you be tempted to buy one of these and also, if you’ve got any other questions at all? Let me know in the comments below plus i will leave links to this in the description if you want to check it out.