What i’m talking about is none other than the poco f3. You can see. The box is almost identical to that to the x3 pro, and this has debut together with that of the x3 pro, so how about let’s unbox it right now: Music, so Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, so hi guys, it’s me mitch. Doublelo 2 of xiaomi review and you’ve just witnessed the unboxing of the poco f3 and it really looks nice and the back is very identical to that of the xiaomi mi 20 pro. It has a very glass finish as good as having your personal mirror at the back of your phone it’s, really nice, so elegant this one i’m holding is the night black. We have also the arctic white and, of course, the deep ocean blue, so which one did you choose so before we continue with our unboxing. I want to have a word from our sponsor the coldest water, so they sent me over this really really nice. Looking tumbler and it came, and it flew all the way from the united states of america, so you can see about unboxing. This really is something looking nice and yes, of course, while i’m unboxing and talking to all of you guys, of course, there’s. No doubt that i do get thirsty some way somehow and talking a lot sure makes me thirsty. So i have here the coldest water together with me, of course, to quench my thirst anytime any day.

So if you like, this type of tumbler, do check them out at thecoldestwater.com and i’m sure they’ll be providing you with some vouchers. I’Ll be posting all the links below on the description box. I just want to say a shout out to all of them for giving me this customized nice looking tumbler printed xiaomi review really. I really appreciate it guys for making this a very nice personalized item just for this channel so thumbs up to you guys now going back to our view, this phone has a snapdragon 870. It is a seven nanometer processor, together with a 5g capability, which is really really future proof. Now, together it has arduino 650 as its main gpu. Now i did get some impressive score over from antutu. It has a 618 000 points from antutu, which is a very, very impressive score and i’m using antutu 8.5. Taking a quick look at itudo, it scored a 460 000 points, which is very, very good score. Now pcmark gave you the 9890 word performance score, which is also good based on my analysis and drm info gave me the wifi level, one security, which means we can watch all hd. We want here on this phone and now how about taking a quick look at its screen. It has a 6.67 amoled display 1080p, together with 120 hertz of screen refresh rate, which is one of the highlights here of this phone. Then it is protected with a corning gorilla, glass, 5 front protection glass as well as corning gorilla, glass, 5 protection at the back with plastic frames, and this one is also hdr10, plus capable plus it’s very very light.

Just 196 grams and 7.8 mm thickness. This phone really really is slim. Take a look watching some videos here on this phone. I can say that it’s really really nice having to watch it on amoled display, together with 120 hertz of screen refresh rate and, of course, dual stereo surround sound. It really makes watching movies on this phone. A really really good experience, and i can say the colors are punchy it’s. The black are blacker. It’S really really give me a good good experience here watching on this phone now, for the main course how about let’s go and check out the gaming on this phone? The snapdragon 870 is definitely the performer for gaming and right now, we’re testing it on call of duty. I can unlock all the high settings here on this game and gameplay is nice guys. I can really feel the immersive experience playing this game and all the gunshots. I can see it’s loud it’s, crisp and it’s, really really clear on the dual steers around sound and 120 hertz of screen refresh, so it probably has kicked in. It can really really give me that experience it’s just like i’m in the battlefield that’s, how i feel about this game now let’s try to take a quick look at the camera of this phone. It has a 40 mp main sensor, aperture 1.8, together with a 8 mm ultra wide lens and a 5 mm macro lens up front. We have a 20 mp front, shooter, together with a 2.

5 aperture rating. How about let’s take some quick look at some photos here, Music Laughter now i can see the outdoor shots here on this phone is really nice and, of course, it’s very sharp, very nice, even though it’s just a 48 mp camera, i can see it really took In some really really nice shots, so how about let’s try to take a look at the front? Camera, Music, okay, so the outdoor shot is definitely an upgrade over from that of the redmi k40. I can see they are almost both the same, except that the back is, of course the colors are a little bit different this time around, but internally it’s exactly the same, but of course the integration of the camera is also important on this one. This one is running miui for poco and, of course the redmi counterpart is running miui. Now i can see the camera integration on this. One looks to be better than that of the k40 for some reason that uh the k40 took in a little bit more blurry shot. But this one i can say it’s really crisp so guys how about taking some videos using the rear, camera? Music? Okay, guys. So right now, we’re recording at 1080p 30fps with the image stabilization turned on on the poco f3, and this is the quality if we record it at 4k 30fps now you can see the videos out. There is good and recording at 1080p 30fps.

The image stabilization is automatically turned on it’s, very, very smooth, very, very stabilized, and the video is great but upon taking 4k 30fps video it’s just a little bit jerky just a little bit, but the camera resolution definitely is a lot lot better. How about watching some videos from the front camera so guys? This is how it looks like when i’m plugging using the poco f3 on its front camera check it out. Music, quite impressive, not bad! I can see that it’s really really stable, surprisingly it’s good, and what i really want about this one is that whenever i turn around and the sun, of course, the reflection of the sun is really really gon na change the lighting. But this one it’s pretty good, though it’s not really that sunny, but i can see that the camera has adjusted a lot uh for the glariness of the sun. It’S, really really something else now. One thing i noticed here is the camera bump, it’s really really thin. Based on what i see here, it’s really uh, making me feel good when i’m playing games – it’s, really the minimalization of the camera bump, is really helping on this phone. Whenever i play games, i can say that this i could barely feel it, especially when you put it on that case uh. It will make it even feel better. Now the grip on this phone – i can say it’s, really really nice and though, that it’s really shiny, it’s, not super duper slippery, and i can see you should be careful whenever you put this on the table, it might just slide off because of vibration, and speaking Of vibration, this one has an haptic feedback, meaning you can control the vibration and giving you a more spooner experience whenever you press your gestures and it can send back some vibration, it’s very, very nice, very responsive, it’s, really nice to have on this phone now.

Did you know that this phone is also equipped with the wi fi six, which is very very future proof, and it also has a side mounted fingerprint scanner which is equally responsive? Probably the only thing that i would suggest. I wish that they had put the side mounted fingerprint scanner on the screen, making. It looks more premium, of course, that’s just my thoughts and this phone has a four thousand five hundred twenty milli ampere hours of battery supporting up to 33 watts of fast charging. I just wish it’s five thousand milliampere hours, which is, of course, the industry standard right now and draining the battery down to 10 percent and charging it back up at 100, using its default using its default cable and the default charger. Hey guess what i reached! 31 watts – and i finished in just one hour and three minutes pretty impressive. Now poco has commercialized this whole ass, the beast, the real beast and i can say that having all these specs inside this phone at that jaw dropping price really. You should really really consider this one and, of course the competitors will just say how the heck did they meet this phone, so cheap and so powerful, so it’s really gon na disrupt the market again this year. So what do you think about this phone? The poco f3, is it the real beast or well just a regular animal drop. Your comments on the comment section below and if you like this video don’t forget to like subscribe, of course click that bell icon, so you don’t miss any future reviews here on my channel.