Not just only do the unboxing but kind of a mini review for this redmi note, 10 pro and guys i’ve been actually using this device for the last five days. So i thought why just do the unboxing i’ll also give you my initial impressions. What i have noticed, i have made a lot of points and i’ll also compare it with the regular redmi note 10, which i had reviewed a few days back, because i have noticed some differences and i’ll also include some of the questions that you guys have about. This one, so here is the smartphone, obviously i’m, using it with my atl, as well as the jio sim, and here it comes in this box and guys. The variant that i have is the middle one uh. It also starts with the lower end variant that comes with 64 gb of storage that’s for 16 000 uh. This is the middle one that comes with six gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of storage. This is for 17 000 and then you also have one more variant that comes with 8 gigabytes of ram and 128 that’s about 2000 rupees more at 19 000. I feel this is the best value or even you could go uh with the base storage variant because it has a triple slot. So in the box nothing much sim ejector tool, you do get a plastic case, so that’s actually nice and this is not totally transparent. So actually it’s nice and, i would say, use this case because it’s the handset is actually pretty slippery.

And here, if you go, we get the usb cable and a fast charger. I like the fact that they are burning this fast charger, because this is a 33 watt, faster it’s, usb type, a to type c port that you are getting so that’s what we get in the box. We won’t waste a lot of time and if we move to the physical uh overview guys, this is having a six point: six seven inch screen and uh. This is having that uh super amoled screen and it’s at 120, hertz, so that’s, actually nice and in fact the screen quality is very good. I’Ve been using it at 120, hertz and top. If we go, we have a headphone jack uh. This is the vent for the secondary speaker, because this one also has stereos because i’ll talk about that uh. Then we have the secondary noise cancellation. We also have ir blaster that’s nice, and here we have the volume rocker. This is the power button. Come fingerprint scanner very responsive and you can configure it just if you want uh, i haven’t configured it just for touch if i just keep it it unlocks, but if you want by default, you have to actually press it to unlock, but you can change that in The settings and bottom, if we go uh, we have the second speaker, type c port main microphone, and here you have your sim tray and it’s a proper, triple slot, guys uh, both my sims are there and you can also add a micro sd card, so that’s Actually, nice, and if you notice this, one also claims to have all ways on display, but again, just like this redmi note.

10 again, it just goes away after 10 seconds, and next thing that i want to talk about is again guys, i’ll mix what i found good and bad about this device. First thing that i liked on this device and that’s a big improvement compared to the regular redmi note 10 uh. If you have watched my review, i said that this also has stereo speakers, but the stereo speakers are simply not that good. On the regular uh redmi. Note 10, because 80 of the volume used to come from this side and only 20 used to come from this, so it never gave a good effect. In fact, it was slightly distracting here i would say it’s a lot better. Uh still it’s not perfectly balanced. Like 50 50, but i would say, 60 of the volume comes from this one, and about 40 percent comes from this uh and it’s actually louder, and that way it gives a pretty good stereo experience. Let me actually uh give you an idea. Let me just play back one of my own videos: hi guys this is ranjit and some of you might realize you’ve noticed as you can see. I blocked this right side, but in so the stereo effect is definitely a lot better. I would say compared to uh this one and guys uh before we proceed. I just want to talk about these smartphones are available on amazon and, if you’re buying a lot of stuff from amazon, i would suggest that you use the amazon pay, icici bank credit card and this card is actually absolutely free.

There is no joining fees or recurring fees or anything. In fact, the advantage of using this card on amazon is that you actually get five percent back as reward points, in fact uh. If you talk about this specific smartphone, the pricing of this variant is 17 000. As i’ve told you uh, so you get that five percent as a rewards point, so you get back approximately about 875. and guys you get that five percent uh back. If you are amazon, prime member, if you’re not an amazon prime member, you then get about three percent back i’ve been actually using this card for almost two years, so i can watch for that. So i’ll leave the link in the description. So if you buy a lot of stuff from amazon use that card, it actually saves you in the long run anyways moving back to the smartphone uh. If we look at another thing is – and this is the biggest annoying thing that i have about this smartphone and i’ve noticed – not a lot of reviewers – are talking about this one and uh in fact, uh. Some of the other users also who have purchased the max. This is the redmi note 10 pro. Even the max have complained to me, and some of the some niche reviewers also have asked me about the proximity uh sensor issue, and i would say the proximity sensor is really really bad on this one. I think so.

That’S, the biggest con that i have about this device, it’s simply not calibrated well and when you take calls like this many times, i would say 90 of the times it is creating issues and many times also getting cut or going to mute. I know many of the new smartphones that are having this huge screen like this are having some proximity uh sensory issues, even the redmi note 10 actually had that, but this is very bad on this one. This is about four or five times worse. On this redmi note 10 pro so again, if you take a lot of calls, be aware of that, because i faced that issue almost for the last five days since i’m, using the on every other call. So that is something that really bugs me and can be an issue. If you take a lot of calls directly like this, and i hope they fix it with an update, but as of now that’s a real issue, in fact it’s there. Even on the redmi note 10, but it’s not as bad as on this redmi note, 10 pro and i’ve even heard even the max one is having that so again check that smartphone from other reviewers have used it ask them about. The proximity sensor is shown on this one anyway, so moving to the next thing that i like is the screen on this one, and quite a few of you have asked me about this, and i have to say the amoled screen on this.

One is excellent, guys and it’s very, very smooth i’m, currently using it on the 120 hertz. In fact, i just set it to 120 hertz and i forget, and it is definitely smooth guys while scrolling and stuff it is smooth, and the best thing is that it does not have that variable. Refresh rate crap or anything like that, it’s locked to 120 hertz. So it’s very very smooth, and there is a noticeable difference. So in that 120 hertz uh what’s, your refresh rate works on this one has been implemented very well, unlike the me 10 i which had variable and that simply did not work. In fact, that added a lot of stutters, so here it is very, very smooth, like some of the higher end smartphones, no issues with that. Also coming to another thing regarding the screen, some of you have asked me, and that is regarding the brightness. There was a panel gets actually pretty bright, guys uh, but even at night, when you keep it at very low brightness, it does not flicker or do anything. So that way, i would say the amoled screen that they have used is very good. Color. Reproduction is also very good, so very nice amoled screen that they have used on this one uh now moving to the battery life on this one uh, the battery life, i would say uh generally in mid range smartphones, it’s average. If i compare it to many other uh, smart, maybe it’s, just because of the screen size, it’s a big screen 6.

67 and i’m, using it at 120, hertz guys. So i i would say, battery life anywhere i’m, getting about five and a half to about six hours of sot on this one uh that lasts me for a typical working day. But if i compare it uh with the redmi note 10, which i used prior to this one, this was definitely giving me approximately about one and a half to about two hours extra screen on time compared to this one. So maybe yes, it will increase. If you drop down from that 120 hertz, but this is what i’m getting so it’s good, but not super excellent that’s. What i’ve noticed, but the good thing is that the charger uh is that 33 watt uh fast charger, so it charges very quickly. So i’m sort of neutral, but i was expecting slightly better battery life, considering redmi phones give fabulous battery life anyways. Moving to the next thing is regarding the processor on this one uh. This one has the snapdragon 732 g and in fact i ran some benchmarks to give you an idea – and this is the benchmarks that we got actually very good uh scores, and this is the galaxy a uh 52. This has the snapdragon 720 g and if you notice both in the single core as well as in the multi core, this definitely gets actually better scores. In fact, this is slightly overclocked processor it’s, almost the same in terms of internal but slightly overclocked.

So, as you can see, yes, this gets slightly better uh scores, but one thing i’ve noticed is that this smartphone uh does tend to get slightly warm. I would say, with extended continuous usage of 15 20 minutes, it’s, not like it’s getting very hot or something, but this back portion here definitely feels a little bit warm it’s, not something to worry a lot. But that is what i have noticed, because i was also testing this one. This one does not get that hot um. Warm hot is not the right word for so yeah in summer. Yes, you will feel a little bit here. It is getting a little bit warm uh, but again guys. I don’t see it’s a big worry, but if you’re sort of a very heavy gamer, then you might have to see. I played call of duty on this one and i i’m not a heavy, continuous gamer guy. I played it for about just about two games continuously. Yes, this area back actually got a little bit warm to touch pretty warm to touch. So if you are a gamer who does gaming continuously for 45 minutes, wan na check other reviews and see uh, how are the thermals on this one, but in terms of gameplay, i had no issues and i was playing call of duty at the high graphic settings. Now next thing is regarding the earpiece, the actual earpiece guys i’m, not talking about the proximity sensor, the earpiece quality again on this one is very, very good, no issues with that earlier redmi phones.

I used to have a problem in that area, but here no issues with the earpiece and i tested this one here in hyderabad again still both my sims are there in this one uh and i’m, using it with a10, as well as jio guys and no issues. Regarding that, so, as you can see, no issues uh with a10 year in hyderabad and even the network reception was good it’s, just the proximity sensor. That is bugging me. Hopefully they fix it with the update because, as of now it’s irritating very very irritating, i would say next thing. If i move is uh regarding the camera, i feel that’s a big highlight of the smartphone uh, the big difference between the pro max – and this pro is just the main camera sensor, guys uh – that one has 108 megapixel uh. This one has a 64 megapixel, but i would say i would say, save that 3000 rupees, because the price gap is 3000 rupees on them. The 64 megapixel sensor is actually really really good on this one and, as you can see, some of the sample shots that i’ve taken and even samples that i’ve taken in very low lighting in evening. These are very done. Lighting conditions. The snaps actually came out to be really good on this one. So camera, i would say, certainly is a big plus point and if you can get the base variant, that is for 16 000. I think so.

This might be the best camera. As of now, yes, don’t expect it to compete with flagships guys. Some people try to do that. It is stupid, but for what it is the camera, i would say, the camera performance is really good and hopefully, with software updates, they’ll improve it further. Also moving to the fingerprint scanner, as i’ve told you no issues with the fingerprint scanner, it does very uh well, and some of you have even asked me about the back guys. The back is glass guys, but i don’t think so. It’S gorilla glass because xiaomi uh does not say anything though the front facing is actually gorilla. Glass, 5, but there is a film that is pre attached. Uh. Moving to the next thing is regarding the build quality. The overall build quality in hand feel i like of this phone it’s, certainly a large phone, i would say, but if you are okay with that size, it’s good uh, the only nitpicking i would say is that this actual frame is made up of plastic guys, but Should we complain about that at this price point: uh spam, okay, true color? Actually, memory management – i was talking, truecaller works. Sometimes if you keep it on memory, i just opened it before shooting, but again it boots out. So memory management is okay, okay, uh! So i was talking about the build quality. Again, the frame is actually guys plastic it’s, not metallic frame, but my question to you is: should we complain it at this price point at about 17 000.

, because if you notice the new one plus nine, that cost 50 000 its frame is also actually fiber plastic. So when phones costing that are not giving a metallic frame, should we complain? That is something you have to ponder about, but yeah the frame is not metallic aluminium or something it’s a plastic frame, but build quality. Again. If i press and all those things there’s no creaking noise or anything that i have no test uh moving to the next thing is the vibration. Motor is also very good on this. That is the uh haptic feedback that we got is actually good on this one. Certainly uh much better that i’ve seen from other smartphones at this price point, so that is actually a nice thing on this one and, lastly, guys. Overall, this is the new miui 12 that we are getting on this one, and this is a lot more improved compared to what miui that we got with the redmi note 9 pro series: this one is a lot better guys here: i’m, not seeing full page ads Or anything like that, so that’s actually, because, but here you do get some notification. For example, i got the service and feedback notification over here and also there is thing called gets app. This constantly sends you notification, but you can go in the settings and actually disable uh the notifications for this one. So here, if you go to the notifications i when it is on by default, i just switched it off and i’m, not getting uh stuff.

So yes, apart from those minor notifications that i got and you can certainly disable it as i’ve showed you, i did not get any full page ads or anything on this one, but guys again i would stress i don’t use me music or any of the me A schedule app in fact i don’t, even log in with the xiaomi account uh. If you don’t do that, then i feel it’s fine. In the f past five days, it’s been performing very well. In fact, i like the screen quality as i’ve told you that 120 hertz really does make a difference. The only concern that i have uh with the smartphone and if you that is specifically for people who take a lot of calls, is that proximity sensor issue. So again check on that, if xiaomi should solve it with the ot update it’s great, but if they don’t, then yes as of now, that is a certain issue, but overall, from a hardware point of view, guys at the 17 000 price point. This is the best. Damn smartphone that you can buy if you can live with that slight annoyance of me, you, i anyways guys that’s it for now for this video and if you guys, are still not subscribed to the youtube channel, hit that subscribe button and guys, if you’re buying it From amazon uh use my link, it does help the channel because i have to buy a lot of gadgets these days, anyways guys that’s it for now.