This is about 50 more expensive than the previous oneplus 8 pro that came out last year. Oneplus is no longer that company offering you in the same amount of specs for a very low price point they’re sitting with the big boys and therefore i think, it’s more than fair to be comparing it to the s21 ultra. Now some of you might be saying: matt, you fat, canadian man. How dare you compare this under 1100 smartphone with a 1200 device, but let’s be honest. This 1200 device it’s a samsung phone. You already know it’s being discounted across the world. In fact, you can trade in a device with a cracked screen and buy this thing for 900 bucks, therefore, making it a very fair comparison now design has always been subjective. What you like may be different from what i like and that’s okay, but one thing’s for sure is i personally, like the s21 ultra better in terms of style. This has a frosted back. That means, if i touch it, i’m less likely to see fingerprints. I also love this black color it’s black, but it’s a nice deep, dark black, which i think looks fantastic samsung is also doing something unique they’re taking the camera bump they’re, not leaving it floating in the top left corner they’re. Embedding it into the side of the frame – and this gives it a very modular – futuristic. Look if you remember the oneplus 8 pro actually had a frosted back.

It was clean, i loved it. It looked good. This just looks like all the previous other oneplus devices. You see fingerprints more. This is very important for those few individuals out there who don’t rock a case, and i don’t think it looks as good as a frosted back now you can put a skin on this, like i have here from dbrand, and i personally feel like this adds a Unique look to both of these devices and it also protects your phone from getting fingerprints. The camera is cool, like it’s, not getting a lot of attention, but this has a few design inspirations for one that little silver border around the sensor is something you’ve seen on a note device. You pair this with the hasselblad logo and it gives the bump itself a very luxurious timeless. Look. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t match the body of this phone like it’s, just your standard candy bar that we’ve seen many many times before fingerprint very interesting because they are both in different places. Oneplus has decided to place the fingerprint scanner on the bottom of the device, which requires your finger to move down a little bit, which is not a big deal but it’s not as comfortable the galaxy. On the other hand, has it more centered, like it’s just easier to get to? I do find the optical scanner on the oneplus 9 pro to be slightly faster, but the one on the s21 ultra is supposed to be more secure.

Now the displays are kind of the same like they’re, both ltpo, so they have that very high 120 hertz, refresh rate that can ramp up or down to different frequencies, depending on what you’re doing they can both use 120 hertz at qhd, so there’s no difference there And they both have insanely bright displays, like 1300 nits of brightness under peak settings, which is super impressive. They support hdr10 everything you can pretty much. Think of these displays are some of the best in the business. The other thing is form factor like holding the oneplus 9 pro is so much more comfortable. It feels a lot more centered. The weight distribution is even it. Doesn’T feel like it’s top heavy, like the s21 ultra. This heavy camera bump on the top makes it a bit top heavy, not as bad as like the note or last year’s s20 ultra, but you do feel it when you’re holding it in your hand and because the phone has a bigger display at 6.9. Inches it’s. Not as easy to use as one hand, even though this is 6.7 i feel like, i can still comfortably use this device with one hand without any complaints. Now the speakers on both of these devices are fantastic, they’re, dual speakers. I personally feel the sound quality from the s21 ultra is slightly better but i’m going to play them both. You guys, let me know which one you think has the better sound Music.

Now, if you’ve made it, this far feel free to hit the like button and subscribe. That would mean a lot to me, but we got to talk about software, because oneplus has been known to have some of the best clean android like experience that you can get on a smartphone. They do this in a very sophisticated way. By giving you a clean experience, but also giving you features that are not in your face, but that you can turn on in the settings that could add value to your lifestyle. The s21 ultra or galaxy lineup in general has always gotten a bad name like one ui. The previous edition and even touchwiz back in the day, was always heavy and when bixby came out, it kind of ruined things, but the latest version of one ui has been so awesome to use the fact that i can now swipe to the right and get google Now is a huge benefit to the way i use my phone but here’s. The true thing, if you’re, a windows user having a galaxy device, is so much better like both of these phones work with your phone app, but the galaxy device can do things that the oneplus device can’t, for example. You could actually use your android apps on your windows, desktop something that other phones don’t have permission to do and to me if i’m on my computer all day, long, editing, video or doing work or whatever it is not having to pick up my phone and do Those things on my desktop just makes my life so much easier.

So this oneplus 9 pro camera, was supposed to be everything. Oneplus announced a massive collaboration with hasselblad investing over 150 million dollars over the next three years. When people hear hasselblad, they think of these expensive point and shoot cameras that have been around for years and they get excited because they think you’re going to get that similar experience in a smartphone. But quite honestly i found it to be super inconsistent. I found it takes good photos, it sits close to the top end, but it doesn’t surpass it. Doesn’T beat out the iphone it doesn’t beat out the s21 ultra. The 48 megapixel wide lens would take inconsistent photos in certain conditions. For example, i have this picture of my cat, where he looks completely blue on the oneplus 9 pro, but looks a lot more normal on the s21 ultra. Yes, the s21 ultra tends to saturate the photos ever so slightly, but i personally feel it gives it a pleasing. Look. The 9 pro, on the other hand, is a little bit more de saturated, a little more natural and that’s fine, but it’s not consistent. Take this other example, where i’m shooting a very bright scene, where it completely crushes the shadow, whereas on the s21 ultra it just looks a lot better and that’s the problem i have when you place a company’s name like hasselblad on it. It confuses people because you think you’re gon na get this amazing camera and a smartphone.

But then, when you start comparing it to other smartphones, you realize it’s just a name, and i go through this all the time in the laptop market. You know like i’ll, review laptops hp, will slap on some b, o labeling on the left, hand corner, but then i’ll play the speakers and they don’t sound great sure b. O might come in and fine tune the equalization settings. But if you put cheap crappy speakers inside you’re not going to get great sound now i’m, not saying these are cheap, crappy cameras they’re! Absolutely not! I just don’t think the color science is there yet and they’re going to have to take some of that 150 million and invest it into better computational photography. I will say this: the ultra wide camera absolutely awesome, no distortion, which is really amazing, telephoto, nothing special like it zooms in up to three point or three point four times, but it can’t compete with the ten times optical zoom, on the galaxy s21 ultra you’re also Limited to 30 times digital zoom, where you can go up to a hundred times on the galaxy device. Video is good, like i don’t think it’s the best video you’re getting on a smartphone. It can shoot 8k, but ak is still kind of gimmicky and only works really well in the most bright lit conditions. I still think samsung does a much better job when it comes to video. As for night photography, they both do a good job, but again i feel like the galaxy s21 ultra is a bit more consistent and you can see this when you switch between lenses when you go from wide to ultra wide the colors sync up better with the S21, whereas on the 9 pro there’s a bit of a color shift as for the front facing camera, the oneplus 9 pro does a better job.

I think the skin tones look a lot more realistic. You can see the reddish hues and indents in my face a lot more naturally, whereas the s21 ultra does look more pleasing at times, because it slightly smooths my skin, but the skin tones are not as realistic. The cool thing, though, is you, can take nighttime shots with the front facing camera on the s21 ultra, where it’s just not possible on the oneplus 9 pro. As for tilt shift, you get this clean center. You can adjust exactly where you want the angle and on the outsides you get a blur. I mean it’s fun to play with, but it’s more of a gimmick than anything else. Battery life is interesting because the s21 ultra lasts longer 5000 milliamp hours compared to 4 500. This is a day and a half phone under heavy use, whereas this is just a day, but it depends on the type of lifestyle you live. If you’re responsible and charge every single night, then the galaxy device is going to be great. But if you’re not as responsible – and you forget to charge your phone or you don’t charge it. Unless you absolutely have to then you’re going to appreciate the fast charging technology that oneplus offers the fastest, that this thing can charge is 25 watts. This is down from 45 watts in the previous year. This has two batteries inside of here, so it’s charging two batteries at the same time, which is supposed to be a little bit healthier than one single battery 65 watts.

You can top this thing up in just 30 minutes. The other cool thing is the wireless charging. It provides if you buy their proprietary charger, which i think costs about 70 bucks. You can throw 50 watts of wireless charging at this and charge the entire smartphone in 43 minutes. This is faster than the iphone 12 pro max. Other things to consider is call quality. They both do it great. I don’t have any issues with drop calls or people complaining. Overall, these are both solid devices. I will say this, though, if you’re the person who’s into speed cleanliness of the ui minimalism, you you like the fact that your device has better ergonomics in the hand you want it to be a bit smaller and camera is not as high up on the list. Then you should be looking at the oneplus 9 pro if you’re the individual, that wants a bigger display. You want it to be packed with all the features you can think of, and you’re a windows user. Then i truly feel like you should be using the s21 ultra instead. I hope this review was helpful because if it was, let me know in the comment section down below like the video, if you liked it subscribe.