So i’ve been using this device here for quite a bit now and bear in mind the camera that you’re, looking at with my face over here, is also recorded with a poco f3, so that’s the kind of quality you can get from this device right here right. So, first up i’m, going to tell you about my experience using this device right here. Everything is going to be my honest opinions and no one is telling me what to say and what not to say but let’s start off with the price first, because i think this is a crazy good value smartphone in 2021.. So here in malaysia, we start off with 1400 ringgit for the six gigabyte version that comes with 128 gigabytes of internal memory. My device right here is the higher spec one. It is a eight gigabytes plus two five six gb, and this is retailing for 1700 ringgit. Okay, so otherwise it is still a very affordable, um device right here for the flagship, specs you’re getting, and that has been the motto of poco all this one. If i may draw your attention very quickly to the back of this device here, we have poco 5g and bear in mind that again, this is one of the most affordable flagship kind of 5g devices out right now, so with the with 5g in your device, you Can always be very rest assured that you will be covered even when the 5g actually hits your country.

So obviously not everyone has 5g right now, but when it hits, you will be able to use your poco f3 right there, all right so in terms of design. Um i don’t particularly like the back here because it collects a lot of fingerprints, but i must say that it still looks like a very attractive device. I did wish it was a little bit slimmer, but obviously we have a huge battery in the back here. So i’m, not going to complain about that as well in terms of the display here is where it really excels, guys and we’re having a very nice display at the front. This is a 6.67 inch amoled display that runs at 120 hertz. So everything is buttery smooth, as you would expect it right here. Um it’s also worth pointing out that the sampling rate on this device is 360 hertz. That means that, for all you gamers out there it is a very sensitive display. So you won’t miss a thing with your device unless you’re a noob, okay, moving on to what’s powering this device. We have a snapdragon 870 in the back here, powered by also eight gigabytes of ram. Like i mentioned just now, it is lp ddr5, so very good ram. There and internal storage is running at ufs 3.1. So those of you who actually put in a lot of files and transfer files to and flow to your device and out to your computer, you will definitely enjoy the faster speeds because it is just way faster than ufs 2.

0 or something like that. So very happy to get the fast storage here. Also, one thing to note is that everything loads a little bit quicker with faster storage. Once again, it always affects the overall experience so very happy with that on the poco f3. Now, in terms of actual use, i have been playing a couple of games. As you can see, i have all my games listed down here. Genji impact pub g call of duty, mobile legends, all the basic stuff that everyone plays. I play a little bit of that too, and my good news here is that everything runs really nicely on the poco f3 right here and what i mean by that is that these games all run very consistently without any race or very, very high kind of temperatures. That you see on other devices so i’m not sure what poco did to this, but it has a very good cooling system, so it doesn’t get very hot, even after gaming for 30 to 40 minutes uh. Obviously, if you play genji impact, the temperatures will go a little bit higher than usual, but do not worry too much about that. The game will still run very smoothly here. So not too much of an issue there um. Another thing to note here is that, in terms of just using this on a daily i mean, if you’re gon na buy something that lasts you at least two years or maybe even three years.

You may want to take a look at this because even for the poco f1, i still have a lot of friends who are still using that device and they’re proud to say that it still runs very smoothly. So i know not everyone out. There is a gamer and if you just use your social media like instagram and facebook, and all that just basic stuff youtube and all that this device here is something that you might also want to consider, because it will keep you running smoothly for at least two To three years – and that is quite guaranteed coming from where poco is standing right now, all right so that’s in terms of actual use moving on let’s talk a little bit about those cameras at the back. So we have three sensors here we have a 48 megapixel main sensor and eight megapixel ultra wide and a five megapixel macro sensor. So again those are just numbers, but how does the camera actually performs in daylight and night time? So, in terms of my personal experience, i did notice that the cameras was providing a very decent images. It is definitely mid range at best, definitely not as good as those like ultra devices, maybe in the mi 11 or even the mi, 11, ultra or s21, and all that. So it is not as good as those, but you are getting a very decent set of cameras here that you can share your pictures on social media.

So one thing i didn’t notice in the day was that the clouds taken at the you know like just the clouds sticking on the sky. It lacked a bit of shadows and i’m, not sure why that’s happening, but, of course, you’re not going to be shooting these clouds all day, so daylight, shots is actually fine. What i need to point out, however, is the night mode guys so uh shooting this using this camera to point and shoot at night objects is really a joy to use. So i have a couple of photos here again once again for you guys to reference. This is the kind of quality you can expect from the poco f3 and, in my opinion, for the price of this device you’re getting a very, very good set of cameras here that can capture really excellent night images. Alright. So now that’s done about the cameras. Don’T have to worry about that. It’S got a decent set of cameras. Uh moving on let’s talk a little bit about that battery in the back. So we do have a 4520 milliamp hour battery in the back here and that’s pretty huge, but bear in mind that, even when i left this device overnight on the table without charging it, it lost about 10 percent uh the next morning. When i check it out. So 10 percent has gone through the night i’m, not sure what’s going on in my device, but yeah that’s. What you get screen on time is about six to seven hours at max, but yeah.

It really depends on your usage. So if you game a lot, obviously you won’t hit that kind of numbers, but one day on a single charge is definitely possible with this poco f3 right here. Last but not least, i want to cover a few more items here. Let’S talk a little bit about the speakers at the bottom and the top. It does come with stereo speakers, so it comes with a very nice set of speakers guys it sounds really rich and very nice. It has a bit of bass as well, so it’s, definitely good in my books here very nice, because, although you’re missing the headphone jack is nowhere to be found around here but yeah you do get the nice speakers. Apart from that, i think that’s pretty much it. My experience on the poco f3 again, the question really is: how long do you want your device to last if you’re looking for something long term, i think the poco f3 here will definitely hold up to that. It comes with a really great processor it’s. Definitely one of my favorite processors for 2021, the 870 simply because it can hold up to very consistent levels of performance without getting overheated, so very, very nice stuff there. And, of course, you get the fast storage and all that perfect display and a good set of cameras. So yeah, if you ask me, is the poco f3 still recommended, i would say absolutely. I guess that’s pretty much it for my quick review right here.