This is the vivo x60 pro plus now for those of you who follow my channel, you will know that i already covered this phone about a month ago, but that was the china version. This is the global unit that’s going to be going on sale in southeast asia and also in europe. So in that last video i focused mainly on that 50 megapixel main camera, with that zeiss sensor, which vivo co engineered with slice, also focused on origin os, which is a china only software. I was really funky so for this global unit i’m, not going to focus so much on the main camera, but i’ll still cover it, but instead, i’m gon na spend the bulk of my attention on the ultra wide angle, camera. This is a 48 megapixel sensor and it’s built on top of that gimbal camera system that vivo introduced with last year’s x50 pro. So this gimbal camera system basically has the camera sensor on top of a floating mechanism that helps stabilize movements now it’s not going to do miracles, it’s not going to be way better than the eis you already get from an iphone or samsung galaxy s 21 ultra. But it will do a good job of stabilizing this little shaky movement right here. This is called the z axis movement. This happens when you’re holding the phone usually with one hand and you’re walking kind of fast when you’re climbing up stairs. So in the video footage.

I’M about to show you hitting the ultra wide angle, footage of this phone against the iphone 12 and the samsung galaxy s21. Ultra you’ll see that for the most part, if i’m just walking in a straight line, stabilization look very similar. But as soon as i run or if i’m climbing stairs walking on uneven surfaces, you’ll see the v4 x60 pro plus footage is a little bit more fluid compared to the iphone 12 and the galaxy s 21 ultra. Conversely, if i jump back to the main camera, which does not have the gimbal technology now, if i do this, you see you can see the viewfinder shake a little bit more than on the ultra wide angle, camera, but let’s put it to the test. So i’m gon na go for a walk in the run, so okay, so that was ultra wide angle. Now i’m gon na do the same run with just the main camera. So keep in mind. The main camera does not have that gimbal technology, someone do a pan. So this is the ultra wide angle: camera Music. Oh, i hope you feel the same, so the ultra wide angle, camera is pretty good right. It also captures some really clean photos too, because it’s a 48 megapixel ultra wide angle sensor. So it keeps up details quite nicely with the 50 megapixel main camera. Now you may be thinking. I said the same thing about the oppo find x3 pro well yeah that’s, just something that bbk, the parent company of oppo vivo oneplus, are doing they’re, giving the ultra wide angle camera a lot of attention so that there’s not as much of a drop off with Most other phones, whether it’s an iphone samsung galaxy, a xiaomi, the main camera quality is up here and the ultra wide drops off here with bpk phones, vivo oppo and pretty soon the oneplus 9 pro the main camera is here, then the ultra wide angle camera is Here, it’s closer in quality: okay, now let’s talk about the main camera, so i already made a previous video about a month and a half ago when i tested the china version of this phone, i already tested the camera quite a lot, so i can just tell You right now this is a 50 megapixel samsung gn1 sensor, with a one over 1.

3 inch image sensor, size, so it’s really large, so it pulls in a lot of light. In fact, in a pitch black room, the vivo x60 pro plus pulls in more light than the samsung galaxy s 21 ultra. If i don’t turn on night mode, so i’m, just talking about with night mode off point and shoot. If you do turn on night mode, then the playing field evens a little bit but that’s the case with every phone. You know night mode is a softer trick that you do to bring in more light, but for night mode you generally have to keep still for two seconds for to get that shot so that doesn’t always work. If you’re trying to shoot a picture of a dog, you know a dog’s, not gon na stay still for two seconds in a city, you’re gon na see a lot of people moving in and out it’s gon na look blurry, even though night mode’s cool. I prefer a main camera that can still pull in a lot of light without night mode and the vivo x64 plus is one of the best right now up there with the huawei mate 40 pro and huawei mate x2. All right now let’s talk about this zeiss co branding here. So according to vivo’s zeiss, which is a german maker of camera lenses, they visited vivo’s office where they examined vivo’s on production line for camera lenses and they kind of worked together to fine tune.

The sensor to match zeiss’s quality and what zeiss also did is it allowed vivo to use its t coding technology? So, of course, this is all according to viva inside obviously i’m not going to break open the phone to check myself but there’s. A special tea coating over the main camera that reduces glare a little bit, and i do see that, for example, in this side by side shot between the xiaomi mi 11 you’ll see that the xiaomi mi 11 blows out the sun a little bit. Whereas the t coating here did manage to reduce the kind of stray lights that’s coming from the sun, so that the camera sensor can expose the sun a little bit more properly. Now vivo’s camera system is pretty smart too. For example, the camera will know when you’re bringing something up close and it’ll automatically switch to the macro sensor. You see it just did that right there now, the vivo 6d pro plus also has two zoom cameras. You have a 32 megapixel two times total zoom lens, that grabs really sharp two times zoom and then, when you jump to five times, is a eight megapixel periscope zoom lens. Now this is just a five times: optical zoom, so it’s not as nice as what you get from the galaxy s21 ultra on the huawei mate x2. But it still does a really good job. There are over a dozen more camera modes to play with too.

In fact, like i said, maybe a little bit overwhelming to the average user, like you just cycle through the main there’s already so many options right, you jump into more there’s. Also pro sports super moon, slow motion live photo ar stickers, astro mode double exposure. A lot of them, i don’t, even know what they do like pro sports i’m, assuming that’s, just faster shutter speed, double exposure. Is this weird thing where you can shoot something in front of you and behind you so right now now one of the mode that is very fun to play with slow, shutter, so i’m going to tap on flow of traffic right now. Now, if i just zoom into the shot, you see that the light trails of the moving vehicles all the way down there. So usually, if you want to take this type of photo, you need a camera. You need to put on a tripod, long exposure. You can now do it hand held now there’s, a 32 megapixel selfie camera on the front, and overall i find the selfie camera to be a little bit lacking, like you see right now, it’s really struggling with light just because i’m standing behind you know a harsh Back light right here and some weird lights up there, but during the day selfies turn out sharp and fine and one thing with evo phones is they go a little bit overboard by providing you with features so, for example, it’s right now in the portrait mode? In the selfie camera, if you tap on style, you have a lot of different pre built filters right here like close to a dozen, then you back out you tap into beauty, and then you have full on beauty mode right here that allows you to do.

You know the usual weird stuff like make your eyes bigger, make your skin whiter, make your face a little bit skinnier like. Basically, these are all western caucasian beauty standards that i think is unhealthy to tell asian people like you should not tell like someone in southeast asia with darker skin that they should want to have lighter skin, right or larger eyes, but you know it’s a cultural thing. So, overall, i’m, a big fan of the vivo x60 pro plus camera system, yeah it’s a little bit gimmicky in some parts, but for the most part it nails all the basics. It gives you pretty respectable zoom it’s excellent during nighttime photography during the day it’s gon na be fine. Video stabilization obviously is excellent, so yeah there’s not much. I can complain other than the fact that oh it’s a little bit gimmicky in some area. Okay, let’s take a look at the software, so this phone runs fun touch os version 11 over android 11., so that origin os that i demoed in the china retail unit it’s not in this phone that’s, not a big issue, though i quite like fun touch os. Now, it’s not better than color os or oxygen os, but it’s much improved over how fun touch os used to be. It used to be really weird, like you have to swipe up from the bottom, to bring up the notification shortcut toggle like these buttons. Here you just have to swipe up from the bottom to get that now.

It’S, not the case. You access this by swiping down you swipe up for the app tray. You have every feature that you would want in an android phone in 2021, like double tap. To turn off the screen double tap to turn on the screen, and you have a lot of shortcut features like swipe up with three fingers to activate split screen multitasking if there’s one complaint i have the software right now is that there is no way to open Apps in a floating window mode, so the best you can do in terms of multitasking it’s split screen all right now in terms of battery life, the vivo x60 pro plus only has a 4200 milliamp battery, which is a little bit smaller than what you find in Most of the other modern day, flagship phones, but you have to keep in mind this phone does not have quad hd resolution. It only has 1080p resolution so because of that i find that battery life on this phone it’s really good it’s better than the battery life. On the oppo finds 3 pro or the xiaomi mi 11, because both of those phones i run at 120 hertz at quad hd resolution this phone, i run at 120 hertz, but at 1080p resolution. So on average. If i step out in the morning like at 9, 10 am – and i stay out all the way till past dinner time – i will still come back and have like 25 20 battery life left.

So this is definitely above average battery life it’s enough to last one full day for me now there’s a 55 watt charging brake that comes with the phone in the packaging too, and it charges the phone relatively fast. You can go from zero to 100 in about like 30 to 33 minutes now. This is still slower than what i’m used to from opal phones, though that 65 watt fast charging, it’s, crazy, fast and also xiaomi is 120 watt. But hey 55w is still really damn fast, much better than what we get from samsung or apple. In terms of overall hardware, i, like it a lot, you know i’m, a fan of the leather back. I like it better than a plastic back, obviously, and even glass. Back too, i just think leather feels pretty nice, but unfortunately it does miss. Some of the flagship flourishes that we’ve been expecting that we’ve been getting from like the oboe finds three pro or the samsung galaxy s21 ultra. The first is that this phone only has a single bottom firing. Speaker, i mean it gets pretty loud, but it’s also a little bit flat because it only comes off one side and you can and you can muffle just one finger. The second is, there is no wireless charging or ip water resistance rating in this phone, so both of these are features that we got from the oppo finds 3 pro, but we don’t get here. I don’t know the price of the vivo x60 pro plus yet but we’re going by the price in china.

This phone is gon na retail for less than what oppo is charging for the finance three pro and obviously what samsung is charging for the galaxy s21 ultra. So if you ask me personally, i would sacrifice stereo speakers and wireless charging and water rating just to shave like 100 to 200 us dollars off the price. Now that’s me i’m, not much of a water person. You know i don’t go to the beach every weekend. So i don’t need water resistance rating, but there are some people who love going to the beach all the time. Then this might be a problem for them. So for me, i really like the vivo x60 pro plus now, honestly speaking, though i do like xiaomi software better than vivo software, and i think the oppo 5×3 pro has a better ultra wide angle, camera and a better screen than the vivo x64 plus. So is this phone better than the recent android flagships? I tested, i can’t say flat out it’s better than those phones, but if the price is right or if you particularly want to shoot a lot of moving videos, the vivo x64 plus is worth looking into.