Smartphone crown with the fresh new me, 11 lite that’s enough chatter, let’s. Actually whip the me11 light out of its box. Take you on a full on tour of that hardware and the software. So you know exactly what to expect ahead of my in depth review and from all the latest greatest tech. Please do poke subscribe and hitting that notifications bell, cheers all right, so let’s see what you actually get in the box. First up, not massive surprise one xiaomi mi 11 light you’ve also got your rubber johnny cover to protect the me11 light from harm. You’Ve got one super chub power: adapter you’ve got your type c, usb cable and uh. Oh this isn’t a good sign, a type c to 3.5, mil headphone adapter, all right, so that’s. Everything in the box now let’s check out the very shiny. Indeed me 11 light. Unlike most budget smartphones, this is a bit of a handful, unsurprisingly just over 6.5 inches, but it does feel rather light i’m, definitely impressed by just how lightweight this thing is in fact, and that’ll be helped considerably by the fact that the xiaomi me 11 light is Completely constructed from plastic you’ve got a plastic. Arse got a bit of plastic, edging wrapping all the way around it. And, of course you do have a glass front. No pre installed screen protector. However, here on the uk model and yeah, as you can see there, it is a very shiny, rear end here on the mi 11 lights.

They have gone full gloss for that. It is basically a mirror finish, very handy, of course, if you just want to check out your hair on the move, uh yep still got on and i really like that. Xiaomi has used the same sort of camera design here for the me 11, like i thought that looked rather funky on the me 11, and it definitely is rather pleasing to the eye here as well. But of course, the one problem with a shiny, a glossy smartphone like this, is as soon as my greasy mitts get all over it. It is going to be looking like an absolute freaking. Horror show definitely make sure you’ve got your buffing cloth on standby and yes, i was feared there is absolutely no headphone jack action here on the me 11 light either, but anyway, let’s see if there’s any juice in the tank, get it all powered up and then For the rest of the hardware and that’s software as well, if we just ease open that slot as well, you’ll see that it is a double sided sim tray. So you can put two sims in at once, but sadly no space for any micro sd memory cards. All right so the xiaomi mi 11 lite all set up and like basically every other xiaomi, redmi, etc. Smartphone that has come along in 2021. You’Ve got the latest freshest android 11 and slapped on top of that. You’Ve got that miui 12.

and apologies. If you’ve seen my other xiaomi uh phone videos, i feel like i’m kind of repeating myself, but miui 12 is definitely the best iteration. So far by quite some margin, you’ve got features like that app straight in there. So you’ve got a kind of a stock android vibe that likes the google discover feed as well. But then you get brilliant miui bonus bits as well like that excellent control center, which has been uh heavily inspired by ios and lots of very respectable customization options. In here as well, because you’ve got an oled screen, for instance, you’ve got an always on display lots of different designs to choose from in there, some of which let’s face it are absolutely batch. I certainly don’t believe uh that this particular mantra is very helpful at all, because if you always believe that something wonderful is about to happen, surely that just means you’re constantly going to be disappointed in life. It looks like you can actually edit it, though there we go that’s more like it, and because that xiaomi mi 11 light is a bit of a big bugger, like basically every other smartphone around right now, it’s great to see that you’ve got that one handed mode Action once again, definitely an absolute godsend, especially if you’re trying to like keep a five year old, mentalist under control uh, while out and about one of the biggest pins in my ass when it comes to showing me.

Smartphones, though, is the sheer number of crap wear that comes pre installed on this thing you got the likes of tig talk. You got your linkedins, your facebooks, you got a whole bunch of xiaomi’s own brand apps as well, many of which i don’t use likes. The me browser the me remote and me video the security one’s, quite good, though, that just gives you fast access to some of the better features on there for cleaning up the phone blocking any numbers that have been pestering you and a good old game turbo. Of course, which i’ll be touching on in a bit on the security side of things, the xiaomi mi 11 lite uses an edge mounted fingerprint sensor back in fashion very much these days, but it doesn’t actually look like an edge mounted. Scanner. Just looks like your standard power button kind of similar to what you’ve got on the poco f3, but you’ll see. If i rest my digit against that button, you immediately unlock straight into your smartphone it’s, very impressive stuff indeed, and as back up to that, you’ve also got a spot of fierce recognition as well, which, as you can see, just as nippy as that fingerprint scanner, barely Even see the lock screen and for your storage you’ve got a choice of 64 or 128 gigs worth here on the mi 11 light as well, depending on how much cash you got free to spunk up. But as i mentioned before, no micro sd memory card support to expand that now it’s great to see all the displays making it along on more affordable smartphones.

These days and the xiaomi mi 11 lite definitely does not disappoint. There. You’Ve got a 6.55 inch oled display with a full hd plus resolution, so reasonably crisp, despite the fact that it’s, quite a big impressively you’ve got both hdr support here and also 10 bit color reproduction as well. Those colors are nice and poppy on the default setting, but you can scale it back if you want to get more realistic natural, looking colors yeah that hdr support extends to streaming services like netflix and just enjoy gorgeous looking contrast and again those natural looking visuals, with Only a dinky little cutout wedged away in the corner there to intrude on matters when you do decide to go for a bit of full screen action. If you dive on into the display settings, as i mentioned before, you’ve got some control over the color output there and you can also bump up the refresh rate, which is stuck at 60 hertz by default, so that higher 90 hertz effort. That definitely makes everything nice and smooth when you’re flicking around at the ui. What nil to sunderland, getting and more good news on the media front as well, because it is a stereo, speak setup here on the me 11 light, which goes a little way at least to make up for the complete lack of headphone jack action just bump up The volume see if it’s any good, so yeah poco may well have taken a huge steam and elephant dump all over samsung’s parade, but is the galaxy? A52 5g still a worthy alternative to that poco, f3 yeah, impressive, stuff it’s.

Definitely a little bit tinny a little bit of audio distortion when you bump it up to that maximum volume, but that’s, probably mostly because the maximum volume is ear, shatteringly loud, really really good. So that should be great if you’re in a quite a noisy environment. Just want to enjoy a bit of video action and that top speaker does more than pull its weight as well it’s a lot more beefy than the uh, the pathetic efforts you’ll get on certain other smartphones, pixel i’m. Looking at you! So what about the grunt here? Well, it’s, actually, the snapdragon 732 g chipset powering the xiaomi me 11, like that’s, exact, same platform that you’d find stuffed inside of the redmi. Note. 10, pro i’m certainly expecting to see the odd little judder and pause here and there when you’re flicking through ups or whatever, mostly because miui is such a heavy overlay. But gamers should be able to get uh playing on the likes of call of duty and pub g and shenanigans like that. Without too much of a struggle and as usual, you’ve got the brilliant game. Turbo features on board as well, which offers all kinds of nifty little tools. So, for instance, you can bring up a little browser window just to help you. You know if you’re stuck on a particularly tough bit, you’ve also got notifications blocking all kinds of stuff. These icons are kind of meaningless until you’ve, actually um, you know, got to grips with game space and played around with it a bit, but once you know what each one does then it’s pretty damn good and yeah.

I just had a quick blast on call of duty mobile to test out how that all went and on those high detail, settings and high frame rate as well just a single little tiny, jotter right at the very start of the match. And then the rest was buttery smooth, even though the action was pretty intense. Lots of people run around like headless chickens, not really sure what was going on so yeah. The m11 light will certainly suit anyone who wants to do a bit of the pub g’s better call of duty mobiles for more demanding games like gentian impact you’ll, probably will see quite a stuttery frame rate, though so uh yeah you’ve got to know your limits and Of course, no 5g support here on the standard, xiaomi mi 11 light, though there’s been a lot of talk about a 5g version of the light emerging at around the same sort of time. As this one that’s for your battery tech well it’s a bit scaled back compared with the likes of the redmi note 10 pro. What you get is a 4250 milliamp cell, which should hopefully still keep you going all day touchwood so far, i haven’t had much drop off despite the fact, as you can see, they’ve been active for almost two full hours, downloading the load of apps and basically the Screen on the full time, but of course i will be fully testing out the battery life for my in depth.

Mi 11 lite review and you’ve got support for 33 watt fast charging on the mi 11 light as well. It’S, not the nippiest around, but not dreadful by any stretch of the imagination, nor wireless charging, of course, because of the old plastic backing and it’s. Quite a rare feature at this sort of price point anyway. So let’s finish up with a look at that triple lens rear camera, my god that back is getting pretty horrifically greasy already so it’s a 64 megapixel primary snapper. But by default you will shoot 16 megapixel images, because the me11 light like pretty much every smartphone. These days uses four in one pixel bin, but if you dive into the more section you see you get plenty of bonus modes, stuffed away in there as usual, there is a 64 mega modes. If you want to shoot at that maximum resolution. As long as the lighting conditions are good, you also have an 8 megapixel ultra wide angle lens as well, which you can kind of it gives you a different viewpoint, but, as you can see, there, you’ll have distortion around the edges. Uh everything will look a little bit, uh, freaky, deepy and don’t expect you know natural, looking colors or anything, and there is also yes, a five megapixel macro lens. If you absolutely insist on taking macro shots, i still absolutely do not see the point at all, but it’s there. If you want it and you’ve got all the usual bonus modes on here, including the likes of the portrait mode.

To give you a nice bokeh style background effect, which you can, of course, tweak to your own personal preferences and plenty more stuff to keep you amused in there as well, including good old night mode for those low light shots and a pro mode as well. If you want to get fiddling around with like the white balance, the shutter speed change up the iso, and with this you can shoot just at the standard, 16 megapixel or again, that maximum 64 effort and on the video front, you’ll shoot at full hd resolution. By default, you’ll be able to bump that up to 4k level as well at 30fps otherwise 1080p at 60fps. If you want to shoot video with that ultra wide angle, lens, though you are stuck at that default 1080p at 30fps, you can’t bump it any higher and then last up around front, my own personal favorite, of course, the selfie camera uh, which in this case on The xiaomi mi 11 lite is a 20 megapixel shooter, and this comes with all the usual portrait smarts and all that other good stuff as well. If you want to make yourself looking super sexy, oh yeah, and there you have it. That, in a nutshell, is the xiaomi me 11 lighthouse, i say: i’ll be fully tested out that camera tech and every other aspect of this budget blow for my in depth review, but hopefully that’s at least helped i’ll. Just give you a quick tour of the hardware.

The software all those specs and all those other delicious bits, i’m hoping to do a full on comparison with this and the redmi note 10 pro the real me 8 pro and what’s the other one, the poco x3 pro at some point as well, so stay tuned For all that delightful stuff, let me know your thoughts on the xiaomi mi 11 lite down below, and please do post subscribe and ding that notifications bell.