I think this realme 8 pro falls into that category, while at the same time having some pretty impressive specs all of its own. The realme 8 pro comes with a flexible rubber case, which is nice. Free protection is always a good thing and it also comes with an excessively loud design, while some matte finish, smartphones are subtle. The brightly etched surface of this realme 8 pro is super rough nearing. Like 800 grit sandpaper, if you know what i mean it’s, the most etched back panel i’ve ever seen and with that dare to leap, logo it’ll be recognizable for miles. Another thing that’ll go for miles is the 108 megapixel camera. We only sent over three of these phones for me to test, which is pretty brave of them, since i only need just one. Each color is equally loud and has an almost 3d depth to it. With the etching that’s freaking my camera out, but i think we’re getting ahead of ourselves here, so i’ll set these off to the side. If this realme 8 pro survives my durability test i’ll give away his two friends to some of you guys. Let’S get started. The back panel of this phone is anything but subtle or normal with a budget phone. You are never really sure what you’re going to get metal, glass or plastic plastic, of course, would be the cheapest material to work with overall, like this screen protector but plastic on a display.

Wouldn’T last for very long displays always get touched and are rubbing up against fabric or keys in pockets or purses Music, and luckily we can tell this realme 8 pro is made of glass because we start seeing scratches at a level 6 with deeper grooves at a Level 7. we’re off to a good start. This means that the 16 megapixel hole punch front facing selfie camera is also protected. Under that front glass, there is a small plastic grille up top and relatively small bezels all around the edges, except at the bottom, where it gets a little thicker. The sides of the phone. This is the infinite blue version by the way are made from plastic. You can see the darker material showing through after the paint has been scraped off. The top of the phone is pretty empty, except for the small microphone hole. Then down the left side. We have a lot more empty space, along with the sim card tray i’ll pop that out – and i got ta say that this is probably the largest sim card tray of all time, with enough room for dual sim card slots and expandable memory. It’S impressively long, and i do promise that my camera is in focus. This back panel thing is just pretty trippy it’s like a holographic pile of glitter, and would you look at that? A headphone jack just another example of a budget phone where you pay less and get more features than a flagship.

When i first pulled this phone out of the box, i thought it was made of glass, but it turns out that’s, not the case. I wasn’t allowed to play a whole lot of video games growing up, apparently going outside and reading a book are more constructive and conducive to having healthy hobbies as an adult that turned out real good. One game i was allowed to play, though, was frogger, which i think matches perfectly with real me’s, dare to leap slogan on the back. We’Ll call him craig and he’s from chernobyl. While this is a budget phone, one of its most impressive attributes has a 108 megapixel sensor up here in the top looking camera setup, the square camera bump is made from plastic, but the circular surface, covering the 108 megapixel samsung built sensor, is made of glass. This camera can shoot pictures that are 12, 000 thousand pixels it’s, not the same sensor that was used in the s21 ultra, though it’s got a slightly smaller footprint, then we have the eight megapixel ultra wide camera and the two megapixel macro camera in the bottom corner. Along with the two megapixel depth camera, putting the clear case on the back, it looks like it sits flush with the surface of the camera lenses, so it’s good that at least one part of this phone isn’t made from plastic, the 108 megapixel camera isn’t. The only highlight either there’s, also a huge 4 500 milliamp hour battery inside and the whole package is all less than 300 and if you live in a really hot place, you’ll be happy to know that the 6.

4 inch 1080p amoled display lasts for 24 seconds. Under the heat from my lighter and does recover, although if your outside temperature reaches 2000 degrees, you might have other things to worry about. Surprisingly, the roomy 8 pro also has an underscreen fingerprint scanner positioned low, just like the oneplus 9 pro i’ll. Add some level 7 deeper groove, scratches over the top of that optical sensor and, surprisingly, again, it’s still working this 300 budget smartphone’s fingerprint scanner beat out the 1 000 rog phone 5’s fingerprint scanner thumbs up for that. Finally, the bin test, an entirely plastic phone, does make me nervous, but structural integrity depends on how it’s made just as much as what it’s made from bending from the back. We do get some normal flex, but the eight pro locks out and does not crack or snap and bending from the front we get the same thing a little curvature, but no catastrophic damage. The realme 8 pro is a solid budget phone. I did hear one crack, but i don’t see any physical damage from the outside, so we’ll have to open her up to check on the insides and of course we got ta see how big that 108 megapixel samsung sensor is as well i’ll be giving away craig’s Two friends over on twitter, the illuminating, yellow and the infinite black. So if you want one of these phones just come, follow me over there and i’ll try not to draw frogs on them before i send them out, but no promises hit that subscribe button.