We’Ll be rounding out the best budget smartphones in the philippines that cost below 6 000 pesos. There are a lot of smartphones in this price bracket. In fact, each smartphone tries to one up the other with a specific feature, such as a very long battery life fast charging, a 48 megapixel primary camera or even a full hd display. So if you’re looking for a smartphone that doesn’t break the bam and checks some of your smartphone wishlist, then this is the vlog episode for you. So i know you’re excited as i am to find out which smartphones i’m talking about let’s, not wait any longer. Let’S get down to business because it’s about to get Music nasty Music Music from the most affordable to the most expensive here are the best budget smartphones in the philippines. Under 6, 000 pesos let’s start the list with the nokia 1.4 Music Music up. Next we have the xiaomi redmi nine Music Music. Then we have the huawei y6p Music, Music. The fourth smartphone on our list is the lenovo a8 Music completing the first five is the poco m3 Music Music. The sixth smartphone on our list is the realme c3 Music, followed by the realme c12 Music Music, and now we have the samsung galaxy a11 Music at number. Nine is the tecno puvua 4 pro Music Music Music. Last but not the least, we have the umidigi a9 pro Music Music here’s, a comparative price list of the 10 budget, smartphones below 6 000 pesos, Music, Music, Music.

Our best choice goes to the poco m3 Music Applause. Great alternative would be the xiaomi redmi. Nine Applause, Music, Applause, Music. So i hope you guys learned something from this vlog episode, as you saw there’s really a lot of smartphones to choose from on this price bracket and it’s really up to you, which you think best suits your needs and if there’s any take away, you don’t need To have lots of cash to be able to buy a decent smartphone, so thank you so much guys for tuning in. If you enjoyed watching this video don’t forget to give it a thumbs up.