This way, when you walk into a retail store, you have the first site comes up and they’re like hi. Can i help you and they come back and they check up on you? I don’t really like that. I don’t know, if you guys do just is what it is and uh the problem with the smartphone is that you have that in your hand, the whole time these algorithms, the the apps, that listen to you, then the market to you – is all about selling you Something and honestly, i got tired of it, plus uh distractions, uh. Your smartphone is a very good distractor and one of the best ones out there it’s not so much a phone as much as it’s a gaming system. A system watch movies youtube all that stuff. The fact is is that you know it’s it’s, very good at consuming your time, so i thought, okay, i would move on to a dumb phone. Initially, i wanted to do something like a nokia and i looked into nokia. I also looked into other flip phones. One of the well there are two problems i find with that. One uh 3g 2g phones are going to be coming obsolete here, pretty quick and the reason why is because they’re getting rid of the cell towers for that two texting when it comes to texting? You have to text with number system you can’t text using you know a touch screen most cases.

This actually has a text screen that allows you to actually type on the e ink screen itself and it’s kind of nice. That way. So with that being said, i got a light phone. It was about three hundred dollars when it’s said and done, and i bought it from and i’m using verizon as my provider. At the moment they do provide that they also offer the light phone on verizon. So there’s that did have a few problems. Switching over so initially what i did was. I took my my sim card from my verizon phone. I put into a light phone and this caused a few problems at first. I couldn’t text very well. I could get phone calls receive phone calls and put them out. That was fine. I could send texts, but i couldn’t receive them. So i called up the customer service that are really good. They helped out, they got it set up where i was actually sending receiving texts it’s good to go, but uh it took about 45 minutes to an hour. The reason was, i had to go to a higher security. Apparently, what happens is when you’ve got a sim card for a smart card or for a smartphone. It doesn’t work well, because there are a lot of bells and whistles on it. They have to literally break that code down to where it’s just talking text all right. So the second thing that comes up with problems is you have to get used to the delayed screen.

So this is e ink and with an e ink screen, it’s a little slower. As you see it took about a second for things to react. It takes a little bit of time and because of that uh you have to be a little more patient, whereas with the smartphone it’s, almost instantaneous, so there’s about a half. Second, second delay give or take with that, as you can see now you click on it. It takes a second for it to actually, you know, show what it’s doing so. That being said, let’s talk about now. I’Ve had this for about five weeks and five weeks time um, i actually really like it. I like it a lot when i’m at work i’m. Not distracted by games voicemail or you know, videos youtube that type of thing i’m, actually a lot less distracted. I actually tend to leave this behind at my desk. More often because i’m, not tracking my fitness i’ve, got a fitness watch. I use for that and it’s fine. So with that being said, um the phone is easily forgettable it’s. Also very small. I mean look at the size here. You know i got big hands and everything, but it fits in my hand, and you can put in your pocket it’s about as big as your wallet is just a little bigger than a credit card when it comes to height and width thickness. You know it’s it’s got a pretty decent thickness to it, but about the same as your average phone all right.

So with that being said, the reason why i really uh enjoy the phone is because, as i use it for work as a user for things at home, it it just works as a phone. When i go out to a restaurant i usually don’t even think about pulling my phone out to look at it, whereas if i have my old phone, i would do that. This is really breaking a lot of bad habits. Now there are a few drawbacks. Uh. First of all, you know, as i said, it has a touch screen, but it doesn’t have predictive text. So when you actually type something you’re going to have to go ahead and type it all up, you know it doesn’t actually bring the words up for you. It also doesn’t do autocorrect, but there is a nice little feature to it, which is the fact that you can actually click on the screen and move the cursor, and you can correct it versus just click back back back back back, like you would, with flip phone. Another problem too, as i said, is that when i use my my headset with a microphone one of these guys here, um it can connect to bluetooth. It does that just fine i’ve used my bluetooth, uh, earpieces and stuff with it to listen to music we’ll talk about that later and it works okay, but the headphones don’t necessarily work well with calls so it’s, better just put on speaker in that situation.

That way, you can type while you’re using the phone. Another thing too, with the phone is the fact that um uploading music is it’s, not terrible, but it’s just it’s a process. So what happens is uh? You have to download your music onto your computer or your old phone. I use a deck system so i’m, actually using my old phone right now. As my laptop and i put my music on there and you have to take it from your computer and you upload it on and they convert it down to a lower, you know file size and they upload to your phone, takes a little bit of time To do that, sometimes it doesn’t do it right away, and when i do that, what i do is i tend to turn it off. Wait a second and turn it back on and that takes roughly about 45 seconds. I would say to turn the phone off and then turn it back on so that’s. You know you have to use the website. Do that if you want to add podcasts to it, you have to go on. Look at the podcast see if it’s offered at the lifelong dashboard, so is actually another issue with their website. So you do everything in black and white. They use white type on black and white pictures. Where you don’t see everything i don’t. You know. I understand why they’re doing it, they want to seem sleek and you know very minimalistic, so they’re not using a lot of color on their website.

But honestly, if you’re not paying attention, you know you might miss a word or something like that: it’s, not exactly the best choice. Maybe they should have chosen a different color than black and white, just anything to kind of stand up from screen from a sales point of view, uh it’s always good to use some like red. You know, because that always stands out pretty well so that’s a website issue, it’s, not really a phone issue, so talking on the phone is not so bad. I actually tend to use my my speaker on it more often, and this speaker works out really well, the phones usually pick up the saw. You know the quality of the sound well, unless you cover the microphone, it looks like that’s right down here at the bottom. Uh, the other one too. This is a micro, usb connection. Uh some people say it’s a negative i’m fine, because it only takes about 20 minutes or something to fully well. I always charge it before it’s at the bottom, so i can’t really say how long, but it doesn’t take very long to charge. So when it comes to randomizing music, does it pretty well the amount of songs on there? I think it’s, like one gigabyte on there, it’s not very much it’s, even that much honestly of um, but it works out pretty well um, i’m saying i’m a lot. I apologize so features on here. Uh calculator, alarm, clock, podcasts, you know pretty basic stuff uh.

You can have music on there and you have to upload that stuff. I find that actually, the podcasts are okay. I don’t listen to podcast release, so i’ve used the feature once i’m outside cleaning the art or something like that, whereas with my old phone i’d, usually just pop something on youtube um and then when it comes to music, i use it all the time in the Car now this does not connect to my car’s bluetooth, but i do have an aux cord and on the top they have an aux port. You can actually connect it to your carpet as an aux board, so that works so well, just like those old cd players. If you’ve got a cassette player in your car, you can just throw on that fake tape thing. So that being said, it’s been five weeks and i really like the bone. I like how it works. It’S, simple, it’s sleek. I can carry a name where i forget about it all the time when i’m out eating with people i don’t pay attention to it. There are certain you know. I have limited selection of ringtones and notification tones for texts, it’s, not bad. It works out pretty well. The alarm clock is really nice and then finally, let’s talk about the e ink screen whenever you’re working with a cell phone today, they use a lot of light and in the morning, when you’re, turning off your alarm clock, this thing does light up and when it Lights up, you know it’s it’s, not overly bright, where i’ll blind you, okay.

What it will do, though, is it’ll. Let you know what’s happening problem is at the bottom. They only got this little section here, that’s, where you click to go ahead and uh get out of something or to turn off the alarm clock when you are doing texting. For example, when i go into this one right here on this side, they got the phone on that side. They got the text and then you can close it oops and um. I just called someone so there you go the biggest thing with the two is when you’re taking a look at the actual texting screen, it’s a really small keyboard, but it works out pretty well and it reacts just fine. You know that’s how it is. You can change it to numbers, you can change it to different characters, but you will not be able to send photos and you will not be able to send well, you might be able to send emojis. I don’t know how to do that. So with that being said, this is basic phone. I like it and if you’re thinking about buying one just prepare to kind of deal with that whole withdrawal of not having your phone there to do. Internet searching and stuff like that and let’s, be honest.