This is nirmal here and in this video we’re gon na do a detailed review of the vivo x60 pro. So vivo has launched his flagship device. The x60 pro with amazing features actually it’s really good in terms of hardware. It is being offered it has the qualcomm snapdragon 870 octa core processor uh. The cameras have been made in partnership or rather co engineered with the zeiss optics, and it is a really premium device with the amoled 120 hertz super shade. So it has a top of the line hardware, so we’re going to talk about how good the device performs in real time. So we have been using this device for almost two weeks, and this is our detailed review of the vivo x60 pro so before getting started. If this is your first time on, this channel do hit that red subscribe button and also hit the bell icon to get notified of all the videos we publish so let’s begin. So first let’s have a look at the design and build quality. Now, if you look at the design of the vivo x60 pro, the design has to be one of the standout aspect about this device. It’S an extremely good looking device out there. It is made of glass, and this is a one of the standing designs out there in terms of camera placement. The overall uh look and feel it’s just 7.57 mm in thickness, it’s, extremely thin and lightweight as well: it’s, just 177 grams in weight, so it’s a very a lightweight device in terms of usage and the in hand feel is also really impressive.

Now the back panel is made of ag glass with a satin finish, which actually looks really great and the dual coloring the gradient coloring gives it a good feel altogether and uh. If you look at the camera placement and the led flash and the overall design elements, it looks really great in terms of overall fit and finish, and the oral build quality also looks really great. It is made of glass finishing on the back, as i said before, it has gorilla glass, 6 protection on the back panel. Now the front panel design is again something which is really impressive. You get a punch, hole, selfie, camera, very small punch, hole and looks really bright and vivid, and the curved display also gives it a premium feel altogether. The in display fingerprint scanner and the bezels are kept to be extremely minimal. So this gives a good in hand, feel and overall build quality and fit and finish and the design elements are extremely nice on this device. So the front glass is also protected, uh against scratches so we’ll talk about that later. When we talk about the display so overall it’s one of the best uh looking device out there in terms of design aspect, extremely thin, lightweight and easy to use it, there is no compromise in terms of build quality or design aspect. So that’s one of the great aspects about the vivo x60 pro next let’s move on to the display. Now this device comes out with a 6.

59 inches full hd plus resolution display – and this is a name only display with 120 hertz refreshing now. This is one of the great aspects about the device it’s an extremely smooth display, great colors, good viewing angles enable display being one of the highlights of this device and 120 hertz refresh rate makes it even more smoother, so display is great. The outdoor visibility is great. The brightness levels are also impressive and also uh. The touch response is extremely smooth and on top of that, this device has the short sensation: uh a glass protection, so that means you’re protected against scratches happening uh when you’re using the device so that’s again. Another good thing so, overall, this device has a really good display. Uh 120hz differentiate and amole display brings in great features all together now moving on to the software. So when it comes to software, the vivo x60 pro comes with android 11 out of the box, and this is on top of one touch. Os 11. now fun touch is vivo’s custom ui now over the last couple of years view has done a really good job. In terms of optimizing uh, the funder choice and the fund touch os 11 version looks really good. It has the app drawer. It has a lot of additional options being offered a lot of customizations and team support. Is there now in terms of software features, it offers a plethora of options like the dynamic effects.

Uh, you can customize the effects for fingerprint animation charging animation face, unlock ambient light effect. Then display you get the dark mode. You can change the screen colors. Then you also get options to change the themes and additional options and tools, including the ultra game mode uh. Then s capture mode, quick action, smart motion, so a lot of things are included in this device, so it’s a well built ui and uh extremely optimized. Ui. Now, when we did the performance testing, one thing we came across is that the funded choice is highly optimized in terms of memory management and even app opening was really fast with the qualcomm snapdragon 870 chip. So one of the drastic improvements in terms of ui experience has been the fun touch, os 11 version. It feels really smooth overall now moving on to the performance, so this device is powered by the qualcomm snapdragon 870 chip with 12 gigs of ram and 256 gigs of storage. Now the qualcomm snapdragon 870 is an upgraded version of the 865. So 870 is better than 865 in terms of overall scores as well in terms of performance as well. Now this device comes with lpddr4x ram and ufs 3.1 storage support, which means read and write speeds are really great and, as a result, the app performance is really good. Now, one of the things where vivo x60 pro impresses is the gaming test. Now we have already uploaded a gaming test and we found that the gaming performance is stellar on this device with the qualcomm snapdragon 870 chip and 12 gigs of ram.

The gaming was extremely smooth and on top of that there was absolutely no heating issues and it was uh. The heating was well under control and we did not see any sort of stutters or lags on this device. So if you are looking for a gaming device, this is one of the good devices out there with extremely good performance in terms of gaming as well. Now, next uh let’s talk about uh the fingerprint scanner and face unlock so uh. This device comes with an in display fingerprint scanner and vivo has been one of the pioneer in terms of fingerprint scanner experience, and here also, you get an extremely fast fingerprint scanner uh. This is one of the fastest out there and even in terms of face unlock. Also, we found that the face unlock is extremely responsive and unlocks in a fraction of a second, so that’s one of the good things about this device. So it is uh really fast in terms of face face unlock, as well as fingerprint scanner performance now in terms of uh sound output. This device comes with really good speaker performance extremely loud, and the sound output is also really impressive. Now in terms of call quality. Uh, this device supports a dual sim card: a dual volte and uh dual 4g. Is there you also get voiceover wi fi carrier aggregation? Is there and also this device is 5g enabled? This means you can? Whenever 5g comes in india, you can use this device with 5g network that’s, also uh supported so that’s that’s, again an added advantage, especially with 5g coming pretty soon in india, so that’s the call quality and we tested with the jio and vodafone network, and we did Not see any sort of issues, in fact it was really good in terms of signal strength and even the calling was really impressive.

Now moving on to the next and the most important aspect, the cameras. So this device comes with a triple camera setup and this is a primary 48 megapixel uh sensor, and this is uh co engineered with zeiss optics. So when it comes to uh camera optics, one of the names that stands out is the zeiss. So we have seen that zeiss is one of the really pioneers in terms of camera, lenses and optics. So avivo has partnered with zeiss optics to bring in some really great features. It comes with improved gimbal, uh, stabilization 2.0, extreme night vision 2.0, and you also get the zeiss uh biotar portrait mode. Also, those things are included here, so camera hardware has has to be one of the really great aspect. It also has a vis uh, five axis stabilization and the improved gimbal stabilization 2.0 brings in some extreme stabilization. Even if you uh run with the camera. The stabilization has been really impressive, that’s one of the things about this device, so cameras are the most important aspect. They are the co engineered with the zeiss optics now we’ll just have a look at some of the camera samples here taken uh with zeiss optics. What brings in more clarity and more sharpness levels, and you can actually see in the daylight shots extremely good quality. The the color reproduction is also impressive. You can see that the sharpness levels are great and overall detailing also looks great.

The 48 megapixel sensor brings in it’s actually custom made sensor with a co engineered with a size object, so it brings in the best camera. You can get at this price segment, so uh camera has been one of the important aspect now. It also comes with a 13 megapixel ultra wide angle, uh sensor, and it provides some really great ultra wide capabilities and again here. Also, you can see that the sharpness levels and details are really impressive. Now the 13 megapixel telephoto lens or the portrait lens brings in some really impressive macros. So the details and color reproduction of the macros is one of the best in this price segment. You can see the details it brings in and the portrait mode also works really well on this device. So, overall, if you look at the daylight shots, it has come really impressive. Now, if you look at the low light experience, this is where the extreme night vision 2.0 brings in some impressive low light capabilities, and you can see that uh once you turn on the extreme night vision mode 2.0, the details are really impressive: noise levels are kept To minimal and you can br, you can get a lot of details with the camera. So here are some samples were taken in the extreme low light conditions and they have come really good. Now the most important thing, as i said before, the gimbal stabilization 2.0 and you can see that it really reflection reflects in the camera abilities the video recording you get: 4k 30 fps, 4k, 60 fps, 1080p, 60 and 30 fps.

You get slow motion ultra wide angle load, so you get good camera abilities. Video recording is stellar with the 5 axis stabilization and the gimbal 2.0 stabilization. So, overall, if you look at the camera aspect, it is one of the best you can get in terms of video recording, as well as our daylight captures uh extreme night vision and also the portrait mode along with macros. Now it also comes with a 32 megapixel selfie camera, the punch called selfie camera, which works really well, and you can see that the selfies are really good in terms of sharpness levels. You can zoom in and see the details available and even the portrait selfies also looks really impressive, so camera has to be one of the stellar aspects about the vivo x60 pro and, if you’re looking for the best camera experience. Definitely this is recommended device in this price segment. Finally, moving on to the battery life, so this device comes with a 4200 mah capacity battery with 33 watt fast charging included. Now the fast charging is really fast. In fact, this took just one hour to charge the device which is really impressive and the battery performance is against stellar. We got around six and a half to seven hours of screen on time on a single usage which is really impressive for a flagship device with 4200 mah capacity battery and uh. The usage was mixed with one sim card, which is connected to wi, fi and 4g network, and we used the device for like 45 to 50 minutes of gaming.

Social media usage browsing calls everything mixer usage. We got around six and a half to seven hours of battery life, which is uh really good, and i would say that is impressive, but again the battery life depends upon person to person, so it might vary based on your usage, so our usage, we got close To seven hours of battery life, which is really impressive for a flagship device, so now summing up, how good is the vivo x60 pro so vivo x60? Pro is one of the really good devices out there, and this is price 49 triple line and at this price segment this makes really great in terms of a flagship experience. The design and build quality is stellar, great stunning design and extremely slim and light waste too. So there is no compromise on the design. Now, if you look at the display also it has an amoled display, 120 hertz, refresh rate. So again top of the line. Hardware included now performance. You get the qualcomm snapdragon 870 chip, 12 gigs of ram and 256 gigs of storage. Ufs 3.1 support extremely good gaming performance. Then software experience is good. Exceptional camera performance, the best we have tested till now and it’s really good in terms of camera experience and the battery life, as i said before is good. So if you ask me what are the cons of device it’s hard to pick a con actually, having used the device for two weeks uh, we can’t really list out any major cons.

Probably, if you want to nitpick, you can tell that there is no wireless charging or ip rating, but again, at this price segment you don’t see too many devices. Even the flagship devices do not have ip rating uh nor wireless charging at this price segment. So those are not major major cons as of now, but if you want to nitpick, you can say that these two features are not there, but again they are not mainstream features now for 49. This makes seriously good value for money because, if you’re looking for a flagship device, absolutely there is no compromise with the vivo x60 pro apart from this, vivo is also providing x league, which is a package of three premium offers, one of which is platinum. Service experience. That’S 24×7 exclusive calling line for uh the customers, then extra care that’s, two years warranty one year of extended warranty, and apart from that, you also get complimentary three months, amazon prime subscription. So these are the three offers included under the x leak.