This even more a lot more let’s inspect, welcome really nice to meet you. My name is michael and if we see each other for the first time, maybe you can consider subscribing to the channel, because very often we expect cool tech here. I guess this passion for examining gadgets has brought me here with you and the brilliant new me 11 ultra. So yes, this video is going to be entirely devoted to the me 11 ultra and this phenomenal flagship. I think it would be fair to call it the smartphone, with the best spec camera and the best performance and the greatest hardware specifications of the year, because i really doubt there’s going to be a device topping this up but we’re here to find out whether this Entire package of hardware and software is good enough to justify the label flagship of the ear before we continue quick disclaimer this device. You know the me level utter has been sent to me by xiaomi they’re not going to receive the chance of seeing the video before it goes online and i’ll make sure to highlight all the good. Whoever also all the bad sides of the mi 11 ultra know that there are too many weak points, but i managed to find some so we’re going to talk about all of that now before i continue because we usually discuss a lot about the hardware i’m, not Going to be able to show you the true unboxing procedure, because by the time i received the unit, the retail box was not ready yet.

But what i can confirm for sure is that it’s going to include a charger it’s going to be a 67 watt charger. We’Ll talk about the battery and the charging in just a moment now before diving into the hardware part just to show you the wallpaper of this device, because it does have a very important role. Now. This here is k1, one of the toughest peaks to climb and xiaomi have placed this here on purpose, and i think this fact alone shows enough of their commitment to make this smartphone the best flagship of 2021 let’s begin with the performance. What can we say now? The fastest cpu and gpu of 2021, with the geeky3 phase, cooling technology that boosts thermal conductivity by hundred percent 12 gigabytes of ddr5 ram i’m. Of course, being a little sarcastic here, because you probably are sick of hearing about the coolest specs. But they are here and truly shine if you wonder whether facebook messenger twitter and youtube work well, of course they do. You will experience the best performance in the industry. That’S, not the point. The point is that heavy intensive tasks like rendering a video or playing games – it will be a lot more efficient than most other phones, even if they are flagships. I think it’s needless to say that snapdragon, as architecture, has a lot better performance as compared to exynos. That samsung is utilizing in most parts of europe and the cooling inside eliminates throttling.

I was able to notice an improvement compared to the regular mi 11, which i tested a few weeks ago and is a very fast smartphone. Anyways me, 11 ultra is also a great smartphone for gaming. Yes, you can see it has phenomenal grip, and probably this huge camera bump helps a little bit now. I can hold it like it’s. The first smartphone like that it’s kind of risky don’t, do it at home or don’t, do it outside, because if it drops on the ground, nobody knows what’s gon na happen. Well, options are two but that’s another story. So in terms of gaming. Besides the good grip, this phenomenal sound quality and the display. I really believe that in the past, maybe six seven months, xiaomi have released a few devices with some brilliant displays and i’ve been praising. The me 11 already about its perfectly tuned amoled screen it’s very similar 120 hertz panel, with amazing colors contrast and sharpness. Also, speaking of feeling in the hand, usually, your fingers will be supporting the back in a way that it won’t touch the camera. With my older oneplus 8 pro, this was always dramatic because everyday i had to wipe the camera lens small things, but when it comes to day to day usage, they make a big difference. The other thing which is great for me, are the buttons positioning i like them being on the same side, because last year i have created like 96 screenshots, without really wanting to now.

I know why most of you are watching this, the camera or the many cameras in the past years. The software processing has stepped up its game and often compensates hardware imperfections, but a large sensor and good optics will always give you better results inside this phone there’s. Another component, which is kind of revolutionary and it’s the main image sensor. So i decided to make this little piece of paper it’s, not the actual sensor, it’s it’s, just a gimmick, but you can guess about the size i’m. Just going to put it here on the white surface, so this is this is actually how big the image sensor behind the main camera is and that’s revolutionary a lot you know most of the camera sensors are usually half that big. We talk about around 100 square millimeter of surface, which is supposed to capture the light and in terms of size, the sensor inside is almost as big as the sensor inside my secondary camera, the sony’s ev1. So inside this phone, one of the cameras is almost as good and big as the sony zv1, with a major difference, the processing by the miui app, which is insanely good. This is why, without additional processing, photos like this, one are taken with the phone and would look a lot better than on the camera, video as well, especially in dark. You may wonder: how is this possible well that’s. The power of ai, combined with software that today’s smartphone have here are two photo samples.

Let’S play this game. Tell me in the comments which one do you prefer number one or number two look closely take a look at the details: sharpness contrast, color saturation, which one is better. Some video samples and it’s gon na be side by side with another flagship so which one do you like more number one or number two comment below. Let me know i also obviously compared the camera against my older daily driver, the oneplus 8 pro, while i’m still waiting to get my hands on the oneplus 9 pro in bright conditions. Differences are hard to notice. That was a kind of expected, although, thanks to the larger image sensor in the mi 11 ultra, we can see nicer natural bokeh with portraits. Always the natural shallow depth of field is much better, not that it is entirely optical. Here, of course, with the portraits there will be some softer processing in post, but it tends to look quite natural in some of my previous reviews of midi devices. I’Ve stated many times that, in my opinion, the miui camera app is the best stock camera app, and you can check how many great functions it has, including the pro video modes which i’m such a fan of, and this special all camera mode available with the me11 Ultra there’s, even a log mode which is recording videos in special mode, which allows preserving more details in the highlights and the black areas and allows a lot better, color grading in post production.

I think the statement that me 11 ultra is as good as some professional cameras already is true and the ois, the variety of cameras and the processing are mind blowing. In a nutshell, main camera is based on the samsung gn2 sensor, as we stated, the largest in the industry at this moment – 50 megapixels capacity and it’s – something that samsung have announced just a few weeks ago. So it will certainly be among the best of the year and i’m sure that the camera will get further performance improvements in the coming weeks. The ultra wide angle sensor is imx 586 by sony, which is another flagship sensor, a bunch of 2020, some 2019 flagships used. It as a primary sensor so that well explains the phenomenal quality of the ultra wide angle camera and then we have a telephoto camera with a little darker optics, but again it utilizes the imx586 sensor and it’s brilliant okay enough about all these cameras – and i think You’Ve seen enough, so if you do have more questions or you do have some requests about what you want me to test in the future, then please make sure to comment below and also you can request any of the images that i’ve shown throughout this episode. I can provide to you the bro original file so that you can see them in depth, because i know the youtube compression is changing and it’s, taking away a lot of the quality now going further, because this smartphone has a bunch of additional amazing qualities.

It is waterproof as a starter, dropping it inside water shouldn’t be a problem. The build quality is amazing. All the cuts, especially the areas around the speakers they look stunning. The most interesting characteristic is, of course, the rear display it supports always on you can use it as a way to always show the time it can help with notification alerts and also preview selfies. Under the hoods we mentioned about the performance, we didn’t really talk about. The connectivity it’s again ultra good design, dual 5g support latest and greatest from the currently available mobile technologies. 5G in my country, is just rolling out. So it was a good opportunity to make a test. Call performance is great supports not only 5g, of course, lte 3g networks, they’re widely supported great quality and a speaker that can be really loud from the remaining hot topics. Battery life is really decent. 5 000 milliampere hours in a flagship are not something to be underestimated. It will last for a day, maybe day and a half, sometimes even up to 2 days. If you are performing some battery friendly tweaks, the unique part is with the charging there’s a 67 watt fast charging technology deployed. It can get your battery from zero to 100. Within 36 minutes – and there also is the wireless charging, which is the greatest upgrade here, allowing the phone to get charged within about the same time. All of that takes a newly developed technology, utilizing a 30 volt based integrated circuit.

As for the software, the xiaomi flavored miui skin, with tons of customizations and useful features in short, it’s, pure android, with the xiaomi developed skin a lot more tweaks than the stock android, and some minor modifications like button customization modes, easy password, sharing themes, security, enhancements display Calibration and so on, the greatest news about miui is that it’s getting regular software updates for quite a long time. You can count on it being supported for at least two or three years now at the end, are there any things that i didn’t quite like? In fact, there are a few first of all it’s, rather heavy at 234 grams without a case it’s among the heaviest in its class. Apparently, this huge camera bump and the secondary display contribute to that, meaning that if you use the phone with a case, it’s gon na feel really bulky. Secondly, switching between the cameras, while zooming in or out is still quite obvious and there are notable color changes. I believe that in time xiaomi may smoothen this, but right now, with the very first version of the software, you can well notice it also the front camera it’s, just very good, not ultra good, looks like xiaomi’s main idea is to let people do more often selfies Captured by the rear sensors and using the secondary display as a reference, so selfie camera audio quality. This is what we test and very dynamic environment. You can see that here in the woods with direct sunlight, it’s, really difficult for the exposure to get automatically adjusted.

I think the front camera does pretty well, and you can tell me in the comments what you think about the sounds so clearly. The me11 ultra well justifies its name, starting with the fact that it has the largest ever image sensor placed inside a smartphone, which i guess contributes a lot to. This amazing result that dxo mark’s testing has given to the m11 ultra. You know it got the highest ranking ever i’m really curious. If, if it’s going to stay untouched until the end of the year, it has one of the most efficient cooling technologies for a flagship. Obviously, there are some gaming smartphones with different implementations, but for a flagship yeah, it really is among the best uh. We have one of the fastest wired charging technologies, one of the fastest. Actually, it is the fastest wireless charging technology, an amazing, sound tuned by harman kardon, and all these other amazing features that we talked about in the past few minutes and i think at the end there’s only one big relevant question. We can ask about the mi 11 ultra it’s about the price, because in europe right now it costs 1200 euro and i’m wondering. Are you ready to give 1200 euro for such unprecedented flagship or you have another plan? Let me know what you think about it. In the comment section below and also share your opinion about the camera and the rest of the features – and i would very much appreciate if you support the channel hit the like, if you enjoyed this episode, you can subscribe for more tech inspections.