Uh phones, like the galaxy a72 and redmi note 10, and this one right here, the narso 30a. All of them have been tested by my team, so a huge shout out to them and by the way, the phones that i have been personally testing for the past couple of weeks has to be the redmi note, 10 pro max and the galaxy a52 and their Reviews will be out very soon also. I have been thinking of making a comparison, video between them. So do let me know in the comments below what do you think about that anyways today’s video is about the nalsa 30a it’s, a budget phone that retails for just 9000 in india and it packs a pretty capable gaming chipset and an exciting design. But you might be wondering if it makes more sense to invest a little more in phones like the redmi 9 power or the redmi note 10. And that is exactly what i’m going to tell you in this video. But before that, need to pay off his pills. With this short message from my sponsor skillshare skillshare is more than just a learning platform. It is a community of compassionate teachers and students that will help you hone your skill and learn something entirely new. With its massive catalogue of bite, size classes acquiring a new skill. Has never been this easy from animation coding, photography to marketing there’s, something for everyone. Classes are organized based on parameters like your personal skill, set length, etc, so one can get started right away.

Furthermore, you can learn on the go with the skillshare mobile app as well. So hurry up and sign up to skillshare to enhance your skill set the first thousand to click. The link given in the description will get a free trial of skillshare premium membership, so realme’s thinking, while developing the narso 30a, is to provide great performance at a budget price and for that they have paired this phone with mediatex helio g85 chipset, which we all know Is a pretty competent gaming first chipset here the naso 30a gets either 3 or 4 gb of lpddr4x ram and 32 or 64gb of internal storage. My unit is of 332gb configuration, but if you are thinking of buying this device, i highly suggest that you go for the 464 gb variant, because 32gb internal storage is simply not enough, as the os itself here occupies around 14 gb space anyway. Throughout my usage, i’ve encountered multiple instances when the phone could not handle many apps. In the background, this is not a frequent issue, though, and definitely not something that would make me say, install light version of apps it’s just that if you regularly tend to juggle through multiple apps at a time, the phone will take a second to keep up. On few occasions now, moving on to gaming, i played a few games and got a respectable performance. You can crank the settings to hd graphics and high frame rates in pubg mobile, and this results in fairly smooth gameplay.

The rare instances of slide stutters under these settings were absolutely excusable, but if you want the best pubg mobile experience, you’d want to set the graphics to smooth and frame rate to ultra. After about 20 minutes of gaming, the phone got 242 degree celsius, cpu and 36 degree celsius battery temperature, which feels warm to touch but not scorchingly hot additionally call of duty, mobile maxes out at medium graphics and high frame rates and it’s smooth sailing. Here, too, with zero starters or lags similarly mobile legends. Bang bang is equally playable at high graphics, with shadow damage, decks and other visual enhancements turned on. After around 30 minutes of gameplay, the nazo 38 delivered a comparable thermal performance too. However, the software side of things are not that exciting, though the phone still runs on realme ui 1.0, based on android 10, with android 11 based realme, ui 2.0 schedule for third quarter of 2021, and this is one thing real me really needs to improve, because i’ve Seen a lot of users complain about the lack of updates on realme phones, so i think it’s about time that realme commits to provide a faster roadmap when it comes to software updates. In this case, samsung has absolutely nailed it with 3 years of os update and 4 years of security updates, even in their budget and mid range phones now coming to the design to set it. Apart from the competition, realme has historically leaned towards providing a distinct design, and that tradition follows suit with the narso 30a as well.

Its painted texture on this plastic body looks quite unique and feels relatively compact in the hand compared to the redmi 9 power, but only slightly so, but it still is a considerably heavy phone and definitely not for those who prefer something lightweight for biometrics. There’S, a traditional fingerprint scanner at the back. It is pretty fast and therefore never had me going for the face unlock alternative. All things considered, the naso 38 gets a point in terms of design. The button clicks nice and even though it’s by no means a compact phone, i find it sitting snugly in my hand, while i am in peace with the phone’s design, the display is where it has. Let me down at a time when its arch enemy xiaomi is stepping up the game by providing a full hd screen at a similar price point. The hd display on realme does not look very good. Consequently, watching videos on the narso 30a is an underwhelming experience. Likewise, the nasa 30a is just wide wide l3 certified restricting you to sub hd content streaming only. Furthermore, even though youtube force enables 1080p resolution on this, 720p screen there’s little improvement in the picture quality itself with the content. Looking slightly over sharpened, i noticed its color science, leaning on the cool side of things. Thankfully, you can adjust the screen color temperature from the settings. Also, i find its viewing angles to be tad bit subpar. Looking at this display from the side, you will likely notice a drop in saturation level, so i simply cannot recommend this phone to those with content consumption in mind.

Apart from this for casual web browsing and similar use cases, naso 38 screen will not disappoint. It can get plenty bright indoors, although, given its budget nature, it will struggle outdoors. Okay, now let’s get into the cameras. Ryomi has gone with a classic camera layout on the nasa 38. While you may mistake it for a triple camera arrangement. The phone has two lenses at the back: a 13 megapixel primary and a 2 megapixel portrait sensor: okay, compared to the 48 megapixel primary camera on the redmi nine power, the normal daytime images from the nasa 30a lack behind in terms of details. While i personally do not prefer the high saturation on redmi 9 powers photos, it does generate more popping colors. You can turn on chroma boost for the same on nasa 38, though in some instances the phone also over sharpens the images portrait images share a similar story in terms of color reproduction as well, but the ones from redmi 9 power underexposes the subjects by a bit Making them look a little dark. On the other hand, narso 30a has a relatively cool color temperature and a more digestible result in terms of edge detection. Both phones are on par with each other. Here the redmi 9 power wins out in terms of regular night time and night mode shots its photos retain better details and dynamic range, while narso 30a’s pictures tend to look soft and hazy. More importantly, if you’re shooting in an environment with direct light sources, the images from the narso 30a will fall victim to rapid lens flare.

Moving on selfie images share a similar story: redmi 9 power’s 8 megapixel selfie shooter managers to deliver better dynamic range and details compared to the 8 megapixel sensor on the nasa 38 redmi 9 power overpowers, the portrait selfie shots with high contrast as well in terms of Videos both phones max out at 1080p 30fps recordings from both the front and back cameras. I found the narso 30a being able to capture relatively superior footages. In both instances, the redmi 9 power has worst dynamic range and exposure control when it comes to battery life. The narso 30a is a champ thanks to its 6000mah cell. I was consistently able to get around 7 to 7.5 hours of screen on time on this phone and that’s, including multiple sessions of continuous gaming as well. So if you’re someone who does not game a lot, it will easily last you for a couple of days charging this phone is quite slow, though the 18 watt fast charger included inside the box, takes almost 3 hours and 10 minutes to take the nasa 30a from 2 to 100. Likewise, the audio is not that bad either. It does not have a stereo speaker like the redmi 9 power, but the sound output is pretty good. It gets loud enough and it’s more suitable for listening to podcast or other similar acoustic content. In conclusion, i feel like the naruto 30a is an under achieving phone on many fronts. It comes with a compromise, 720p screen, dual cameras and an under powerful 332 gb starting model, and the phone still runs on android 10, with the android 11 update being scheduled.

So late and although it does have a few redeeming qualities like its gaming capabilities and its battery life at the end of the day, you get almost everything better by just cashing in a couple of thousand more for the redmi note 10.. So that was all for our review of the narso 30a we’re, coming up with a lot of phone reviews in the next couple of weeks.