So if you missed that make sure you check it out and make sure you keep an eye out for our full reviews, Music, this phone’s display is very good it’s, a 6.55 inch 1080p oled panel with a 120 hertz refresh rate it’s got a hole, punch cut Out up top – and it is completely flat – unlike the 9 pro and last year’s oneplus 8.. It goes without saying that this display is nice to look at and use it’s, crisp and colorful, and there are a nice selection of adjustments that you can make so that it looks and performs the way you want it to. As you should know, oneplus phones are known for their performance and with these specs there’s, no doubt the oneplus 9 will continue. That trend it’s very fast, very smooth and very powerful in pretty much every aspect. It’Ll handle everything you put it through all the games. All the apps, all the multitasking – everything it’s nice not having to spend a thousand dollars to get flagship level performance. The oneplus 9 comes equipped with an insane 65 watt charging capability which, according to oneplus, is good enough to charge your phone from zero to 100. In just under half an hour, this is perfect for those moments when you need some extra juice and you don’t have a lot of time to be tethered to a wall outlet or even a power bank and it’s great that you actually get the wall adapter with The phone, so you can take advantage of this out the box.

The 9 may not have the same 50 watt wireless charging capability that the pro has, but it can still wirelessly charge at 15 watts, which is definitely not bad at all, say what you want about. The hype surrounding the hasselblad partnership – i think the oneplus 9 – has some really good cameras from the excellent color calibration, the pro mode being able to shoot 12 bit dng raw files to the minimal distortion in the upgraded ultrawide lens and the video shooting capabilities. There’S. A lot to like here what these cameras produce can absolutely keep up with the competition in most ways, while it’s not the only game in town. The oneplus 9 offers great value, starting at 729, with everything that i’ve already mentioned. In addition to everything else, it has to offer, especially on the software side of things, with oxygen os. This phone provides more than enough for average consumers and enthusiasts alike. It offers a really nice blend of power and features for what you’re paying before we move on. To the not so great things, i just wanted to give a shout out to this video sponsor dbrand. They make all kinds of awesome, looking skins for all kinds of devices and i’ve been using them on a ton of my different devices, especially phones with glossy backs. I can’t stand smudges and fingerprints. You can check out all of their skins. You can check out their cases and screen protectors using the very first link down below so for the not so great stuff we’re back at the cameras.

Unfortunately, the main camera does not have optical image stabilization and instead sports, just electronic stabilization there’s, no telephoto lens within this camera array, which takes away from the overall camera experience versatility, and there are some other intangibles like image processing that may not be to everyone’s liking. You can read more details about the cameras in our full written review by ryan and it’s linked below just like the 9 pro the 9’s fingerprint scanner is in a not so great spot, it’s, not something you can’t get used to, but it will require a little Shimmy or some adjustment, depending on how you hold your phone in order to get the perfect scan ryan, pointed out that the eighties scanner is 26 millimeters from the edge, whereas the 999 pros are just seven millimeters from the bottom it’s very interesting. Another interesting thing about the 9 is that its frame is plastic. The back is still made of glass, but the plastic frame does take a little away from the premium feel it could have had. I can’t exactly label the phone cheap feeling, but it is noticeable and you won’t experience that nice cold feel you get with a metal frame, it’s, not the end of the world, but it is worth mentioning. Unfortunately, oneplus has become notorious for how they handle software updates and, like i said in the nine pro video oneplus commitment of two years of os updates three years of security updates security patches every two months and overall inconsistency and not the highest quality of updates.

Doesn’T. Exactly make for a great track record, this is definitely something to think about when getting a oneplus device, and hopefully oneplus can improve things with updates. Moving forward, if you’re on att and you’re hoping for 5g i’ve got some bad news for you, oneplus has confirmed that these new phones will not work with the 5g network from a t now, you’re good, if you’re on t mobile and support on verizon is confirmed. It’S worth noting this, if you’re looking for 5g, especially as 5g performance, sees improvement because well it will at some point if you don’t care for 5g, then you’re good. Just keep this in mind.