This is a retail unit that i had purchased from amazon, and here it just says: oneplus 9 pro 5g. But the thing is that they say 5g 5g, but the 5g is just two bands on the 5g version sold in india and the international variant has more than 12 bands of 5g. But the indian variant has only two bands just be aware, and the big hype is that it’s co branded by hasselblad. So they say that the camera is really improved. We’Ll have a look at it and here it is and guys uh. It comes in two variants: uh, the one is the that eight gigabyte variant that i purchased, that comes for 65 000, and then we have one more variant that comes with 12 gigabytes of ram, that has 256 gb of storage that’s for 70, 000., pretty big box And again, this h has to blood branding quite a bit on this one. The regular oneplus 9 is for about 50 000, guys so that’s what we have and we have the handset itself. I opted for this black color variant, guys so let’s open this up and i’m hoping it’s matte. Oh yes, it is matte because uh guys uh uh, the other color, the silver one that has been shown a lot on. Other videos is actually a guy is very glossy, a fingerprint magnet. So i like this guys uh. This is nice and it’s, not jet black, but i like it as you can see, and we also have the hasselblad branding and the oneplus logo is here.

We’Ll. Look at the handset uh and the first impression guys i thought would be super super heavy uh because it’s having a 6.7 inch screen but it’s, not that heavy guys, i think so it weighs under 200 grams, so looks nice. Actually, i thought it would be way more. Heavier anyways, uh let’s see what else so this is. We have a lot of things in this one. So let’s open this. Oh so we do get a case so that’s nice. So we get a black color case and it’s a rubber case and i have to say uh. The quality of the case is good guys, so they didn’t cheap out on this one. So i liked it – and it has a texture here, but here it is smooth and it says that never settles so that’s nice let’s expect that and we have a lot of paperwork. Your sim ejector tool is over here: safety, information, quick start guide, uh, the red club, the highest sr, values, etc, and all this thing so this r values for india, guys it’s, 1.1 and 0.91. So a lot of paperwork and also some stickers. So i’ll just keep these things to the side for here and uh. This is the. What do you say fast charger that we get it’s a 65 watt, fast charger and it’s a type c to a type c, uh cable that you’re getting in the box that’s? It no headphones or a adapter, nothing! So i’ll just keep this box to the side.

For now and let’s, look at the interesting thing: that’s the handset itself. Let me just zoom in a little bit and uh as i’ve told you initial impressions, it simply did not feel that hey, we don’t like this it’s that mac texture. So it is resisting that fingerprint, sir, so that’s actually nice and if you look at the physical overview, guys uh here we have a secondary noise cancellation microphone and this is fortunately metallic guys. The outer chase says on the regular oneplus 9 guys it’s, not metallic it’s, a fiber plastic one, but on this pro this is metallic and the glass is gorilla glass, five on both the front and the back. It should have been vectors that’s the latest, but this is gorilla glass, five that we are having here. We have the alert slider uh. I would have loved to have little bit more resistance, guys it’s very easily, just moving around. If i remember earlier, oneplus devices used to have a lot more friction. Tension is, but this can easily just slide away, so be careful. Power on off button is here and the bottom of the vent for the speaker again. This will also have stereo speakers uh. Your type c port, your main microphone and uh. This is your volume rocker. So, oh, this is your sim tray guys. So let me just uh pull out the sim ejector tool and uh let’s test check that and guys uh. This one will also not have any micro sd card uh oneplus devices don’t have that so not expecting that uh.

So we have a rubber gasket over here or even on this, so dual nano sim that we are having on this one. So let me do one thing: let me actually now power this up and guys uh. The big hype of this one is the camera uh. The main camera is a 48 megapixel. Then uh we have the ultra wide, which is also a 50 megapixel that’s. A big deal and they say the color calibration is done by hasselblad. Then we have one more. That is actually a 3x telephoto. Then again we have one more two megapixel that’s, just a mono chrome. So let me just set this up and then we’ll continue by the way, if you’re buying this one plus nine pro amazon, it makes a lot of sense to buy this smartphone. With this amazon pay, icsa bank credit card it’s a great way to save money. Every time when you buy stuff from amazon and other places, in fact, there is no annual fee or any recurring fees, and the advantage of using this amazon pay. Icc bank credit card is that you uh always get uh up up to about five percent as the reward points whenever you do shopping on amazon and other websites, for example uh. If you buy this uh oneplus 9 pro with this specific variant, that is for about 65 000 uh uh, you get five percent as reward points that will be added to your amazon pay account so that works out to about 3250.

and guys this five percent is, If you are amazon, prime member, if you’re not an amazon prime member, it is uh three percent as reward points and guys uh. This is unlimited reward points that you can get and it works not only on amazon but across other websites. Also so i’ll leave the link of this amazon pay card so that you can check it out so guys. I have set up the device and i also have taken couple of sample shots around the office. So i’ll share that also, but let’s first have a look at the device and again guys it also. This one also has slight cornered edges, so again looks actually really good in terms of looks, and i have to say in terms of build quality and everything they have done outstanding job uh. It feels actually very very premium uh so that we have to say also. Some of you have asked me about the haptech feedback. The hard pick feedback is actually really good and guys uh the the moment. I set this device up again guys. This is a retail unit. I uh got a ot update immediately and had applied that one. So this is with that and i haven’t installed anything except the twitter app. So this is what it is. So this is what comes out of the box and i’m happy to say that not a lot of junk, where that is there on this one, so that’s, actually a nice thing uh that is becoming a rarity these days.

So not a lot of bucket load of bloatware or anything on this one and pretty clean ui layout, and this is the new layout that oneplus has started from last year, it’s slightly different. What do you say theme compared to stock android, but this is what it is. Some people like it, some people don’t but again, it’s still very fluid uh. One thing to note is that guys by default, if you go to the display here, if i go to advanced here by default, the resolution was set to full hd and i had actually changed to quad hd and but when you switch to quad hd, it warns You that will consume a lot more battery life, but i feel when you’re buying this device spending this much. You will use it at quad hd. So i set it to that and you can also set it to 120 hertz. That is the refresh rate uh. As this is supposed to be a lpto uh display, it can dynamically adjust the frame rate, so hopefully it shouldn’t happen, but the battery life that much but initial impressions guys the battery life. I might have to test it a little bit more because, as i’ve told you, i set it up, and i was just going out and taking some sample shots around here. Only it was at 38 when i started, and it came down to 27 in just about 20 minutes so again battery life.

We have to see how it fades, i’ll charge it fully and test it out, but this is the ui layout and again very smooth. This is snapdragon 888 and guys again here are the specs. You guys know it, but here are the specs for the difference again in terms of specs everything that you expect and uh again. I like that. It also supports that very fast charging, 65 watt. It also has wireless charging at 50 watts, but to get that fast charging you have to buy that wireless charger separately. One thing i am not liking is, as i have to do, i like the build and everything, but for some reason the fingerprint scanner is so low. Here you can finger naturally comes over here, so you have to actually adjust it. So this is something, but the fingerprint scanner is nice. I don’t know why they did it it’s you have to actually go over here. My hand is accidentally just going here, so it has to go over there. So that is something that i have noticed again very clean layout. I also like the speakers. Let me actually show you uh. Let me see some copyright free music and give you an idea. In fact, this sound quality is good. Stereo speakers really make a difference on this one max volume, i’ll just block this it’s coming from here and unlock this and the speaker. Quality is good, guys, it’s loud and clear, and you get that stereo effect on this one.

So that way they have done actually a nice job. I also have told you the haptic feedback. Vibration is actually good on this one uh, so that way, i’m liking it and uh. Regarding storage, guys, this is the base variant that we have uh. This has 128 gigabytes of storage, but you get out of the box about 102 gigabytes on this one again, the big thing about this device is uh, i would say the camera. But again i have to stress this. One in the black color looks fabulous in person guys. I don’t know how it looks in video, but in person it’s, fabulous and no fingerprint magnet. So i don’t know i’ll use it without the case and see. This is how it looks the case that is supplied but i’m really happy that they went with the matte one uh. The other color is not matched so that’s a fingerprint magnet that silver one. So let me actually show you some of the sample shots that i’ve taken around the office so that you have a better idea. So these pictures were shot in artificial lighting in my office and, as you can see, it does a pretty decent uh job. When there is decent lighting, but why close the lights to simulate, how it does low lightness here? The pictures were not that good and particularly we in portrait mode, regular it’s, fine. But if you invoke portrait mode, it gets weaker. But when you switch on the light, the results were a lot better as you can see, but the big hype of hasselblad was color accuracy.

But if you notice my t shirt, the colors are just over saturated. In my frank opinion, this is a regular picture and this actually looks sharp notice my face. It looks pretty sharp, but when i invoke the portrait mode it’s a little bit soft to my liking in terms of color accuracy and artificial lighting, it’s, not accurate. The wood flooring in my office is not this color in terms of dynamic range it’s, actually pretty good notice the window. It has a lot of detail. This was taken with the regular shot. This was that ultra wide angle – and here also the colors – are good, and this was with the 3x uh zoom. To give you an idea, this was the regular shot with the 48 megapixel uh sensor, and this was with that 3x zoom, and these are some of the random samples that i took with the front facing camera, and i feel the front facing camera is doing a Pretty good job, even in the portrait mode, so guys uh that’s it for now for the unboxing and first look at this one plus nine pro. So what do you guys think about the same again guys i’ll test it out a little bit more before coming out with my review i’ll test the camera a lot more because, especially in this indoor lighting conditions, the color accuracy was not that great, because if you Notice my t shirt. It was saturating it quite a bit so i’ll test it out a little bit more.

Take a lot more sample shots outdoors use this device for the next couple of days and if you guys really want, i can also post faq video after using this for the next couple of days. So let me know in the comment section below and guys if you are still not subscribed to youtube channel hit that subscribe button and guys, if you’re buying this from amazon use.