Now i bought this off amazon for 31.99 in the uk and on the amazon site. They’Ve listed it down as smaller rig universal smartphone holder. So small recalls it. One thing amazon calls it another i’ll quickly go around the box. When you get it, you get a display in brown box, which you push out to reveal another box here, which just basically has the small rig name and on the other box, it just says small rig, big dream and it’s. Basically plain brown box in the box. You get this a nice plastic see through bag from s’morig, which just basically tells you um, basically don’t give the bag to small children because they may suffocate. But you get the unit with inside the box and it’s, then wrapped up in that bag and then wrapped up in a bubble wrapping here and as you can see, it’s have this nice silvery, aluminium construction and the weight of this item. Without a phone in it is 200 grams, i’ll start off with the actual phone clamp. Now the phone clamp at the top of the phone clamp. Here we have a cold shoe and that’s to mount your microphone or lights on there. So we have that the actual clamp itself is spring loaded and we have a rubber on the top part of the clamp rubber on the back of the clamp and rubber on the bottom part of the clamp at the very bottom of the clamp.

We have a quarter inch female screw thread here and at the very bottom, we have two hexagon screws here: we’re, just getting a shot and that’s just to assemble the actual springs with inside the clamp. Now, when you open it up, it opens up that way. Like a scissors now it is quite stiff, so this is frictioned here so it’s very stiff to open up and we’ll go to the back of the clamp here and, as you can see, there’s an actual pivoting point here, and that is so that the clamp can Go from holding your phone in landscape and with a turn to portrait now this clamp does go 360 degrees right round back to its original place. The back here we have the small rig and i’ll try and get that in fog, small rig logo, and then we have on the base unit. Here is the feet now the feet spread out and opens out at 62 degrees and on the other side of the feet and base. We have rubber points here for grip and a rubber point here on the base itself, not only like. I showed you before that the base can spread at 62 degrees to provide a nice platform when placing this on a surface, but also, as i showed you before, it doubles up as a handle and also i have to mention it is rc aqua swiss. I have got that right, folks, arki swiss, compatible for any tripod that uses or hold that that uses the arca swiss mount so that’s.

What these two points on either side are for coming to the phone clamp, it can hold your small mini phones, all the way up to your notes. It can go from 65 millimeters up to 90 millimeters in holding in the width of the phones that it can hold. So all your large phones can hold in this clamp comes to the dimensions of this small rig universal phone holder. The actual length when extended out like this is 6.69 inches when extended out now, when folded down the actual length, now becomes 3.74 inches, with a width of 1.5 inches by at height thickness here of 1.5 inches. So this is quite pocketable, and so, if you want to put this in your jacket, pocket or coat pocket or even your trousers pocket, it is quite pocketable. It’S just got a bit of weight to it, as i stated before that it’s about 200 grams in weight. Now here’s my two pence worth on the small rig universal smartphone holder negative, has to do with this spring loaded, clamp because it’s, a spring loaded, clamp – and i know the whole unit is made well but because it’s, a spring loaded, clamp. The spring may be subject to failure, so once the spring goes, this clamp is now useless. I would have much preferred if this was a simple um screw adjustment clamp, so you just screw down on your phone. This would have made it better. The next negative has to be with this quarter inch female thread now to me on one respect: it’s a negative um, the negative being.

If you want to screw this to a tripod or to a selfie, stick, you can’t have it that way up. You’Re gon na have to turn the actual phone mount to its side, like so to use that quarter inch female thread at the bottom and the very last negative of this is the price i know it’s well built and it’s made of a total all aluminium construction And literally, when you go to angle it or tilt the camera, especially for your phone. Sorry, when you want to use it on a desk, it’s, very stiff and the mount, the phone clamp mount to turn it from landscape to portrait is stiff as well, but the price of this is uh absolute over the top at 30. Quite almost 32 pounds in the uk for this and now for the positives, and the first positive has to be with the construction of this. I know i mentioned it in the negatives as well, but um. The construction of this is really solid. If this drops on the floor, it will probably take a couple of scratches probably a little bit of dings or dents to it, but it will still work as normal, it’s very pocketable, and i like how it falls down to this neat size that can be easily Fitted into a pocket of a of your trousers jacket pockets, i even into a bag, another positive and i’ll start from where the base is. I like how you can open the base out at 62 degrees to make this like a proper stand, sit on a desk or any surface, so i like that and the rubber feet and the base.

I i like that. I, like also that it has this arcy swiss, oh forgot that right arca, swiss mounting system here, so you can mount this to any tripod um that uses the archi swift’s arky swiss mount the like is i like how they provided you with a cold shoe mount At the top of the phone clamp, so you can mount your lights or microphone to the top, so that’s really nice, and even though i have mentioned this in the negative but that’s, because if you have the mount like that way and you want it may be Difficult to put a selfie stick or a pole on there or even to put it to the tripod, but i still do like – and i put this also into the negative – the quarter inch screw thread mounts at the bottom. At least they provided you with that. This is my overall conclusion of the small rig universal smartphone holder now in the description, i’ll leave the actual name. What small rig calls this it’s a very long name but i’ll leave it down in the description now to me um. This is really suited for somebody who does a lot of vlogging with their mobile phones only or somebody who watches a lot of videos or films, etc on their mobile phone, who are sick and tired of us. Those cheap plastic desktop stands. This is worth your while, and this is up your street if you’re any one of those two people or even, if you’re, the same person who does that kind of thing.

This is up your street. To me, this is just a tad overpriced for what it is. I’Ll see if i can try and get the ulanzi version, which is half this price every time i go to try and buy that it’s, always um sold out so i’ll see if i can try and get the ulanzi version, but personally it is well built if You’Re somebody who does a lot of them kind of things what i mentioned then this to you is worth your money, but if you’re somebody like me who doesn’t really vlog that much it’s a bit too overpriced and you’re better off looking elsewhere, thanks for watching the Video, if you like the video, please give it a thumbs up if you don’t, give it a thumbs down. I perfectly understand my videos can be long, but i like to go into detail to save you, the trouble of when you buy the product. You know what to expect so that’s why my videos are long.