The audio and video quality that you’re seeing right now is coming straight from the front facing camera of the oneplus 9. Pro so this is what you can expect to see in terms of quality and i’ll, give my thoughts, maybe in a judd says over here to let you guys know what i think once i get this thing on my computer, but as you can probably tell we’ve, Got a lot of wind we’ve got a lot of noise from people mowing their grass, so let’s take this conversation inside so today we actually have quite a bit planned uh i’m. Finally, getting my car back, i don’t know if you guys saw it in Music. What was it the massive tech um massive tech unboxing? My car got hit by a random tire on the highway, which was unavoidable. For me, it was in the shop since january, and now we are finally going to go pick it up, but it’s, not just a regular pickup. I made some changes to my baby kilauea it’s, going to be a completely different car and i am excited to get my hands on it and throughout the day, while we’re doing that and of course, other things, we’re going to be testing out all kinds of stuff. With the oneplus 9 pro that camera, of course, we’re going to test out how it does in the real world what it’s like to actually use this thing. But before we get started and everything i have been using this phone all morning, it is 10 50 a.

m, and what do we currently have? We have 82 battery left and we’ve also got about an hour and 10 minutes of screen on time. So that’s, where we are in terms of battery life, now i’m excited to get my car. You guys let’s go let’s, go all right y’all, so we are on the way we got our uber driver, carl, taking us to go pick it up uh, but something i just realized. I have to take off the case because that’s what we do here, we don’t do real dana life with a case on because you know not. Everybody rocks a case. So what we’ve got right here, you guys this is the morning mist version i like that. It still has like a sort of a gradient look like you know that morning mist when you wake up in the morning, you know sometimes it’s, like a little fog out, it’s got that, but i hate the fact that this is reflective at the bottom. It is now a fingerprint magnet look one touch. You got fingerprints all over already, so that part is unfortunate. I think they had a really good thing going with the matte design, like that blue from the oneplus 8. Oh my gosh, this one unless you’re seeing this logo, you know it’s it’s kind of generic feeling. Besides the camera bump uh, it is now a hasselblad camera which we will talk about in depth a lot more, but i think that’s, probably like the only differentiator here and the fact that, like these sensors are massive, we got two massive sensors on the camera.

While these two are pretty small, usually they’re all like about the same size, so we’re gon na see, if having these bigger sensors – and you know, bigger lenses – are going to equal out to better photos better video jay. What do you think about the design man? I, like the camera, but everything else, yeah yeah, but yeah, pretty standard safe design. We have a 6.7 inch display up front 120, hertz refresh rate, but this is a smart display, so it is going to fluctuate depending on what you’re doing so that you can conserve battery when you need to well how long of a ride do we have carl 34 minutes, so we do have some time before we actually get there might as well like play a game or watch a video kind of take in what the screen is all about and, like i said before, the oneplus 9 pro has a 6.7 inch display and Of course, it is a quad hd plus display, but what’s great about this is that it has that 120 hertz. So everything looks nice and smooth when you’re scrolling through and navigating the phone, although i did notice that it doesn’t always kick in when playing certain games that i know takes advantage of it, which is still a mind. Boggling thing to me: there are a lot of mainstream phones that tout the 120 hertz display, but for some games that i know take advantage of it, it just doesn’t play as smooth as it can and there’s nowhere in the settings for me to go ahead and Force it to be 120 hertz at all times, but aside from that faster frame rate showing up while playing certain games, this phone is as snappy as you’d expect it uh navigating the phone is super quick smooth.

It has snapdragon’s 888 processor. So, of course, it’s going to be able to handle just about anything that you throw at it, and even though certain games won’t run at that high frame rate, even though they support it, they still run smoothly overall, just missing that higher frame rate. So, of course, gaming looks great on this phone as well as watching everyday content, but what’s also surprising is the fact that it has a really good speaker and even though you can kind of cover the speaker, i feel like you’d really have to go out of Your way for it to really impact the sound it gets really loud so watching content on here or just listening to straight up music is definitely a good time. Speaker performance here is definitely better than what i’ve seen with some other phones, all right guys. We are finally here at the body shop jmb body works, so they are the ones who took care of kilauea, and i am super hyped. You guys ready for this i’m ready i’m ready let’s go let’s, go all right, so it’s right behind this door. Actually, Music. Oh, they even did the teeth on the no way are you kidding. This looks amazing what went ahead and we redid the uh the key fob case. Oh, that is um. Thank you. That is a nice touch. Can i see that absolutely guys come the attention to detail? Are you kidding me carl? Do you see this thing son, alright guys? So i am super hyped.

This thing looks amazing. I took care of my paperwork so now i am good to go, but do you see the details, though you guys it just looks so clean everything about it. I love the contrast on the black and teal it just. It looks so good. The calipers and the sides come on now come on you guys, so now what we’re going to do is we’re going to find a good spot. Take some pictures with the oneplus and uh see if we can get some really good shots with it. So, instead of finding a spot to go and take pictures, we’re, just gon na head home take pictures around there and uh so now we’re just using the gps. We got a 43 minute trip ahead of us, so we’ll use the gps and we’ll see how that does on the battery turn right onto east 233rd street. All right, because we are at about 57 third street yeah, it kind of dropped down fast right. I guess we were gaming and whatnot, while we were in the car, but still that’s a huge, pretty huge jump, all right guys. So we are home now it is 1 31 and we officially have 48 battery left now in terms of the screen on time. Okay, two hours and 47 minutes of screen on time, so we might be looking at something close to six hours: sorry, 2 hours and 47 minutes that’s, not bad. A lot of that was with the gps on too so i’m, not mad at it it’s.

Okay, so far kind of in line with what i would expect from a device like this okay, so cars here, we’re gon na try and see if we can get some decent pictures. I don’t know jay. I don’t know if i like it here for our debut pictures for this guy. I took a couple shots though let’s see it. I got ta bring this brightness all the way up, so in direct sunlight. The screen does a a decent job, still kind of got to go like this eh. You know what jay let’s find a different spot back in the car. We go. Oh my god, my fingerprints jay help me. I can’t live like this. Okay, you guys. So i think we found our spot so let’s see what we can do here with this hasselblad camera now check this out guys you see down here it had a little notification, let’s see if it pops up again, so it says: try wide landscape. This is try out the wide angle lens since you’re, taking like a landscape kind of shot. So why not wide angles could be kind of cool even for car photos nah. My shadow’s too, in here too much so i’m gon na back up so we’ll just go for a pretty standard, shot bam boom let’s take a look at what we got very sharp, really contrasty. Look at that, like it, darn right, looks blue here, jay, it’s, very saturated yeah and that’s, probably because the black is reflecting the blue from the sky yeah, but it’s really really saturated.

That looks like a blue car, but if we’re, comparing the sky here to what’s, actually there, this is way more blue, not a complaint for me. Personally, i, like nice, saturated photos. I like it to be really colorful, vibrant, so i’m, okay with it, but it isn’t super natural. Looking i’d say. Let me see how pro mode impacts this so what’s up about pro mode is that you can go in and change all these different things, shutter speed. Basically, all the controls that you would get with like a dslr camera – you can see them all right here, so we’re going to leave we’re going to leave most of this stuff here, but we’re going to just get a raw image out of this okay. Here we go let’s. Do this boom one head on boom, see what we got here. Oh interesting, look: how uh the sky is exposed now the raw i like the way the car looks in raw, but we’d have to do some changes to the background. We’D have to do a little bit of editing. Let me just see with my iphone real quick. Oh man that’s a big difference in terms of the way it handles color. Look how saturated it is on the oneplus 9. Look how that blue and look how like natural, looks on the iphone alright let’s, give it another shot with the oneplus, so blue super blue. Now, when it comes to the car, not really happy with the samples that i got out of the oneplus 9 pro, but let’s talk about the things that i got with the oneplus 9 pro that isn’t cuba.

Now this camera is obviously supposed to be the biggest thing about this phone and, for the most part, it’s a pretty good camera system. It has one of the best wide angle, lenses that i’ve seen on a smartphone and typically the wide angle lens is the part that gets the least amount of attention and usually requires a heap of light to take good shots. Probably, since phone makers are expecting it to only be used for landscape shots, but because of the larger sensor here, it does well in most lighting situations and does a pretty good job at matching the main lens. If you enjoy using the wide angle, you won’t have to worry about a huge drop in quality whenever you switch over to it indoors. Now the indoor lighting performance to me is decent. When i tried taking a picture of austin, i got some pretty good shots. It handles skin tones alright and offers a decent amount of detail, even without a ton of lighting. I do feel like the way the camera handles highlights and shadows can be a bit hit or miss, though, especially when using the selfie camera. As for those hasselblad colors that are supposed to be the groundbreaking feature of this phone it’s, all personal preference – for me – i can’t say i was completely blown away by the colors out of this camera, but in pro mode at least you get a decent amount of Flexibility to go ahead and do some editing to photos if you’re into that overall, the camera performance is fine, but i got ta say i was expecting to be blown away due to the height and the name behind the system.

But what we got is a pretty solid camera, not bad, but definitely not crazy hype worthy all right guys. So the weather’s been getting nicer. How many of you remember the days of us going to coldstone it’s been a really really long time i’m going to try and surprise arie with some cults on ice cream? I don’t even know if she’s going to be able to eat it, because i don’t know if she’s avoiding dairy but i’m going to just tempt her anyway, whatever she doesn’t want it more for me, but we’re going to go to cold stone, we’re going to pick Up some ice cream and do some more oneplus stuff don’t worry all right, so right now, Music, exactly right. Okay, anyway, it is currently 4 14 p.m. What how much battery life do you think we got left, jay, 25, less 19, 3 hours and 55 minutes of screen on time? I guess what we did with the cameras. Just now definitely hit it up a little bit, but let’s get this ice cream Music jay. The car looks good man, it looks good yeah hold on. Let me let me see if we could take a telephoto from here. Oh man, it’s kind of kind of dark, so it’s not handling those dark areas very well and that’s kind of like a theme. I’Ve been seeing a lot of the places where things are dark. It’S like it loses a lot of detail, not detailed, but it’s like it’s a little too contrasty, and it just makes that area.

Look just too dark. That car looks nice, though jay they have a lucky charms ice cream. You know what this probably tastes like jay sugar, Music, while we’re in this area. What i’m going to do is i’m going to do a quick search to see if there’s any good food around here that we can pick up if not we’ll, just ubereats or something jeez everywhere is closed. Uber eats at home. It is it’s good, poison, i’m. Sure austin will be fine. What’S up. You know what i’m gon na take a couple pictures of you all right, you guys so right now we got me and my boy austin awesome, saying hi, say hi papa austin, say hi. You were just doing it: oh he’s over it. Do it for mama awesome, say hi. Yes, Music! You are in frame, so we have to switch it up. Uh front facing camera video indoors. We had some mediocre lighting. You guys saw the quality there. Didn’T look! So hot on the phone uh, so i’m, hoping it looks better here austin can we do a proper hello? This time say hi? Where are you going bro hi? What do you do and you got my chain boy austin show them how you know how to turn on the light. Oh man, oh okay, now adam’s got her, got him thinking about the lights all right, so you turned off that one yeah! You turned off this one he’s checking for it give me five good job.

All right, you guys is the end of our day. I just put austin down for bed, so we are looking at a 6 48 end time, so 6 48 p.m. We’Ve got 3 left and in terms of screen on time, we’re looking at 4 hours and 40 minutes now. This has a 4 500 milliamp hour battery and that’s kind of right. We use it a little bit more today, lots of camera stuff, but on a typical day, we’ll end in that five hour mark, which is pretty standard, especially for 4 500 milliamp hours, it’s, not bad it’s, pretty it’s pretty much in line with what i would expect Now what’s amazing about oneplus is, i think they have the best well one of the best charging systems out with the regular warp charge, so just plugging it. In with the cable, we can get from one to one hundred percent in 29 minutes, which is insane but what’s. Even crazier we’ve seen things like that with the actual cable in the past what’s even crazier to me, is using the wireless charging to get from one percent to 100 in 43 minutes, that’s really really fast, especially for wireless charging. I think if wireless charging was that fast on other devices, it would catch on even more uh, but that is what you get with the oneplus 9 pro and, as you can see right here, it’s doing the warp charge. So we should get 100 in way less than an hour, so that’s, exciting i’ll, give you guys an update we’re at three percent.

6.50 i’ll do a little check in to let you guys know at what time it actually ends almost forgot about this, but about 50 minutes later and it’s 100 so i’m, pretty sure it hit that 43 mark or close to it. At least that is really impressive. For wireless charging, it’s kind of crazy this thing, if you have a oneplus, especially if you get the oneplus 9 or 9 pro, it is absolutely worth it. It’S got a little fan, so you might hear something while it’s charging to keep it cool but it’s. So worth it, the phone itself isn’t even hot it’s, just probably the best wireless charging experience ever. But yes, there you go guys. That has been our day uh. There was a lot of hype for the camera there’s a little bit disappointing in some areas, but for the most part, it’s a solid camera. But when you got a name like hasselblad backing you, you kind of expect like the best right. But that is not necessarily what you get here. You get a really good camera, but it’s not as mind blowing as i would have expected. There are things i like things i didn’t like, but we talked about that already, but with this model being over a thousand dollars, the question is: do i recommend it? I wish it did something that stood it out a little bit more than the competition as of right. Now i don’t know unless you really like oneplus you’ve, been a oneplus user.

All your life you’ll see the improvements here for sure, but if you’re someone who’s looking for like the best smartphone in this price range, it gets a little bit harder to recommend. Since there are a lot of really good options, with probably even better cameras than what we’re seeing here in that price range, but that wraps it up for this video guys. Hopefully you enjoyed it. If you did be the cool guy go and give this video a thumbs up and i’m gon na catch, you guys in the next one.