In this video we are going to review the poke smartphone. The proxy smartphone was launched on 13 march in india and we are going to review the smartphone the smartphone’s first day. Sale is on 6th april 12, 30 pm. If you are interested in this smartphone, please watch the video till the end and after watching the video decide you have to buy this smartphone and not so without any delay. Let’S get started. The focus 3 pro smartphone comes with a 6.67 inches full hd plus ips lcd display the display, support 120 hertz, refresh rate and two for tears at their sampling rate option. The company has given single console in the middle of the display. The display support a single console and it has a hdr 10 certified display. The company has given gorilla glass, 6 protection on the poco x3 pro smartphones display, the smartphone has 4 30 needs brightness, and the stone is bright in the daylight. Let me talk on the below the smartphone, the poke x3 pro smartphone comes with a plastic bag, and it has not any protection. The company has given a poke branding on the back and a single lining on the back. Now let me talk on the battery life of the smartphone, the poco x3 pro smartphone comes with 5160 milliampere battery and the company has given 33 volt faster than the posts. It is a downgrade if we compare it to the poke st smartphone. The focus 3 smartphone comes with a 6000mah battery.

In the case of battery the spoke s3 pro comes with a downgrade. Now let me talk about the ui experience of the smartphone. The pokemon x3 pro smartphone comes with a android 11 out of the box with miui 12.5 for poco skin the company has said they will push android delay update as soon as possible. Now let me talk about the security of the smartphone. The focus 3 pro comes with a side mounted fingerprint scanner and face unlock option in the pricing range of the smartphone, where the poco x3 pro smartphone launched. We have seen much smartphone with under display fingerprint scanner, but this smartphone does not have higher refresh rate and other features we have seen in poco x3 pro now. Let me talk about the camera section of the poco x3 pro smartphone, the poke x3 pro smartphone comes with a cured facing camera, which has a 48 mp primary sensor: 8 mp ultraviolet sensor, 2, mp macro sensor and 2 mp dev sensor. The company has given 20 mp a selfie sniper in the control of the smartphone. The company has launched a nightscape night vision, portrait mode, dual video mode in poco series pro smartphone, that now let me talk on the performance of the smartphone. The poco x3 pro comes with a 860 processor. We can see, we can say the processor is the rebrand version of qualcomm stagon 855 plus it is the flexi processor of year 2019, and it is, it gives you a seamless performance in daylight and in gaming, and it is support 4g.

The pokes3 pro note have have not any 5g variant. Also. We can clearly see that the poke s3 pro comes with a downgrade in camera section where the previous generation of focus 3 pro comes with 64 missile primary sensor and the poko x3 pro comes with 48 meter primary sensor. Now let me talk about the other feature of this poco s3 pro smartphone, the focus 3 pro smartphone comes with the ir blaster dedicated sim slot type c, port 3.5 inch, bluetooth version, 5.1, wi, fi development, wi, fi, six and other nfc option. Also, the poke x3 pro smartphone has theorical event, one is blue, one is gray and one is pink. You can see in the images of the smartphone at screen. The poke x3 pro comes with lpddr4x ram and ufs 3.1 storage. If we compare it to the previous generation of poco x3 x3 series, it is much better. The poko x3 pro has been launched in two variants: one is 6gb ram and 120 gb and the other one is 8gb ram and 128gb internal storage. If i talk about the pros of the smartphone, the smartphone has a flexi processor under 20000 and a higher refresher and big battery capacity. Where, if i talk about the cons of the smartphone, the smartphone has been very heavy. If we compare to the smartphone, the smartphone weight is around 213 grams and it has been around 9.4 mm thick. The smartphone has been launched at 19 000 for 6gb and 127 interest rates where 2008 rupees for 8 gb ram and 120 db internal storage.

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