All london uh, once we’ve only just had azusa’s mighty rogue phone six and now along comes the red magic six to take it on with some proper chest. Pounding specs, like that snapdragon 88 chipset you’ve, got a seven factor, coolant system and, of course, the obligatory rgbs lights. The red magic six will be available to pre order from april. The sixth so you’ll have to hold tight, then to find exact, uh regional pricing and everything, but what i’m gon na do now is whip the red magic six, one out of its box. Take you on a full on tour of the hardware in the software and give it an extensive gaming test with full benchmark and see how it handles the likes of gentian impact on the maximum detail setting and for more on the latest and greatest tech. Please do put subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers alright. So what you get bundled in the box is, of course, naturally one red magic, six, one funky porky pin to get your sim in there one power adapter, which in my case is the asian version, because this is an asian review model, one extremely on on brand. Usb cable and that’s your whack very straightforward, certainly none of the pizzazz that the azus rog six box had all right so that’s the formalities of the way now let’s check out the red magic. Six, so probably won’t shock you too much. If i say that the red magic 6 is pretty bloody, blatantly a gaming smartphone from the moment, you pull it out.

The box you’ve got a glass backing all nice and shiny, as you can see there, that’s going to pick up. Fingerprints, scuffs and grease are rather easy. Unfortunately, you’ve then got a bit of metal engine and a gorilla glass around front to hopefully keep that gorgeous display free of scratches. Sadly, the red magic 6 is only available in this one hue, which is known rather apocalyptically as eclipse black. Of course, you do get little splashes of red here and there again very much on brand include on the logo down beneath and the game space button. On that edge, so at least the phone isn’t completely down and it’s definitely worth pointing out as well that, while my review symbol has this random little 10 cent games logo here on the arse end, the actual global version of red magic 6 will not. So you can just completely ignore that, of course, as with more scam and smartphones, the red magic 6 certainly has a bit of a heft to it, it’s, 220 grams being almost the time to be clutching it like this, so you’ll barely even feel it all. Right looks like we’ve got some juice in that battery all ready, so let’s get the red magic 6 all set up and then check out some of that sexy hardware and software. And if you are going to be sticking your sim inside the red magic 6 you’ll see that it is a dual sim device, a dual sim device, but there is no space for any micro sd memory cards, all right, it’s, my zte nubia red magic 6.

All set up and ready for action, and this is what you’re presented with the first time you booted up and i got to say not the most attractive setup, so you’re definitely going to have to do some customization here. Thankfully that’s not an issue. You’Ve got android 11 os with a good bit of a red magic 4.0 slathered. On top. This gives you quick toggles for some of your main gaming features, including the cooling system, and that crazy rgb mentalness, going on around back, which is known as colorful light effect. In this menu, you’ve also got fast access to features like the screen recording. You can also change up the screen refresh rate as well, which, as you can see, they’re set to 90 hertz by default, but goes all the way up to 165.. Okay, so let’s start making this thing look a little bit less cac. Okay, so i’ve made some changes. Increased the grid size changed up the wallpaper and stuff i’m still not a fan of the blocky icons. Unfortunately, so i’m gon na have to do something about that. Later uh there’s no easy way of doing that in the home screen settings. Unfortunately, they are rather limited, not such complaints once you dive into the settings menu, though you’ve got plenty of different options that you can play around with here. You do, of course, have an always on display. You can get on the go lots of different options to play around with in there, some of them a bit more random than others, i’m quite liking.

The jazzy analog clock, though definitely a good one, and you do also have a few different themes that you can play around with. If uh that’s your bag, all very sort of typical generic gamer phone efforts, though you can also customize the lights on that back end. As well, so you can get them set up as notification lights, you can have them flashing, breathing doing whatever you fancy. This right here is the scintillation mode. In case you were wondering, and then here is also where you set up the in display fingerprint sensor. You can also have a face unlock as well. If you fancy a bit of that, and so far touchwood seems to work really really well nice and nippy and responsive now certainly get a nice clear view of whatever game you happen to want to smash through here. On the red magic 6 because it’s a 6.8 inch amoled display. Sadly it is only full hd plus resolution, not quad hd, plus like some of the more premium gaming smartphones, but i found that the visuals were still nice and sharp. I really enjoyed the poppy visuals with the default vivid mode, but you can’t scale that back you’ve actually got an srgb and a p3 color gamut mode and you’ve got full support for 10 bit colors on this thing. So nice, natural, looking visuals and if you want to be gaming outdoors on the move, no worries about those brightness levels because bump this thing up to the max the red magic 6 will basically burn holes in your eyeballs and, if you’re, just chilling at home.

It’S. Also possible to dock the red magic 6 you’ve got full display port connectivity that type c usb port down below. So you can hook up to a big old tv, monitor a projector. Whatever you fancy, unlike pretty much every gaming smartphone out there, you’ve got a stereo speaker setup, although, sadly, one of those speakers is mounted on the bottom edge they’re, not both front firing. Like you get on the likes of the rog 6., i still found the output was good, though when your game – and it does give you a kind of a spatial indication of where is flying in from so you know exactly which way to scurry. But if you do get a bit of game and head to action on the go, the good news is you’ve got full dts ultra x. Support for that true surround sound capability right now to get onto the good stuff. When you want to get your game on, what you’ll need to do is flip. This little crimson switch on the edge of the red magic 6 here and that will get you booted up into the game. Space i’m just going to hold the red magic 6. Up to my mic. You can probably hear the internal fan has already kicked into life and it’s really going at it. There’S one noisy bugger. I will be fully testing the coolant setup here on the red magic. Six, but you can actually knock off that fan if the noise of it is starting to disturb you slash other people around you to the quick tap like so, and i quite like the game.

Space it’s not quite as fully featured as some alternative options on some of the gaming smartphones again like the rog form, but it gives you fast easy access to all the games. You’Ve got installed, plus various gaming options. You can keep track of exactly how much of your life you’ve pissed away playing games. You can also change up the general settings with likes the rgb lights, the coolant system, all that good stuff, but anyway that’s plenty of waffle, let’s, actually crack on with the benchmark and see exactly how the red magic 6 handles, but a gentian impact on those higher Detail settings at 60fps now, first up when you’re, actually in a game, you can quickly and easily drag out the game space settings menu like so this gives you fast access to all of the options that you want to be uh hitting when needed. So, for instance, you can turn that fan on or off once again and just gives you a nifty little animation to show that the fan is starting up, not that you’ll need it, of course, because you can bloody hear it quite clearly. Other noteworthy features include the iman assist. What this actually does is just adds a reticule to the middle of your screen, as you can see there. So if you don’t have any kind of target on your shooting game, then this can just help out a bit and, as you can change up the color and the size of the thing as well, you can also set up macros you’ve got a screen record function.

You’Ve got the 4d shock as well, which only supports a select number of games. Unfortunately, gentian is not one of them, as with most gaming. Mods you’ve also got the ability to block any messages and calls from coming in as well. So you can stay completely. 100. Focused, as you can see there, you can load up many apps as well for the likes of your whatsapp, and things like that. So you can get some of that on the go without actually having to quit. Out of your game, particularly handy with the the chrome support, that means you can jump into a walkthrough if you’re in a particularly tough bit of a game. You can also quickly see your cpu and gpu usage and network speeds, as well, but there’s, no battery information, which is incredibly infuriating and you can’t even get that on your main android notifications bar, which is an absolute pain in the ass. The last feature i want to show you is setting up the shoulder triggers as well, because you’ve actually got two touch: sensitive haptic feedback triggers here on the top end of the red magic. Six and setting this up is dead, simple, basically just turn them on, and then you just need to drag these little on screen icons to whichever on screen controls. You want to map them to so, for instance, i’m, going to map the left trigger to my magic button and my right trigger to my attack.

You can tweak the sensitivity if you like, as well and as you can see, you’ve also got the vibration feedback option which i’m going to leave on. So what you’ve got power in the red magic 6 is qualcomm’s top snapdragon 88. I wouldn’t accept anything else on a proper, dedicated game and smartphone that tasty bit of adrenal 660 gpu action means that the action is kept pretty smoothly, even in gentian impact. Even on those top detail settings at 60fps, i did see a couple of little fluctuations where the firmware dropped just ever so slightly, but that was generally during pretty intense moments and the gameplay certainly stayed nice and smooth for the duration. I really enjoyed using the touchscreen controls in the likes of gentian impact. The 350 hertz multi touch response rate here on the red magic 6 means that everything just happens immediately as soon as you poke or swipe. That display you’ll see actions replicated in game, but it is certainly a godsend having those dual 400 hertz shoulder triggers as well. Definitely for more complicated games like pub g call duty things like that saves you have to fumble around trying to find the reload button. Things like that which got easily missed absolutely zero latency, as you would hope and expect the haptic feedback isn’t exactly particularly strong it’s about as powerful as a fleas fart to be perfectly honest, but it’s better than nothing. Of course, if you’re going to be gaming for a while, the red magic 6 will definitely start to get toasty and that’s where the ice 6.

0 coolant system comes in, with its seven methods of heat transfer, that’s right, seven, i’m, not even kidding you got that internal Fat, of course, which we know and love already you’ve, also got an internal vapor chamber. In there you’ve got copper piping. You’Ve got the usual graphite layers. You’Ve got the thermal. Gel you’ve apparently got a couple more that i can’t even remember off the top of my head. I did knock off that rather noisy pesky fan. While i was gaming on genting impact on those maxed out detail settings just to see if it really made a difference, and let me tell you it actually does – i did notice that back end getting warmer without it on, and so with that fan active went back To gentian impact and gamebench reported that the internal temperature hit around sort of 42 degrees and then fluctuated between sort of 41 and 42 with that coolant system in full flow. Now so you didn’t see any crazy throttling of the performance while i’ve been gaming for quite some time, compared with i’ve just been gaming for a couple of minutes, the coolant system does seem to do its job. All that said, though, if you are going to be charging up the red magic six at the same time as your gay men, i’d, probably recommend getting the red magic ice dock, which is basically a big fat external fan, sits there on the back and just helps Again, to keep the phone cool, you know if those seven coolant methods aren’t enough for you battery life, in particular stunning, here on the red magic door, as you might expect from a smartphone that actually has a physical fan wearing away inside it.

While you’re gaming it’s got a 5050 milliamp capacity battery, i found like delivered just over three hours of gentian impact action on those higher detail settings before it was completely flat. Don’T stress too much, though, if you’ve completely drained the red magic, because it does support 66 watt wide charging, it’s called air cooled fast charge, so no doubt helped along again by that internal fan. Unfortunately, the global version of the red magic 6 does only ship with a 30 watt charger. It’S gon na have to provide your own super billy, big bollocks charger. If you want to get those 66 watt speeds that’s for the rest of the specs. Well, you’ve got a triple mic setup if you want to provide a bit of in game commentary or just chat with your mates without using a headset. You’Ve also got full 5g support here. Of course, thanks to that snapdragon 888 chipset, plus a tasty bit of wi fi 6e, as well, so connectivity, nice and strong and on the storage front 128 gigs as standard, and it is of course ufs – 3.1 nice and nippy, so that’s pretty much it for our Red magic, 6, unboxing and gaming review video, but i will just briefly mention the camera tech as well, which rather hilariously wasn’t even mentioned at all. In the press release i received on the red magic six that probably tells you how much effort has actually gone into it and yeah that’s perfectly understandable.

You know the camera attack does tend to be an afterthought on gaming, smartphones and probably aren’t many people who are buying this thing and then going off and taking macro shots of you know tulips or something, but in case you are interested. What you get here is a 64 megapixel primary shooter. As you can see, you’ve got hdr smarts, then ai scene detector, as well, and as you can see here, you’ve got an absolute butt load of bonus, features that you can flick between, including full pro manual controls. You do actually have a macro mode if you want to get your tulip shots on the go plus your box stand the night mode. You’Ve got your portrait mode as well. I believe there’s a two megapixel depth sensor on here, as well as an eight megapixel ultra wide angle lens. And then, if you want to shoot a bit of video, as you can see there, you can shoot full hd, either 30 or 60 fps and same for 4k as well, and if you really want to bump up that resolution. Well, why not get a bit of a connection on the go, because what you might be more interested in here on the red magic 6 is the front facing selfie snapper it’s only an 8 megapixel effort, unfortunately, but it should be all right if you’re just going To do a simple bit of twitch streaming, something like that seems to be a little bit thrown by the lighting in the studio here, but still keeping me reasonably sort of sharp and in focus, and i think that sums up uh.

My feeling and general state of mind right now perfectly slow right there in a nutshell, is the red magic six. Definitely a well specced gaming smartphone, not quite perfect uh. It doesn’t have some of those premium. Software and hardware features of the rogue six. Certainly doesn’t have the same accessory support of that bad boy, but what you do get is that souped up snapdragon 88 chipset, backed by shed loads of ram you’ve, got some of the essential gaming features like those haptic feedback shoulder trigger buttons. And although i suddenly don’t know the uk price under the red magic 6 at the time i shot this video, i can guarantee you. This thing is going to be cheaper than that wrong. Six. So anyway that’s my experiences with the red magics. It would be great to hear your own thoughts comments, uh personal views on life in general, down in the comments below and for more on the latest greatest tech. Please do poke, subscribe and ding that window feeling the notifications bell. I can’t even speak anymore and have yourselves a fantastic rest of the week. Cheers everyone love Music.