This video might be for you. We are doing a review on a cage and the idea behind this cage is designed for mobile phones, so you can attach your phone to it. You can attach a light, even a little handle to hold it and, of course you can attach a microphone. So we are doing a review on this product right now. It costs around about 60 pounds and they do two versions. They do the 60 pound one, which is what we got, and i also do the 115 pound, which has some extra bits to go with it. So i will stick a link in the video description in case. You want to go and check it out. You never know it might be just up your street. You never know so i’m just going to make sure it’s actually in this box, because i’ve got a few boxes about this size and it might not be in there, but we need to find out first, oh, it is so. This is the baby. This is from few flex and it’s a vf, a v s o three smartphone video cage kit built in bluetooth, remote control. What it says this is the baby yeah and nicely packaged so with that let’s get the unboxing done and see exactly what you’re getting for your money and give it a little test right. Quick look around the box and that’s about it really, so it just tells you the main features of the product so i’m not going to read them out to, because you want to see exactly what you’re getting for your money and how does it work don’t, you! So let’s get undone i’m, not even sure, if that’s the right side to do but that’s what we’re doing don’t forget people, if you like my videos and you find them helpful, please consider subscribing it.

Doesn’T cost you any money, and it does encourage me to make more videos whether that be a good bet, good good, bad, whether it be a good thing or bad thing right. So that is everything you get in the box, so let’s quickly go for it. So we have a qc pass very nice service, warranty, uh, what’s, that this warranty does not cover blah blah blah. This warranty is void if blah blah blah no boys leave it alone. Do not play a bit and instructions which i will have to go through. Remote control for taking your footage and the actual device itself so as a number of different connections or screw head sizes so that you can attach different devices and it’s got quite a bit of weight to it. Actually, their handles do feel really nice by the way. All the grips so what i’m gon na do i’m gon na have a quick read of the instructions. Okay, so just put up. Oh yeah let’s get my phone before we start reading the instructions. So will my phone reach we will find out. Will my phone fit? Not reach and yeah it does, and this is the this is the oneplus pro 8 or oneplus. 8 pro depends how you look at and yeah that fits all right, doesn’t it very nice doesn’t. It feel like it’s, going to fall out and it’s also in a case as well to protect it yeah, so filming and you can attach things like lights.

Microphones will slide on there if you’ve got cold shoes that slide on there, not sure what that’s for that might actually be for the remote. Yes, so storing remote that’s, quite a good idea. So, like i said, i am going to read the instructions make sure i know exactly what i’m doing and we’ll give her a test right, i’ve had to read the instructions and it does sound quite simple to get it all connected. So, first things: first, it says: remove this right. That should be ready to go, and now it says, hold this down for two seconds should be there: flashing, blue and red, so it’s. Looking for bluetooth connection, oh there, it goes straight away, connect to it pairing that is it job done now. It should that should now be ready to go so we’re going to try it out so connect it to the unit itself so put on video let’s turn. It around so it’s on photo at the moment and change it video, so that is now on video let’s see standard up, see that so i should be able to start filming. Oh there, it goes that straight away, stop calm! Now, if i put that in now that should work exactly the same, and it does so that works perfectly. That was really easy to set up so simple. What we’re gon na do now we’re gon na, have a little plaid out of it and give her a proper test right.

This attached, some lighting. So if you need extra lighting, you should be able to just connect. So that would be if you need extra lighting. You can do that and, like i said earlier, you can put a microphone on that side and you just go and action there. You go took a couple of presses but it’s working there. You go like that i’m filming my keyboard at the moment. As you can see, this is my stream deck. This is my audio for my live streaming that i use when i’m live streaming. My speakers 2.1 yeah stereo with a subwoofer and a cup of tea, so does it make it any better? Well, you are using two ends, so it’s definitely going to help in it because it’s going to be more stable and yeah, it doesn’t feel as though it’s going to fall off, which is what you want like. I said you could use a microphone on there. So you put a microphone on now and yeah away. You go, but this is a bit heavy because it that is a big battery, so what i’m going to do i’m going to swap batteries over and put a smaller battery? Let me stop my recording on here. All right, let’s put a smaller battery on like that let’s see if she’s gon na work that disconnected oh it’s still working. I thought that disconnected, but it hasn’t so put the light on and voila stands up now that was a big battery.

I don’t know i don’t need a big battery like that, so yeah working fine. That is pretty good. That does feel really nice. I do like to feel that nice, soft grip, but it doesn’t, feel as though it’s going to break yeah very nice and easy to do the button that’s stopped and play what i’m gon na do now. I am gon na take her out in the garden i’m gon na film about at my garden, and i will show you that bit of video with with all that audio i’m, not sure yet, but that is what i’m gon na show i’m gon na leave. The light on for now as well i’m not going to put a microphone on because you know it will work. All you need is a cold shoe or you can use one of the screw connections here. You’Ve got various different sizes, so it should be able to get most devices on there and also you could probably put it on a tripod as well yeah. That would definitely go on a tripod. So if you need to put on a tripod, you could do that, and i will finish off actually saying that i will finish it off with this on the tripod as well. So give me a second and uh we’ll take her outside. Let me stop that bit of video right. We are now in my back garden and walking around i’m using two hands, so it should make it more stable, it’s, showing you around some plants it’s spring at the moment, so nothing’s coming out much just started to get a few buds out, as you can see.

Still got me nothing by the way i just realized. Let me turn the brightness up on that. Might not work very well in the daytime. Probably don’t need it on but i’m going to leave it on for now, anyway, and don’t forget, you can turn it as well like that, bring it down really close, and if you get the one with the handle, it could be even better as well could be Even smoother i’m, just using one hand at the moment back up right, so i thought i’d show you it on an actual stand to the tripod stand and i connected the microphone. So i’ll put a microphone on now, that’s not actually connected to the phone because i’m not recording on the phone, but i just thought i would show you it actually. On this little unit there are loads of different screw holes all the way at the top. All the way to bottom, even two on the side, one on each side of here so you’ve got plenty of options for screwing in different devices and yeah. It works extremely well i’m, quite pleased with it. It’S got a nice feel to it. I do like the feel of it and it does feel very robust. It doesn’t feel so if you dropped it on the floor, it’s going to break it’s, basically a lump of milk. Yes, but if you are looking for something like this, where you want to use your phone for doing, recording and say, for instance, you’re not very steady with your hands, you can use two hands to glide it around.

Like i showed you in my garden, it works extremely well. It definitely gets my thumbs up for the amount of money it cost. I think it was just under 60 pounds. Don’T forget they do two versions. The other one comes with some extra bits like a handle and stuff like that. You might want to buy that one, but we got the budget. One and yeah, like i said, gets my thumbs up i’m very pleased with it it’s easy to connect. It was really easy to what literally seconds to connect it to my phone and it does work like so. The only issue i had was the battery that came with it. It died straight away, so i just swap over batteries, but i have quite a few and then batteries are really cheap in this country. I think you can get a packet of 10 for less than a pound and it’s a 20 30 size ones. You want little watch batteries or big watch batteries. Actually yeah they are dirt. Tray i’ve got loads of them. You know about laying about somewhere, so uh with that. If you like this video, give me the thumbs up if you didn’t like it, give me a thumbs down and please subscribe, it doesn’t cost you any money whatsoever, and it does help me to carry on making more videos.