.. It’s: either you will LIKE it … OR you will LOVE it Now. Besides, the super cool Microscope Camera. What else would you like about the phone Well Let’s find out Ever since the release of the Oppo Find X3 Pro? I couldn’t wait to put my SIM card in it to use the phone daily and, as promised in my first impressions, video I’ll answer. All of your questions that you have asked me over there and also allow me to go through the experience with you on how it was using the phone for more than two weeks From the phone’s design and build’s perspective. The overall design and finish was surely a head turner, not only I was impressed with it, but people who did not even know me even kept looking at the phone like this, because it did have a very unique finish and design. Now I have begun to fall in love more with the single piece ceramic glaze glass that just flows perfectly on the camera bump, where Oppo has decided to really embrace on that Not having the phone being caught with fingerprints was also a welcome feature and I’m glad That I got this Blue colour variant of the phone, which I kind of prefer more compared to the Gloss Black variant. In my personal opinion. Now, despite its larger screen, because of how slim the phone was, it did feel very comfortable during my daily usage, and the IP68 rating surely gives us users a peace of mind.

Now I have said it before, and I will say it again that Oppo has brought in their quotA Gamequot on the phone’s screen, as it is their best screen. Yet, where the phone comes, with a 6.7 inch, LTPO AMOLED Display, with a high resolution of 3216 by 1440 pixels and a refresh rate of 120 hertz, and not forgetting a really high 240 hertz touch sampling rate made the phone to be one of the snappiest phones Out in the market today when using the phone daily with a peak brightness of 1300 nits, so the brightness of the screen was really great indeed. So there is your screen: brightness review, Beau QC And no, I won’t be doing a shirtless review on a beach What’s. Neat is that the phone goes all the way down to a mere 5 hertz. If you are stagnant on a screen, probably reading something and adjusts the screen refresh rate up when it comes to scrolling, which is also a plus feature to really make the phone consume. Less battery Now, if you are one of the persons who have only seen the phone on the internet, rest assured that the screen quality cannot be justified just by watching YouTube videos here, although I’m shooting this video in a 6K resolution, as you really need to see It in real life to really appreciate the colour accurate, True Billion Color 10 bit display. So what is the difference between this phone’s screen compared to others? Then? Well, I am glad you’ve asked So most smartphones use an 8 bit display, which has 16.

7 million colors compared to 1.07 billion colors on this 10 bit display. So with this, not only when it comes to photo, editing was great to get the exact colour tweaks for photos or even video editing. Just like a computer monitor where you have not only a colour, accurate screen, but also a superior dynamic range when doing editing as well. So is this claimed True Billion Color just a fad, or there is a truth to it. That is absolutely right. Now, on to the phone’s camera, just as a recap, the main lens is a 50 megapixel, f, 1.8 aperture, another 50 megapixel, f, 2.2 Ultrawide angle lens, where these two lenses are using the Sony, IMX 766 sensor, a 13 megapixel, f, 2.4 telephoto lens And a 3 Megapixel, f, 3.0 Micro Lens, and once again this is not your typical Macro lens, which has up to 60 times of magnification, Then, as for the front camera, it has a 32 megapixel, f, 2.4 aperture lens, Starting from the main lens. You will get the highest quality images, since this is the World’s ONLY billion colour camera, and I have to say that Oppo has really improved a lot when it comes to the image processing, where the overall images not only looks tack sharp, but it wasn’t over saturated. As most smartphones tend to do, which makes the photo taken to be really easily for you to upload on your social media accounts without worrying about editing after And you can take photos with a way higher 10 bit of HEIF format.

Instead of a typical compressed JPEG file, which was REALLY a big deal to get the utmost best image, So there is your answer: Aiman Faris Now, while some smartphones tend to give their best megapixel sensors towards the main lens Oppo has given us yet another high 50 Megapixels for the ultrawide angle, lens, which is the World’s ONLY Android, based smartphone, that has a 50 megapixel for the Ultrawide angle, lens, where the images also looked great, with amazing, dynamic range and, of course, as mentioned by Oppo. It is true that there is no barrel distortion and it was sharp from edge to edge and the amount of focal length that you get from the lens. It was extremely ultra wide. Indeed, What’s extra sweet is that this Ultrawide camera can quotconvertquot itself to the Macro Mode to get those really close up shots and it’s nice. That Oppo has decided to do that, since some phones like to just typically slap in … …, a Macro lens just for the sake of having quotanother lensquot And yes speaking of Macro Mode. We all need to take a moment to appreciate the Microscope mode on the phone with a ring light around it, which kind of reminds me of the very famously known Probe Lenses for cameras. And this also really reminded me of days when I was younger trying to get as close as possible to tiny little things, and this Microscopic camera is NOT just a gimmick, as it is actually something that delivers great results, and it would be a great conversation starter When talking about the phone too, So yes NFA, the Micro lens was truly impressive.

Indeed, Next, looking at the night mode photos, you will get flagship level shots with great balance of highlights and shadows as expected from Oppo. Now, looking at the phone’s selfie photos, it also looked great with nice skin tones with no sign of any softness on the images which was also really cool, While the portrait selfie mode was also great and the subject to background blur was pretty flagship level. I did find that sometimes the background can be overexposed, especially when there is a backlit situation, so keep that in mind, but overall it did turned out great. So there is your overall camera testing Bilal Ramadan. As for the video it records up to 4k at 30 frames per second for the rear camera, with tons of great video centric features like HDR log and BT 2020 colour gamut. There is also full manual controls for the ISO white balance, shutter speed and even focus, which is a great tool for those content creators out there Now, even with the regular video mode. I did find that the video footage to look really amazing and definitely one of the biggest pluses of the phone. Then, as for the front video camera, it can only record up to 1080p instead which it would be nicer if it could go up to 4k recording where it had a decent stabilisation and also great dynamic range. As for the phone’s sound quality or the speakers, it comes with stereo speakers where the overall sound projection and the sound volume was great and it is at its loudest with no distorted sounds at all where it also had quite a decent bass, but amazing highs and Mids and what’s extra sweet is the fact that it also has Dolby Atmos support, so you will get an excellent Dolby Cinema experience on your palm of your hands, especially with the amazing screen, as I mentioned earlier, and here is a quick, sound test for audio, followed By a movie, as well In terms of software, backed by Android 11 with the brand new Color OS version 11.

2, where I have to say that I really love the user interface, where Oppo has gone a really long way to perfecting this Android Skin. Not only the responsiveness is great, but the overall navigation and the multitasking was second to none, and I also appreciated the tiny but significant features like the Quick Launch. Where, once you press the fingerprint sensor, you can slide to open up to 5 apps, where you can choose the exact apps that you want and I’m sure that you will love the stock Android like icons and the Google Home feed integration. When you swipe your homescreen towards the left, which is such a helpful feature where more smartphones are doing this, as well As for gaming, as expected, gaming on the phone was really great, and there wasn’t a single moment that the phone had any overheating issues. Even a really long, gameplay, Now good news for you, PUBG Mobile fans out there, as the game ran perfectly at graphics, set to HD and even a higher Ultra HD, and only then there was a tiny bit of warmth, but it did not affect the gameplay, especially On that frame rate set to high, as well As for the phone’s battery, the Oppo Find X3 Pro comes with 4500 milliamps of battery, where my prediction of having a great battery life was indeed very true, because even with its 10 bit screen a high refresh rate And the WQHD display I’ve managed to get an average close to 4 hours and once I lowered the screen resolution to FHD, I got an average of 5 hours and 23 minutes of screen on time.

When I was at 15 battery Now, since the phone can charge up to 65 watts, SuperVooc 2.0 flash charge where the charger comes inside of the box … NICE, It got me from 0 to 40 in just 10 minutes, which was very sweet …. Indeed – and there is a wireless charging option up to 30W and Reverse wireless charging at 10W compared to the Oppo Find X2 Pro which didn’t have In conclusion, as you went through this review video, it is clear on how great of a smartphone that Oppo has given To us users as a very appealing and a very great option, So with this, it clearly shows that the phone is not ALL about having the microscopic lens, but also comes with one of the BEST. Smartphone displays a great build and amazing image and video quality making. This an all round beast of a flagship with a price of RM4299 and I’ll leave links down below for you guys to get yourself one. So there is your answer Mike Casper, So guys with this, I want to know … ….