4. This is not the company’s most entry level, smartphone it’s. Actually, i think it’s one or two tiers above the most basic phone that the company has to offer, and this phone is actually priced at 599. Ringgit, so with that in mind, is this phone actually any good, and should you actually buy it or not so let’s take a look at today’s, really quick review of the nokia 3.4. So let’s just talk about the phone. I have zero scripts here, but i do have a few benchmark data to show you later on, but we begin with the design of the nokia 3.4. It is available in a few different colors and all of them have this. I don’t know what’s. This called. It looks like a corrugated cardboard design kind of thing, especially with the color that i have here. You can definitely feel it with your fingertips and if you run it through with your fingernails, you can hear that and i do like its design overall it’s comfortable to hold really lightweight in comparison, but not too thin to the point where you just feel like snapping Off and there’s also a real fingerprint scanner, which i really like and combined with its pure android software, which will obviously get into later. You can do this, which is a feature that i i really miss actually now. The nokia 3.4 also comes with a snapdragon 460 chipset, alongside with three gigs of ram and 32 gigs of storage for our specific model right here in terms of specs it’s, definitely not the best out there for this price, but i would say it’s pretty much decent Enough to use day to day basis, of course, there are some stuttering here and there.

But overall, i would still say it’s a very usable experience and if you want to find out about its benchmarks, i’ll just show you all of the benchmark scores right here, because yeah i’m, not gon na use this phone to play. Games anyway and now. Looking at the back of this phone here, we have a total of three different cameras around its circular camera cut out, but only two of those cameras can be used to take pictures. We have a main camera here that shoots pretty decent, looking pictures out of it, but the colors are a bit too dull for me and they do need a bit more brightness and the colors should need a little bit more vibrancy so that it suits my personal Taste on what i would like to see from a picture and then, as for the ultra angle, camera, i would say it doesn’t actually look that good, it’s, very noisy for some reason, but noise aside, though i would say it’s pretty decent for an ultra angle. Camera of this price, but my problem with the cameras on the nokia 3.4, is not about the camera quality it’s, mostly about how long it takes to switch between the two cameras, because when you tap on the button to swap between the two cameras, it takes a Few good seconds to actually swap to the second camera and to be able to actually take a picture to me that is just kind of annoying and for the battery life, though the nokia 3.

4 does come with a 4 000 milliamp battery which, when combined with the Snapdragon 460 chipset and a 720p screen. It will definitely last you throughout the day without any issues at all. But my issue here is that this nokia 3.4 here comes included with a 5 watt charger. Yes, 5 watts. I mean i kind of expect 5 volts, 2 amps, those kind of 10 watts charger to be the bare minimum of smartphone these days, but no, we still get a 5 watts charger with this phone now, 5 watts does save your battery a lot in the long Run because, as you know, slower charging means that your battery will last longer in terms of its lifespan but um. I would prefer 10 watts instead, because currently, even with a 4 000 milliamp hour battery, this phone takes more than 3 hours. Yes, more than 3 hours to charge from 15, all the way to 100 it’s just way too slow, especially for a phone with a 4 000 million power battery and one of the most notable highlights about all nokia phones in general is the partnership between nokia and Google and yes, this phone is also using android one, which means stock, android, true and true, with zero bloatware and on the box here. It also says cutting edge software for longer and it’s, also android 11 ready so far, there’s no update for android 11, yet it’s still running on android 10 and after spending so much time with stock android.

I finally realized that stock android really needs to be updated. With more of the features which are found on other android skins, for example, my daily driver is the samsung galaxy s21 ultra. Before this i was also using a lot of samsung phones, and i don’t want to switch out of a samsung phone as my daily driver, because i really like one ui and all of its software features, for example, each panel. That is something really handy and stock. Android just doesn’t have it at all: they don’t even have rolling screenshots and i yeah – i just find it to be really clunky to be forever pressing. The screenshot key scroll down for a bit take another screenshot scroll down for a bit more and take another screenshot. I mean yeah rolling screenshot has been around for many years right now on other android skins, but not on stock android, and one more thing that i don’t really like about stock android. Is that if you just want to do something simple that stock android doesn’t? Have you have to download a separate app for that, which means that you are gon na get a lot more useless apps on your phone, which i am not a fan of, and so for the price of 599 ringgit. Is the nokia 3.4 worth it well? This is a bit of a tough question for me personally, i would say for the price of 599 ringgit, what you’re getting here is actually pretty decent, especially in terms of its experience overall it’s still better than some of the other android skins out there, but stock Android does have a lot to improve on and that’s it that’s all.

We have to share with you about the nokia 3.4. If you have any questions, leave them down in the comment section below and do tell us if you will actually buy a nokia smartphone or not. I mean, given that they do have some pretty good smartphones out there it’s just that. For some reason, the marketing and the hype around the phones is not as strong as it used to be.