I’Ve been wanting to do a review on this mount right here, it’s made by a company called ram mounts before i discuss the ram mount. Let me just go to some history, so i usually buy the largest iphone in size and as they get more and more, they get a little bit heavier and mine is iphone. Um 11 pro it’s pretty heavy, but with the amounts i bought before i used to go to the store. You know some of the big box stores or you know you know who they are and they have these different mounts window mounts and you know some had like spring load and you just put the phone in there and it loop and it snugs in. I probably went through half a dozen. I don’t know how much money i spent over there period of time once i started getting my mount for my phones, because i like to have my phone mounted in the window. It’S never really bothered me, but i like to be able to just reach up if i need to touch something for the map or whatever. I don’t have to take my eyes down and look down below me. So those mounts to be honest, were pretty crappy um and then one day i came across an ad, it may have been a youtube ad. It could have been an ad on some webpage. I was looking at and there’s an ad from a company called ram mounts ram mounts and they look pretty sturdy, so good faith.

I bought this one it’s the x grip, and this is the large one. I cannot say enough about this product man. I have owned this now. I went back and went through. My emails took my receipt when i first bought this. I first bought this no bs like an august september time frame of 2015., i mean you were talking, it’s been nearly six years. This mount i’ve never done nothing else to it. I still had the original bumpers and they slide up and down the spring mechanism. This mechanism, here you like little ball joints, so you just loosen up this little knob i mean you can switch vertical landscape vertical landscape. Tighten it up nothing. I’M, serious man. Nothing has gone wrong with this now this has been on honda, coupe windscreens and honda. Sis i’ve had 200 sis and a couple: honda coupes those windscreens slope so far back and if you’ve ever been in one of the honda coupes i mean you reach in i mean you’re like reaching in it’s like for a mile just to get anything to the Dash well, these mounts work perfect, so they’ve been in honda, civics golf gti nissan exterior, a tacoma frontier, my ridgeline crvs i’m. Probably missing a couple. I probably honda fits this mount ram. I honestly don’t know how you guys make money, because once somebody buys something they never had to buy anything else. Your craftsmanship is awesome. This thing is so stout and they make these mounts.

They make up for motorcycles. Uh utility vehicles, atvs um dude. They probably make them for like a sub i’m serious, so this suction cup – i just keep it clean. I apply a little bit of water here and ram. If you may not need to apply water, you may state that i’ve always done it. I don’t know why it’s just a habit, but i just i clean my windscreen or my window – apply some water on here now this mechanism here what this does? Is it really sucks the suction cup? To the glass i mean you could, probably you could probably repel from this don’t try it, but seriously. This thing is fantastic. You could drop this from a building and i bet you would be okay. I bet you, i could just chuck it out my second floor window here and it would land to be okay now the one thing some folks may not like about this mount. It requires two hands, so you need to have one hand to to open it up. Need another hand to secure the phone and this phone it ain’t going nowhere. I mean look at that i’m. This thing has gone: uh rough roads um. I took it on some off road minor off road trails. Mind you in arizona my phone always stayed in there. The only time this has ever popped out of my window and the only time is an extreme winter when their front windshield is ice, cold and it’s probably done it.

I don’t know maybe once or twice during the winter and all it does is just bloop pops off and again nothing’s broken it’s falling onto gearshift levers. You name it. I just wipe the window down. Let my windscreen warm up a little bit and then just suck it right back up to the window and it’s fine, so i’ll have a link in my uh description below where you can buy these, you can buy them from the factory direct. I have a link from amazon now i don’t recall what i paid for mine six years ago, but right now on amazon it’s about 72 bucks 72 dollars. I spent well over that and all the other crazy amounts i bought over the years, but you don’t have to buy one like this from ram. You know if you don’t want this long arm on it. I mean they’re, so interchangeable i mean it’s like buying a strip down harley. You can add everything to it so ram mount. This is the x grip. This is the large one which is designed to hold the large phones and again samsung’s. I mean they even make these for ipads seriously. They make these for ipads, but you just literally just grip. It in here slap the phone in there and you’re gone man, and sometimes when i’m driving. I want to like switch to portrait mode, real, quick from portrait to uh landscape like to videotape something. So i just take this little lever here on the side loosen it up a little bit and then my phone just turns landscape, or i can just put it back to portrait, but it’s i mean you could turn this thing.

A million dozen ways i’m, not being sponsored by ram i’m just doing this, because this is a product i believe in. If i ever need another mount i’m only buying this one, man i’m only buying ram mounts indefinitely. So again the description will be in my uh. The link will be my description. You can buy this on amazon, fantastic product ram. Thank you thanks for all of you who subscribe to my videos thanks for requests. You know some folks asked me to measure the inside of the cab of the rear of the rail of the ridgeline. Hey brett. Can you measure door handle door handle? I went out and did it hey, can you do a video of the trunk? You know i’ve done it. So any video you guys can think of you’d like me to do vlog whatever i don’t care. I mean i’m here for you guys. I really appreciate all your kind words. I appreciate the comments um good, some of the constructive ones. I have very few hater comments, which i really appreciate again: i’m, just a regular dude man i’m. Just trying to do my thing – and you know, entertain people with my videos, so this is my style, so i like it thanks for subscribing.