God knows what xiaomi smartphone that’s launched so far in 2021, it’s, like every time i’m getting ready to take a week off. Show me pops up like hey, guess what we got. Another smartphone for you now xiaomi’s redmi, note 10 pro, which launched earlier in 2021, is still one of my favorite budget blowers. Right now and the me 11 light. She has a lot of the dna with that redmi note 10 pro, including that lush oled screen and some well and truly feature packed camera tech. So the question, then, is what is new with the me 11 lite, and is it worth picking up over that redmi phone well i’ve had my sims stuffed inside of the xiaomi mi 11 lite for the past week or so and here’s my in depth review and For more the latest greatest deck, please do poke, subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers now. This surprisingly slender wee chappy sports, quite a simple but an enjoyable design with a reflective super shiny back end that looks glass but it’s. Actually, just your bog standard budget plastic! You can grab it in peach, pink or bubblegum blue. Those are more colorful options if you’d rather knock off. This standard mirror black effect, although no matter your choice that shiny surface and becomes a proper smudge fest after just a few minutes of fondling about a dozen times a day, i had to give the me11 light a proper good buffing to send that grease straight back To hell and oh yeah, the me11 light is a slippery wii bugger as well.

Thanks that friction, this back, stick it down on any smooth surface, that isn’t 100 completely flat, and then you can just watch it casually glide its way to the edge before hurling itself. Over into oblivion, don’t worry mate. I know how you feel. Xiaomi’S budget blower is impressively light at just over 150 grams, so it’s great for anyone with prepubescent child biceps. Like myself, though, at 6.55 inches, it is a bit of a bugger to use one handed. That is, unless you call on a bit of miui help and yeah. The mi 11 light may have a placky back like pretty much every budget blow, but at least it’s coated in gorilla glass, 5 up front to keep that display pristine and at least the back end so far, touchwood reasonably scuff free couple of tiny little scratches down Here at the bottom end again pretty standard for a budget blower and yeah. You don’t get an official ip rating for water resistance, but the me11 light isn’t bothered by a bit of moisture, i’ve, splashed all kinds of stuff. On this thing over the easter weekend. That sounds all kinds of wrong, but yeah let’s, just move on and it’s been absolutely fine. The software experience here definitely gave me a hefty dose of deja vu because it’s, basically the same as the redmi note. 10 pro the poco x3 pro and most of the budget phones that i’ve reviewed in 2021, what you get is: android 11 with xiaomi’s own miui, 12 launcher spattered all over it like a bit of brown sauce on a cocktail.

Sausage, not gon na lie i’m kind of a little bit sick of banging on about miui. At this point and i’m sure a lot of you, lovely motherfuls, are sick of hearing me bang on about it as well, but here’s. A brief recap of the good and the bad bit for anyone. Who’S missed out so far, so version 12 of the miui launcher mostly retains that stock android vibe there aren’t any glaring emissions you’ve got an apps tray by default. Thank god. You’Ve got the likes. The google discover feed you’ve got your notifications bar, which is easier to drag down and know there aren’t any adverts cluttering up me ui, as some rumors would have it uh. The only place i saw any adverts was when i was installing a new app and those can be quickly and easily disabled didn’t notice, any obvious glaring bugs or anything when i was using the me 11, like one time when i was skyping with the folks back Home the cameras froze up, but that might have been down to skype rather than me, ui, because, frankly, skype’s a mess but yeah 100 me ui, can be a little bit janky at times and on the surface level, for instance, just skimming around through the ui can Be a little bit juddery uh, which kind of detracts from the overall smooth performance. On the flip side, though, xiaomi has added some worthy features to the android stable, including a gaming mode and some cool video tools and something i always bring up in these miui videos.

As well is the excellent control center, which has been wholesale lifted from apple, which gives you fast access to all kinds of uh, nifty, toggles and also your smartphone gear as well. But anyway, if you are interested in learn more about me ui, i have done a full video on me. Ui 12. So go check that out. As far as the storage goes here on the xiaomi mi 11 lite, where you’ve got choice, either 64 or 128 gigs of storage, some budget blowers, they tend to have 128 gigs as standard, so that’s slightly miserly, but what’s more annoying. Here on the m11 light is the fact that you don’t get any support for micro, sd memory card expansion, and that is a real damn. Shame because that’s no doubt going to put some heavy users off. You know you have that support. On the redmi note. 10. Pro you’ve got it on the poco x3 pro you’ve got the real me. Eight pro you’ve got pretty much every other budget blower out there. So no excuse so let’s have a shift here that 6.55 inch amoled screen, which matches a lot of recent budget. Rivals like the realme 8 pro and xiaomi’s on redmi note 10 pro for visual glory, it’s, a full hd plus resolution panel, which means crisp images when you’re checking out high def content, plus the 10 bit color smarts means that your photos and other bits can be Naturally, reproduced or you can dive into those display settings and really make their colors pop.

The mi 11 lite also sports, hdr, 10 plus content in streaming services like netflix, so no real complaints at all. When i bumped up that brightness to maximum levels off – and i had no trouble with visibility outdoors, even when wearing shades on a really sunshiny day, like we’ve surprisingly had over the easter weekend, uh so yeah read the messages watching videos all that good stuff, no trouble And you’ve got a 90 hertz refresh option here on the me 11 light as well, so it’s, not 120 hertz, like some recent rivals, like the poco x3 pro, but to my knack and all dies: 90 hertz 120 hertz both offer the same sort of smoothness anyway, And as i mentioned before, unfortunately, with the miui slight jankiness, you do get a little bit of judgment as you’re flicking about anywhere, which kind of detracts from that lovely, smooth performance, you’re already always blasted out of stereo speakers and that’s, just fine for some youtube or Netflix action with a strong top volume and fairly balanced, sound bluetooth streaming was tops as well. No issues with the connection, strength or the stability even had a good bit of ldac action. When i was streaming to my sony, headphones really enjoyed what i was hearing and it’s just as well, that the bluetooth is so good because, unfortunately, for some reason, the mi 11 does not offer any headphone jack action. And i can only assume that they decided to kill the microsd memory cards board and that headphone jack in order to get the phone, quite so slim and so light, but it’s, not a trade off i’d, really particularly want to make for me 11.

Like was super compact as well, then yep, fine, okay, i could live with it, but honestly i yeah. No. I like that redmi note, 10 pro the xiaomi handset is powered by the snapdragon 732g platform, backed by a respectable six gigs of ram and i’ve already mentioned. The slightly jottery performance i experienced when i was skimming through this, not quite so elegant launcher, but apart from that, i had bugger all problems with the performance. Apps load up quickly and run as expected and game is delight because you can spend a dull afternoon mentally murdering online fours, with no thermal issues or other complaints. Pubg and call of duty fans are definitely well served, especially as that touchscreen is supremely responsive and you’ve got those handy. Gaming features to block calls screenshot your achievements, all that jazz. However, if you do want to play more demanding titles like gentian impact, then you’ll definitely have to have a gander at the poco x3 pro instead, which packs in a snapdragon 860 chipset – and this is just a standard, lte budget handset there’s no 5g support offered here By the standard may 11 light, but xiaomi has also launched at the same time a xiaomi mi 11 lite 5g, which uses the snapdragon 780 g chipset instead with 5g smarts. So if you want yourself a proper bit, future proofing then definitely grab one of those little bleeders. Now the mi 11 light. Certainly doesn’t boast one of the biggest batteries around as far as budget blows go it’s a 4 250 milliamp cell stuffed inside of here, but i still found that was more than up to the job, even on really really intensive days.

So, for instance, the most intensive day over the easter weekend, i got up nice and early. I used it as a sat nav for about an hour or so in the car. I was streaming music for a good sort of three or four hours throughout the day. Podcasts as well used the camera, a ton and i didn’t stagger into bed until well after midnight and still had 10 battery remaining that’s with roughly six hours of screen time in total, i found that most other days, i’d end up with about 20 to 30 percent. Left at the end of the day, so yeah no worries whatsoever if you’re gon na be away from home for a full one. Meanwhile, the 33 watt fast charger is pretty standard for this sort of budget price point, as is the complete lack of wireless charging. Now the triple lens rear cam on the me11 light is spearheaded by a very capable 64 megapixel primary sensor, which deals pretty well with the range of testing conditions. You get 16 megapixel photos by default thanks to the pixel bit in tech, and my test photos were similar to the redmi note 10, pro i’m talking detail, packed and with admirable color capture for a budget blower. Even when that lighting is a bit tricky, moving subjects are often cleanly captured, no blur to ruin that pick even when you’re shooting quite up close and the portrait mode can add an effective bit of background bokeh action.

If you fancy it, hdr situations are handled fairly. Admirably as well, although you will notice some saturation and blurs if you do push it too far, while low light snaps can be rescued somewhat with the night mode, even if it doesn’t exactly have a particularly big impact. An 8 megapixel ultra wide angle lens offers a very different angle of the action when you need it, albeit with usual distortion and serious color compromises and you’ve also got a 5 megapixel macro snapper. If you want to shoot something really up close for reasons and video recording is usually just as dependable as the photo smarts with the occasional focus issue aside at that 4k 30 frames per second level, you can expect a sharp picture and pretty decent image stabilization to Boot, while audio was clearly picked up, both in front of and behind of the lens and last up there’s a 20 megapixel selfie snapper up front, which i again bugger all complaints with. Really, apart from the fact that you’ve got to knock off that beauty mode, shenanigans straight away to avoid looking all artificially smooth, this again comes with usual portrait, smarts, etc and even does a pretty decent job indoors. Sorry there’s, my full final frank review of the xiaomi me 11 light and i did enjoy using it as my full time. Smartphone these past few days, but i’ve got to say the fact that they’ve killed off the headphone jack and the microsd memory card expandability makes me think.

Why would you pick this up ahead of the redmi note 10 pro, if both of them are available around the same sort of price point, i do love how gloriously, skinny and light this thing is, but honestly it’s not a good enough trade off when that headphone Jack is going because i do use that headphone jack a fair bit in my day to day existence. If those two little pinpoints don’t particularly bother, you then i’d say jump on board it’s some slick hardware for a nice price. I just kind of wish that xiaomi would slow down a bit when it comes to its budget for launches, because they’re all starting to sort of blend into one a bit but anyway enough waffle for me that’s. What i think, what do you guys think would be great to hear your thoughts down in the comments below? Please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest deck.