Finally closed all the gaps and made the flagship phone we’ve always wanted. It has a beautiful design gorgeous display all those little features that are missing on past phones like official water resistance, wireless charging. It has top of the line performance, a huge brand camera collab massive battery and so much more. The 9 pro finally assumes the form of a flagship phone but that’s all stuff. We see on the surface after using this phone for the last few days. There are plenty of good things to report, but also a few things i’m, a little bit iffy on. So, first up one of the good things with this phone. If not one of my favorite things here is the design i think it’s. Really. A beautiful phone definitely has some nice personality versus the previous 8t it’s, a beautiful device, there’s excellent feeling, clicky buttons, a slider switch, which i think all phones should honestly have unless you cycle between ring vibrate and silence, it’s, awesome and speaking of vibration. The motor inside this phone is pretty incredible. Oneplus definitely knows what they’re doing in this area for sure it could be a bit stronger when vibrating in your pocket, but when adjusting sliders and other areas where there’s haptics it feels very clean and sharp up front there’s. An always on display with some of my favorite clock and display customization options, and there are quite a few and powering on that display. You’Re greeted with an in display fingerprint scanner.

The scanner itself is placed a bit lower on the display than most other phones, but for my testing i was able to get used to it pretty quickly. It’S fast it’s, accurate, it’s, pretty good and the screen itself is gorgeous. The best word to explain. The display here is liquid. The 6.7 inch panel bleeds over the edges ever so slightly, but accidental touches are non. Existent 120 hertz is incredibly fluid and smooth and daily tasks like navigating the ui swiping around it’s, really a treat and the display gets bright. Colors are gorgeous and it’s a 2k resolution phone with full 120hz refresh rate, so it’s bright, it’s, fast it’s beautiful. What more could you ask for it’s, a gorgeous display and speaking of speed, there really isn’t that much to say about performance and that’s honestly, a good thing, because you know oneplus, speed and fluidity is their thing and with that 120hz refresh rate combined with the top Of line snapdragon 888 processor, 8 or 12 gigs of ram, i have 12 gigs day to day performance and even more intensive stuff is a dream. Whether you’re multitasking just navigating the user interface swiping around switching between apps and gaming, not a single stutter drop in frames or much of a delay with anything and with gaming. There are plenty of optimizations here to make the experience even better, as well as a dedicated game mode from oneplus. Simply put oneplus marketing with fast and smooth definitely is not a lie.

This phone is not messing around. It is one of the smoothest phone experiences i’ve used all year so far and knowing oneplus track record. This phone should feel fast for many many years, it’s got the specifications, it’s got the optimizations it’s got clean and beautiful software. This phone’s gon na be quick, and the software here is pretty incredible. Oneplus oxygen os continues to be one of my favorite android skins, but it is of course way beyond just being a visual update to android there’s, actually so many customization options with this phone from removing app labels to home screen, tweaks icon, tweaks accent, colors top notch. Gesture controls display enhancements oxygen, os is 10 out of 10. it’s got features on features and features, and many things you can actually do to customize your phone without getting party, apps or launchers, or any stuff like that, it’s all built in all, while feeling beautiful and Minimal what’s, really not so minimal, though, is the amount of hype that oneplus has thrown into the camera situation on this device and there’s a little bit to get into oneplus has really been hyping up their hasselblad collaboration for what feels like months now and basically hasselblad Is a brand that makes really expensive pro beautiful, high performance cameras that are highly regarded in the photography world? They didn’t really contribute to the actual camera hardware here, but mostly just a software tie in image tuning and also a brand image bump for oneplus.

So they can really push that the cameras are a big deal with this phone, so the 16 megapixel selfie camera here in bright conditions. It does take some okay selfies. The phone also shoots 1080p video up to 60 frames per second you’re hearing the microphone quality. From this phone right now also it’s pretty smooth with electronic image stabilization, so you can walk around. You can vlog you’re going to be stable and in the shot, but the rear, camera setup is definitely a lot more exciting. It’S, a 48 megapixel main camera 50 megapixel. Ultra wide camera 8 megapixel 3.3 times optical zoom camera and a 2 megapixel depth, sensing black and white camera, the best way to explain the cameras here is good, but still a bit inconsistent, i got ta say the newest software update definitely did wonders for the camera. Experience but it’s still not perfect. Don’T get me wrong, though: the phone does take some excellent shots and oneplus certainly has its own sort of visual style with photos on this device, but i find the phone either goes super saturation on shots or a little bit too dull. In some situations there really isn’t too much of a middle ground, it’s kind of one or the other. I find the phone does over sharpen things a little bit much as well, especially outdoors, and if you pinch to zoom in things, look a bit sharper than they really need to be at times and in brighter situations.

The phone does struggle a little bit with lens flares too. Depth of field is natural and beautiful here with the main sensor and the ultrawide camera is excellent, even in lower light situations, which is fantastic, Music. The telephoto camera is kind of good to have, i guess, and sometimes takes excellent shots from a distance, but the colors from this camera and the general look of photos is not really as good as the main camera, if i’m being honest and actually taking photos. The shutter speed is quick, but sometimes feels a little bit slow at the same time, evidenced by shots that you were holding perfectly still for turning out kind of blurred. Night photos once again are kind of inconsistent. Sometimes they turn out great with lots of detail. Natural look, they’re bright but other times i’d say about 60 of the time they turn out a little bit blurry, even with nightscape on you, stand still for a few seconds with this mode on the phone takes the shot and the end result is usually pretty good, But that blur every once in a while is kind of annoying, especially if you’re waiting for your shot to process. But if you want more control over the photos, yourself there’s, actually a killer manual mode, thanks to most likely hasselblad with focus, peaking raw shooting iso adjustment. All that fun stuff it’s great video recording in 4k up to 8k is also pretty good. It has a similar color profile to photos at times which trends between saturated and flat, leaning, a bit more flat with video videos are sharp.

Stabilization is smooth and solid, but i find it does like to bump up shadows and highlights a little bit with every shot kind of washing out some of the details. Music, but videos at night, though, are quite nice. So, overall, the cameras in this phone are good and they certainly have gotten a lot better than when this phone initially launched. Oneplus has been putting in work, making the camera experience better. Now using this phone on the daily battery life is solid. I wouldn’t say it’s the best battery life king of the year so far, but that being said, it does last a full day for me and i’m, a pretty heavy user. But if you’re trying to go past that i would definitely bring a charger with you. I use my phone quite a bit, especially at home, watching videos out and about taking photos replying to emails using social apps, all that fun stuff. I really push my phone, but this phone has a super power and that’s fast charging 65 watt wire charging with oneplus charger and cable and 50 watt wireless charging with oneplus new wireless charger, which is actually pretty good and definitely a visual and functional improvement. From the last one, they shipped so here’s an example of charging an action. I was working on a project till late at night forgot to plug. In my phone before i went to sleep and i woke up in the morning. My phone was literally at one percent.

Now i also had a pretty big shoot that day as well and typically in this situation, i’d be stressing out i’d, be all worried. I wouldn’t have battery for the whole day, but with this phone i just plugged it in within 30 minutes. Before i even finished my coffee before i was ready to leave, my phone was at 100 battery, one percent to 100 in under 30 minutes crazy. So, while the battery life is solid, not groundbreakingly long lasting being able to charge your phone so quick with no stress that’s, a huge win for the 9 pro. Oh also, it has reverse wireless charging, so that’s pretty cool okay. So this phone does 90 of things. We expect from a flagship, expensive phone and does them right and yeah. This phone definitely is an expensive device. Now, no longer is it a flagship phone at a budget price it’s, a flagship phone at a flagship price it’s, got that gorgeous design and smooth beautiful display fast performance, one of the best software experiences around solid battery life and fast charging that no one can top. But with the big compromise being the inconsistent camera, but if you don’t mind the camera experience on this phone, you’ve done your research, you don’t mind how photos look and you’re willing to take a bet that oneplus will fix the camera over time on this device and I’M sure they will then you’re gon na absolutely love the oneplus 9 pro i’ma hang on to this phone wait for those updates to roll in test up the camera experience even more and maybe i’ll make a long term review in the near future.

But for now i want to hear your thoughts on the 9 pro in the comments down below like the video.