When the review units came the nine and the nine pro, i put it into the nine, because i thought that this would be the device that i’d be switching over to. Instead of the nine pro i like the flat screen the upgraded camera system, i thought that this would be my phone for this year and there’s a lot to like about it. It truly is a great phone in a lot of ways, but it does have a fairly large deficiency in the camera system which we’ll get into in a second, so let’s get into the stuff i like about it first, so i really like this display flat screen. It gets more than bright enough. In fact, i actually find it quite difficult to tell the difference between the 9 and the 9 pro in terms of how bright they get same with the touch sampling rate. 9 pro goes to 360 hertz. This is at 240. Both super responsive, i feel, like the difference, is almost imperceptible in terms of the resolution it’s a 1080p panel, so you can tell the difference between this and a 1440p screen if you look for it, but i think at this price point 730 us dollars most people Are gon na love this display? The speakers are good, they’re stereo and they sound just like the nine pro speakers to me: they’re, not like gamer phone good, but they’re good. Now, in terms of battery life, 4 500 milliamp hour battery, that was comfortably getting seven seven and a half hours of screen on time.

Every time i charge this thing, the one thing i noticed, though, is that i’m getting more consistent battery life on this than the nine pro, and i think it’s, because it’s 1080p screen doesn’t have ltpo so you’re. Just your battery life is more reliable on your everyday use, whereas if you you know, if you’re just staring at websites on this thing, you can extend it a lot longer because it can drop down the refresh rate, but on this it’s more consistent, the super fast 65 vr chargers included in the box, but the wireless charging capabilities is reduced a little bit on the 9., so the 9 pro has a 50 watt wireless charging capability. This only has 15 it’s like a more standard, somewhat semi fast wireless charging, i’m perfectly happy with it. I feel like you’d have to have some very demanding needs to really need that 50 watt wireless charging, but i think the overall hardware on the 9 is pretty solid right, but because it’s oneplus being the new oneplus, they got ta just they got ta get one In so let’s talk about the cameras, so i was convinced that the camera system on the nine would be at least as good as the one in the 8 pro, because it’s the same sensor. Right and it’s got the new hasselblad partnership with new software and well let’s just get right into it, for whatever reason, the oneplus 9 does not have optical image.

Stabilization on the main sensor, it’s, the weirdest thing, it’s a very unfortunate thing. So what is oas, and why is it important right, it’s, a hardware feature that moves the sensor and the lens around physically inside, to compensate for your hand when it’s moving around taking pictures, where you want your hand or you want the sensor to be, as still As possible, when you’re taking pictures now in perfect lighting conditions, it doesn’t make a difference. It’S a quick shutter there’s, no difference right, but if you have any kind of tougher shooting condition or you’re trying to catch something quickly or you’re, taking a picture something that’s moving. It’S very noticeable, and i am shocked that they’ve removed it on the oneplus 9. Basically, every oneplus flagship has had ois for years and they removed it on this device. This is a 730 phone. This isn’t like their super cheap nord lineup. This is, for all intents and purposes, a flagship device from oneplus and it’s gone, and it really makes a difference, especially in low light photos. The images are just softer than they should be and then combine it with the fact that there’s, a bit of shutter delay right now, it’s a software issue that we’ve talked about in several videos, but even if they fix that there’s something about the lack of ois. That makes me feel like this isn’t as good of a camera system, as it should be. It really should be better because look at the price point of this thing, in fact, i wouldn’t be surprised if this was the world’s most expensive phone, that doesn’t have ois like what other phone that’s 730 dollars does not have optical image.

Stabilization, like legitimately it’s strange for it not to have it now. The software otherwise is great. The hasselblad partnership has great colors for more realistic, looking images and better skin tones, and the ultrawide sensor is also really good. It’S, just like the oneplus 9 pro nice clean distortion, free images, i like the ultrawide, i like the colors, but the lack of ois straight up, sucks and same with the zoom lens right, but not having a zoom in here, but leaving behind the black and white Camera it’s just for them for one plus the cost of switching out that black and white camera for zoom lens would have been so inexpensive and the user experience had been so much better, but they do it because, like this right, you know why they do it. It’S like why upgrade the nine pro when you just downgrade the nine to make the nine pro look better, it’s, the classic upsell okay uh. Now i don’t want to take away from the best feature of oneplus phones really it’s their software it’s. What drew me to the brand in the first place and even to this day, it’s just so much better than any other android offerings to me, it’s clean with a lot of extra functionality, which i value. I do hope, though, that they continue to support their older devices in a more timely manner. I feel like they’ve kind of dropped the ball over the past year and their older devices aren’t as well supported as they have been in the past, but overall, i still think that they have the best software in the game.

Now the real question is: do i write? Do i still recommend this phone 730? No ois plastic frame? No zoom. Is it still a good phone? Yes, it is it just it sucks to see oneplus doing this like strategic and like tactical removal of features to upsell. The oneplus 9 pro i hate, seeing it like clearly they’re doing it for profit right by removing that stuff. This guy looks that much better. It looks that much more appropriately priced, but i just i just don’t, like it it’s weird uh and i don’t think other companies do it as aggressively as oneplus, because the removal of oas that’s, serious man that’s no one else – has done that. Yet, okay that’s, the video hope you guys enjoyed it thumbs.