This is nirmal here and in this video we’re gon na do a detailed review of the new oppo f9 pro so open launch three devices at the oppo f19 pro plus and the oppo f19 pro. There is also oppo f19. Coming later now, this device is the oppo f9 pro, and this device is a 4g chipset, and this device comes with an amoled display: 48 megapixel quad camera a 16 megapixel selfie camera. Then you get a decent battery and this is powered by the helio uh. P95 octa core processor, which isn’t the best out there, but we’ll talk about that in a while, so that’s the minimum hardware offered on this device so let’s see how good it is for the price segment. It is priced 21, 490 that’s. The pricing of the oppo f19 pro now let’s start the detailed aspect. So if this is your first time on, this channel do hit that red subscribe button and also hit the bell icon to get notified of all the videos we publish so let’s begin. So, first up let’s have a look at the design and build quality. Now, if you look at the design, this is a very compact and lightweight device and it’s very slim as well. You can see that the slimness looks really nice and it’s very lightweight, almost less than 180 grams one of the lightest devices out there. It feels really nice a compact to use the form factor of 6.

4 3 inches again it’s a sweet spot. Actually, at least for me, it feels really nice enhanced. The design looks quite okay, uh the rectangular layout, for the camera looks great and overall, the finishing is also pretty good, and here you get a finishing it’s, a frosted kind of finish, although it’s a poly carbon material, it’s kind of roasted finish, which actually feels quite Good now, the device has a pretty good design and we’ll call that something which oppo has been maintaining uh in this price segment. So the design and build quality overall feels really nice. You get a punch, holder, selfie camera in the front panel. That again feels quite okay, so already in terms of design and build quality, we are quite happy with what the oppo f19 pro offers now. Next let’s talk about the display. Now we get an amoled display out there here, so you can see it’s a molar display and it has pretty good colors. The touch response also feels very nice, and this is a standard refresher. There is no 120 hertz or 90 hertz, which is kind of disappointing. Probably because it’s a standard 60 hertz oppo could have provided at least 90 hertz super proceed, which is a kind of a feature which is missing in this price segment. Now the display quality definitely looks good it’s, a colorful and vibrant display and the viewing angles, and the touch response feels pretty smooth and overall display quality.

Being an amulet panel looks really vibrant. Now next let’s talk about the software, so this is one very important aspect, because oppo has been continuously improving the software aspect. Now this device comes with the android 11 and color os 11. Now uh, this device comes with a very really clean and uh, very minimalistic. Ui oppo has done a really good work with the color os 11 and it does offer plenty of options to customize and get the best out of your device, including themes and other customization options. Support so it’s a well equipped ui and it does pretty well, especially in terms of memory management. The opposed color os did exceptionally well uh in our testing, so that’s one area where oppo has done really well, so the software experience definitely good there’s no ads on this ui very clean ui and very easy to navigate as well the app drawer. Everything works pretty well so, overall in terms of color os experience, we’re quite happy with whatever oppo offers on the f19 pro now next let’s move on to the performance, so this device is powered by the helio p95 octa core processor, with 8 gigabyte ram. Now this is where things go slightly different or kind of awkward, because p95 is not really the powerful chipset for this price segment. Uh oppo should have gone with a better chipset at least uh, if not the 5g chipset at least some something in the snapdragon series, or even the helio, p95 or other g95 would have been much better option because the g95 is really performing chipset, but the helio P95 is not a great chipset, at least for the 21 to 22 000 price segment and the gaming experience is quite average on this device, even with the 22 000 price device.

The gaming experience is kind of very much average that’s, just definitely disappointing, so processor isn’t the best out there and but in terms of day to day experience. It provides a decent experience, no lags whatsoever uh. We didn’t see any stutters here, but uh. The performance of the chipset is in the satisfactory at least for the price segment it is being offered. It should have been a much better chip on this device, so that’s the performance side. So this is not recommended for gamers at this price segment. Now let’s uh move on to the camera, so we get a 48 megapixel quad camera. You get an 8 megapixel ultrawide a depth sensor and a macro sensor and on the front you get a 16 megapixel selfie camera. Now cameras have been quite good here now, even in the oppo f19 pro plus. Also, the cameras are quite okay. Now here also, you get a pretty good camera experience and the daylight shots came out quite well. The sharpness levels, the details were kind of okay, if not the best out there. It was definitely good and there was no major saturation or issues and overall experience with a wide angle also looks quite okay, again, not the best out there, but uh yeah. This won’t disappoint. For most users, it does give a pretty good vibrant colorful images, and overall close up images also came out quite well now low light experience was definitely not the best out there, but again it was kind of surprising with the night mode turned on it actually produced.

Pretty good imaging results and we’re quite happy with what it offered uh in the night mode, although it may not be the best out there in terms of camera experience but it’s, definitely not a one which would disappoint most users, so that’s the camera aspect. So cameras. Definitely looks quite uh promising and even the selfie experience was quite okay now. Finally, moving on to the battery uh, so this device comes with the 4310 mah capacity battery and thirty volt volt charging. Now the volt charging uh takes uh uh slightly more time than the 50 watt charging, which was there on the oppo f19 pro plus, but still 30 watt is definitely a good charging speed and you get pretty good battery life actually or more than a day of Battery life easily on this device, so battery life is good and oppo has done a pretty good optimization in terms of the color os as well. So battery life is definitely good, so that was a detailed review of the oppo f19 pro. So should you buy it? Now the device is priced at 21, 490, that’s, 21, 500 rupees. So should you buy it so if you’re looking for a good device in terms of the experience, especially with the color os ad free experience, a good set of cameras, a good amoled display and lightweight design and good battery life, then this is definitely a decent device To consider, but if you’re a gamer or you want the best performing device or if you even if you want a 5g device, then this is definitely not the one to go, because the helio p95 is not really a great chip for this price segment.