This is ranjit and in this video let’s, do the unboxing and have a look at the spoko x3 pro and there’s a lot of hype about this smartphone. So let’s have a look at this one and guys uh. This is the higher end variant that comes with eight gigabytes of ram uh. The base variant comes with six gigabytes of ram and that’s for nineteen thousand. This is for two uh twenty one thousand, and these are sold via flip card and now guys uh. Here again, it says that it’s part by the snapdragon 860 soc. This is nothing but the snapdragon 855 plus uh, you could say and uh. This is uh having actually a 6.67 inch screen. Uh it’s, not an amoled screen guys a normal ips lcd, but it has a refresh rate of 120 hertz and i think so. Poco is targeting this smartphone towards power users and gamers. So let’s have a look at this one. So this just comes out and we have the poco branding. This just opens like this, so we do get a case and some paperwork over here. Let’S. Look at this case, so we it’s a transparent kind of a case not totally transparent, slight grayish tint and we have a cut out for the camera and we have the smartphone itself, which says poco over here, and they have sent us again in this blue color. This actually reminds me of the poco x2 that one also i got was the blue color one and we have a sticker let’s see how this comes out, and we also again have this branding over here.

I don’t know why these smartphone vendors are doing this one. Like this, what do you feel about the branding? At least this is a little bit subtle. Uh, the real me dare to leave is just obnoxious, i would say, but yeah. This is what it is and it looks actually nice it’s a different pattern here. It is plastic. This feeds a little bit different. Then we have that quad camera set up on this one, a main is a 48 megapixel uh. Then we have eight megapixel ultrawide. Then again, those two 2 megapixel rubbish cameras that we have front facing is supposed to be 20 uh we’ll, look at the device later guys, let’s see what else do we get uh? So we have a usb uh cable that we are having here usb type c and charger uh that’s a usb type, a to type c1, and this is a fast charger. That’S, a 33 watt, fast charger in the box, so that’s what we get in the box. So let me keep this to the side and let’s come back to the device itself and let me give you a physical overview uh. We have an ir blaster, so that’s, actually nice. I was not expecting that so that’s a nice thing and we also have a secondary noise cancellation, microphone volume, rocker a power on off button with the fingerprint scanner embedded. I generally like these, because these are pretty fast. I would say: uh bottom will be the speaker.

This one also claims to have stereo speakers guys we look at it, how it does type c port, a 3.5 mm headphone jack, and they claim that this one is having a high res audio. So that’s, actually a nice thing, and here is our sim tray. So let’s look at it so it’s a hybrid solution, guys uh no dedicated slot uh, but i believe the micro sd card up to one terabyte is supported on this one. So hybrid solution, you’re getting but the base studio is 128 gigabytes. So i feel that’s good enough now, anyways let’s do one thing. Let me just power this on and i’ll just set this up and then we’ll continue so guys, it’s. Actually, the next day i’ve used this smartphone a little bit before. I wanted to give you my initial impressions. I just wanted to use this for a little bit and i’ve also done a little bit of gaming. For example, i played call of duty on this one and it played it brilliantly on even the high graphics settings with high frame rates. It had no issues and that’s all thanks to the adreno 640 gpu. That is there on uh this one, and there are some things that i have noticed on this uh smartphone. The charger actually also supports power delivery. So what does that mean? For example, if you have any modern laptop uh, most of them have a power delivery charger and in fact the smartphone also supports power delivery.

I in fact i tried to charge this smartphone with my macbook airs charger. That is power, delivery and it could charge this quickly and the reverse was also possible. Using this charger, i was able to charge the macbook air also so it’s nice to see that they are enabling this power delivery and it makes your life easy. I would say you just carry one charger for your laptop and for your smartphone, so that’s, actually a nice thing and again it’s a fast charger guys this charges very quickly now coming to the ui. This one is running on me ui, but this one has a poco launcher on it, and, apart from this call of duty, i did not install a lot of other apps. There is some extra junk where that is installed, guys, for example, facebook, linkedin and some of the apps like netflix prime video. These were installed on this one uh, so that’s what we have a droid etcetera. I installed uh. So, apart from that it’s, a poco launcher and it’s very, very smooth in ui, if you notice and the reason for that is uh – this is on 120 hertz. The screen is actually 120 hertz it’s ips lcd screen it’s a good one, it’s, not an amoled guys, but this is a good quality screen and 120 hertz that’s. Why? Everything is very, very smooth, and i like the fact that the front glass is actually gorilla. Glass. 6, so that’s nice, actually because some of the pretty expensive smartphones are also now giving gorilla glass, five so nice to see they are giving gorilla glass six on uh this one and also before we move ahead.

Let’S talk about the pricing. Also, i was giving it a thought. Uh, this base variant is for 19 000 and the 8 gigabyte ram variant is for 21 000 and if i recall guys at this price point, we don’t have any other smartphone with the 800 series processor. In fact, about two two and a half years ago, the poco f1 was launched with the snapdragon 845 until date. No other smartphone in this price range. Around this 20 price uh k market price band launched a smartphone with the 800 series processor. What we are seeing currently uh around this price point is snapdragon, 720, 730, etc so it’s nice to see that they are giving this snapdragon 860. it’s, basically 855 plus, i would say, but again this is a very powerful processor guys from yesterday, as i’ve told you I’M playing around with this one, no lag or anything, everything is very, very fluid. On this smartphone and again, this is based on seven nanometer process and when i was playing call of duty, i played continuously for three games, then also it did not get very warm or at the back again uh. I completely forgot to mention uh. We have this poco branding, but the way it is there it is not on your face, i would say, and yes, the handset has a slight heft towards it: it’s 214 grams. If i recall uh now, if you go to the ui, you have some quick toggles over here uh you have the auto brightness and everything again.

It feels like a flagship device, and if we go to the display guys here refresh rate, i have kept it to 120. You can put it back to 60 hertz. If you want by default, it was at 60 i’m using it at 120 and very smooth. I would say the only nitpicking that i have is right now. This is the poco launcher and everything, but if you go to the left you’re getting this instead of the google now pain that we are seeing in some of the new redmi phones. So i hope with an update uh they do that in fact, uh regarding the update, if you go to about the device it’s running on the miui 11, but still it’s running on android 11.. So i hope they push out android 12 quickly on this smartphone and guys i’ve installed call of duty and some other apps uh. So roughly uh out of the box about 19 gigabytes was sort of used so that’s regarding the storage that you are getting and the screen quality is good, guys, it’s, a ips lcd screen that we are getting on this one again, no lags or whatsoever while actually Using the phone and uh also regarding the fingerprint scanner, if you see i just tap and it unlocks by default, this is not the functionality, you have to actually press it, but you can customize it. In fact, i have actually taken some screenshots. Let me actually show you that if i go over here and if i go to these are some of the screenshots um here.

This is the miui thing and if you go over here, the fingerprint you have an option of press is by default, but you can change it to touch. I have now made it to touch that’s. Why, if i just touch it unlock, so you can change that and if i uh, i also actually run speed test on this on the five gigahertz wi fi band and again, as you can see, it’s almost maxing out my internet connection. Mine is a 300 megabit connection generally get about 285 to 9 290 on the jio fiber, so the wi fi reception was also very good on this one and no lags that i’m noticing, in fact, i’ve taken a lot of camera samples. Also i’ll show you that in in the meantime, but overall i would say in day to day usage uh, it feels very snappy uh. It feels like a fast processor again. I wanted to run antutu on this one, but on the play store. If i search antutu it’s not there, but i have seen the poco x3 uh, this approach launch event and they were claiming antutu score of 4 lakh 93 000 guys, which is very, very high uh. So again, at this price point you’re simply not going to get any smartphone with this kind of raw performance. In fact, if i recall now, we have the snapdragon 870 based smartphones, but they are hovering around the 40 000 price span and this one you can get the base variant at 19, 000.

. So, in terms of raw performance that you’re getting, i feel as of now in india, this one has the most performance that you can get around this price bank uh now let’s also look at the camera on this one again, it’s a similar camera that we have Seen earlier – and this is the same interface 1x – we have 2x that’s digital zoom over here, and you can also go to the wide angle lens like this and front facing is that 20 megapixel? And here we have the portrait mode also on this one. So let me do one thing: let me actually show some of the sample shots that i’ve taken earlier with this smartphone. So these are some of the samples taken in outdoor condition and the sony sensor. That’S, the imx 582 actually does a pretty good job. As you can see in these sample shots, they came out actually pretty good and also have a lot of sharpness now moving to human subjects. These are also produced very well. As you can see, the skin tones were produced well, and this was the ultra wide, and here also we didn’t have any distortion again to give you an example normal shot, and this was with that portrait pokemon. Now these are some of the samples taken with the 20 megapixel front facing camera, and here also, as you can see, it did a pretty good job and these samples were taken in artificial lighting conditions, so guys that’s it for now for the unboxing and first look At this poco x3 pro, so what do you guys uh feel about this smartphone? Certainly, i would say for the price around this 20 000 price point.

If you want the most powerful android smartphone, nothing even comes closer to this one. As of now – and i like the fact that the charger is also that quick charger that’s supplied in the box – and it also has that power delivery charging, the fingerprint performance was also good. So, overall i would say this is a very good smartphone for power users or gamers. You can now get some actually pretty good performance at this price point.