So before i spoil any more of the details on my intro hello, there guys i’m victor from phone arena with a review on the samsung galaxy a52. As a side note, i would like to give a shout out to thing mobile, which offers some of the best deals in wireless for sponsoring this video stay till the end. If you want to learn more on how to get 25 off your next phone bill, now back to the topic at hand, so the a52 a pretty interesting device all around and with a brand new design and display on the front, we have a 6.5 inch display Which is perfectly splendid for some netflix and youtube while at work and yet it’s? Still not that massive, i mean 6.5 inches. The bezels are slightly on the bigger side of things for me, but i’ll leave the size and feel to preference. The 90 hertz refresh rate we’ve come to expect from all the new devices is available on this device. Definitely one of the larger improvements over last year’s a51. If you ask me and as a tip of the iceberg, we have an improved outdoor brightness of the panel itself. We measured in around 715 nits peak brightness, which is you know, a good bump from the 599. We measured on the a51 and is much higher than the similar priced pixel. 4A’S 451 nits, so design wise. The awesome galaxy a52 comes in a few awesome colors, namely the awesome white awesome, black awesome, blue and the one we have awesome violet.

Furthermore, the furnace back is now different at its core it’s still plastic, now it’s a soft matte finish instead of the old glossy back that the a51 offered, and while this may not feel as premium as you know, a metal and glass sandwich it’s still a step In the right direction, glossy plastic is simply too much of a scratch and fingerprint magnet. For me, the camera is also a rather interesting aspect of this phone sure it’s, not flagship level, but as technology has shown us given enough time, improvements start to trickle down in pricing. This is why the a52 supports optical image stabilization on its 64 megapixel sensor. There is also an additional ultra wide sensor with 12 megapixels and a 5 megapixel macro camera, which, while still a gimmick, is an improvement over last year’s. The main camera is not the best in terms of colors and sharpness, but it’s a rather good performer for the price. So how do these cameras perform? You may ask well they perform great, for, as you guessed, the price which is not to say, they’re bad. Instead, they’re better than okay – and you know i kind of like the photos that come out so here’s – what i mean given some good lighting photos from the main sensor, come out a bit cool with a rather good dynamic range. Artificial sharpening is a thing here, but it’s, not in big doses. Most of the time at least samsung looks as if it’s trying to step up its game in the mid range section and i’m all in for that strategy.

So then we have the 12 megapixel ultrawide sensor, it’s softer for sure and not the greatest ever, but given that flagship phones started making these ultrawide cameras better only now, this is certainly more than serviceable as a bonus. Night mode works with this sensor too, as you can see here how about portrait photography, then this one is more dependent on software when it comes to phones and since samsung is one of the best in the game when it comes to portrait mode, shots i’m, not Too surprised to say that these photos came out rather good, with a good outline of the subject and depth that doesn’t look too fake, you’ll be pretty much good to go, and what about the gimmick in the room? You may ask once again: well, while i am still friendly in the belief that this macro camera is unnecessary, i’m still also inclined to say that the photos are better than last year’s a51 and you can certainly get decent shots with it. If you know you play around and not shake too much before i end the camera segment, though there is also a front camera wearing during and it’s, not a bad one it’s sitting on 32 megapixels on the front of the display, and it takes decent selfies. As you can see here, the sharpness is a bit much and the dynamic range is decent night shots also, while a bit lacking in terms of color balance tend to redeem themselves with good sharpness and level of detail along with fixed color balance.

If you use the night mode as seen here as for video quality it’s, not going to blow you out of the water with its average microphone, recording, quality or lack of pro video mode, but where it stands out is in the ois, which makes video footage a Step better from a shaky blob of your vacation and rather good dynamic, ranging colors the option to record in 4k 30fps is also a good benefit, but it’s the bare minimum you need to achieve at this price point nowadays. Performance, wise is not the strongest suit at the samsung galaxy a52. It comes with a snapdragon 720 g which, while not the top of the line, is certainly going to be hassle free for the average user. You can play most games on the play store with no issue except truly demanding titles. You know at the highest of settings regarding messaging, watching videos or editing documents. This device is spot on, though, and while there were the occasional stutters here and there, mostly because samsung’s one ui three is a bit heavy. This soc, you know, gets a passing grip for me and the benchmarks were inclined to agree with me. Geekbench 5 gave a single core score of 541 around there and a multi core score of 1634 was it which is not going to blow you out of the water, but is definitely an improvement over last gen right then, how about battery life? The rather big 4500 milliamp hour battery is exactly what i expected to see here and i’m.

Glad that i did. The big and fast refresh rate display does need to get juiced from somewhere doesn’t it. But even then this battery proved to be much more than a. You know, a slight upgrade to keep a good number. It proved to last me a day and more. I haven’t really tested it fully in 90 hertz, but i have you know some numbers at 60hz to back up my claims. The phone lasted around 16 hours and 30 minutes, while browsing the web 8 and a half while watching youtube and more than 9 hours, while playing some casual games. This, of course, is not the best battery that has ever existed, but charging speeds have also been improved. On it to make it more than a decent package, it sure is decent, especially if you compare it to the s20 fan edition, which lasts around 12 hours and 30 minutes on our browsing test with the same capacity battery, as i mentioned earlier, regarding the improved charging Speeds the new a52 supports up to 25 watts of fast cable charging, which is cool, but sadly it comes with a 15 watt charger in the box. You know, which is something i’d bear in mind if i was about to purchase this device, and so i saved the best for last. The new awesome a52 comes with some pretty neat features. To start off. The 3.5 millimeter headphone jack was preserved, praise the sun. Additionally, we still have a micro sd card slot.

It exists at the cost of your second sim card since it’s a hybrid slot, but you know i’m still glad to see it there and, if that’s still not good enough for you, then don’t look surprised at me when i tell you that the speakers on this Device are stereo they’re, not the greatest ever if i had to check them individually, but together they make for a very good experience, and if that wasn’t enough, we have an ip67 rating for water resistance. I mean i don’t know about you guys, but just the bonus features are enough to make me want this device. What was the price again four hundred dollars or 350 euro yeah that’s, pretty much madness right there, actually, a really good move from samsung. If i had to wear it a different way and now for a message from our sponsor think, with your fantastic coast to coast coverage, low prices and award winning customer service thing, has you covered in almost every scenario and if you sign up now at, you Save 25 bucks with the three new offers of ten dollars for talking with five dollars per gigabyte of data 25 dollars with five gigabytes of data or 45 dollars a month. Unlimited data plan thing will always have something for you and in case you’re wondering this will be a hassle. Switching is easy because you can keep the same phone number coverage is also top notch, because thing is partnering with the biggest carriers in the us and in the event that you do end up having problems or simply have questions.

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