com, and this is the new well sort of new oneplus 9r. I say sort of new because we all know that this is basically the oneplus 8t with a few changes here and there anyway, i have been using the oneplus 9r for almost a week now. So are these changes good bad? Is it like an old wine in a new bottle or something more, should you buy the oneplus 9r well i’m going to answer all of those questions. This is a oneplus 9r review. Okay, so let’s start by talking about how the oneplus 9r is different from the oneplus 8t in terms of the specs, so they’re, basically, two differences between the 9r and the 80, the design and the snapdragon 870 chipset let’s talk about the design. First, the basics are the same here: the 9r is pretty much identical to the 80 in terms of weight and dimensions and that’s, not a bad thing, because this is a fairly comfortable phone to hold. I switched to the oneplus 9r from the oneplus 9 and i did not notice a difference in terms of the in hand feel or premiumness. Now the difference is in the back design. The oneplus 9r has newer colors, and i think this lake blue looks nice and, as you can see, the camera cutout has a design that’s similar to the nine and the nine pro. Also the oneplus text on the back is gone when compared to the oneplus 8t.

So the design isn’t a whole lot different, it’s, still a glossy glass back, which isn’t a huge fingerprint magnet so that’s good. Apart from that there’s, the fingerprint scanner on the front which is fast and accurate, so it’s overall, mostly the same, but i like that. Oneplus has at least made sure to differentiate the 9r and kind of make it look like a newer phone. Apart from that, the oneplus 9r has an aluminium frame, as you can see and there’s also a dual sim slot, but there’s no microsd slot and there are stereo speakers which sound fairly good. Obviously the speaker in the earpiece isn’t as loud as the bottom one. But when combined, they offer loud sound with a good balance, so the design changes are subtle, but let’s talk about the chipset now so guys already know the specs snapdragon 870 up to 12 gb ram up to 256gb storage. Those are some good specs and if you don’t know, snapdragon 870 is basically the snapdragon 865 rebranded i mean here are all the specs of the 870 and 865 and yeah the clock. Speed is the only big update in the snapdragon 870. So does that make a difference in performance? Well, the 870 does better than the 865 in benchmark scores. I mean here the answer to scores of both the phones and the higher clock. Speed seems to be making difference here, because the cpu scores of the 870 are slightly higher.

Here are the geekbench scores now and again, the 870 scores better. I mean it’s, clearly not a big difference, because both these chipsets are very similar but yeah. The 870 scores marginally higher apart from these benchmark tests. I also wanted to see how the snapdragon 870 performs in terms of battery drain temperature cpu throttling. So i did a few tests. First up, i ran the cpu throttling test app on the oneplus 9r and the 80 to see if they perform any different. Well, here are the results and they’re exactly the same on both the phones, the 9r cpu throttle to 95 of its max performance, and the 80 is the same so yeah. This is very good and yeah almost the same on both the phones. I also did a temperature and battery drain test on the 9 and the 80.. I played cod mobile at max brightness and the highest graphics and framework settings for nr, and the battery drain was 19 on the 9r and 22 on the 80.. There was also a slight difference in the temperature. The 9r was at around 38 degrees at the 30 minutes and 1 hour mark, while the 80 was at around 40 41 degrees. So, honestly, if you ask me, it’s not a big difference, but i do feel that the oneplus 9r does not get as warm as the oneplus 8t look. When i was using the oneplus 80 last year. I did feel that it was getting warmer than usual kind of overheating, while gaming and even though the oneplus 9r does get warm it’s, not overly hard overheating or anything, so maybe oneplus or qualcomm has kind of optimized things.

In fact, i found the thermal performance on the 9r to be better than the oneplus 9 too see when i was using the oneplus 9. I did face some heating issues. The back does get pretty hot, especially around the camera sensor, and i also got this error. While taking photos, yes photos, not videos, and i did not face any such issues on the 9r. In fact, i also ran the cpu throttling test on the oneplus 9 and when the snapdragon triple eight is obviously more powerful. The cpu throttling is higher, as you can see, with the yellow and orange in the graph, the oneplus 9 throttled to 70 of its max performance, see if you saw our oneplus 9 vs 9 video. You must remember me saying: the 9r makes more sense and this kind of solidifies that overall, the point is the performance of the oneplus 9r is good in terms of day to day performance. The oneplus 9r has been absolutely rock solid. For me, no weird lags or anything no app crashes, nothing. The performance of this phone is very good now. The 9r is different from the oneplus 8t in terms of the back design and the chipset, but i also noticed a slight difference in the display i mean if you look at the numbers, it’s the same as the 80 120 hertz fluid amoled gorilla glass 5, with The same bezels and the same punch hole, but when i compared the 9r display to the 80 display side by side, i found the 9r display to be slightly brighter, while also showing the more accurate colors see.

I really like the display on the 80 and the 9r is even better, which is yeah a win. Really, i mean smooth, vibrant and just good all around. I also tested the cameras to see if there’s any upgrades in the performance i mean the 9r has the same camera specs as the 80. As you can see here, and i took a lot of comparison – photos from both these phones hoping to see some difference but it’s, basically the same photos between daytime or low light, the 9r and 80 capture almost identical shots. So if you’re hoping for some software camera improvements in the 9r, well there’s, nothing anyway, talking about the 9r photos individually. The good thing is that photos from the main camera have good fairly natural colors. The dynamic range is good too, and i like the contrasty shots. It takes sometimes i mean it’s, not perfect. The details could have been better in some shots and some shots do come out a little soft and in low light. The phone automatically turns on the night mode when required. So the photos are fairly detailed and i also like that it gets the exposure right mostly, but the white balance is kind of a hidden miss sometimes, for example, in this photo, the light was actually warm and it made it whitish. As for the ultra wide angle, lens it’s, okay, it’s usable, but it lacks the details and even with the lens correction option turned on, i noticed a lot of distortion around the edges, see if you like that you’ll be fine, otherwise you’ll not be fine.

On the video front, there’s ois, so the video is stable. I mean i’m walking fairly swiftly in this video, but it’s nice and stable, as for the quality it’s sharp, but the contrast is a little on the higher side. When it comes to selfies. I did feel the nine hours viewfinder shows a very good exposure, but the final image seems to have a lot more processed brighter look, but on that i think the selfies are good enough with decent details. So that was the camera performance, which is very one plus like and kind of decentish. As for the rest of the phone it’s, basically all oneplus 8t, the battery specs and the charge are the same in the hour and that’s, not a bad thing. I mean the battery performance is kind of okay. With the screen set to 120 hertz. I got a screen on time of four and a half hours to five hours on most occasions, as you can see from these screen shots, which is fine but nothing extraordinary. As for the charging, the 65 watt charger is obviously super fast, taking the phone from 10 to 100 percent in around 35 minutes. Other important things to note: the phone has oxygen os 11 on top of android 11 and there’s. No such bloatware or anything there’s also support for nfc and, very importantly, it has support for carrier aggregation. I checked things with vodafone, airtel and jio, and i got multiple frequencies in the 9r on all of these networks, so that’s good.

As for the 5g bands there’s one lonely, n78 5g band, which is basically to just get the 5g branding in the oneplus 9r, similar to most other 5g phones in india. So, at the end of the day, oneplus 9r is like an old wine in a new bottle. If you like the oneplus 80, you will like the oneplus 9r. The oneplus 9r has a slightly better design, slightly better screen, slightly better performance, slightly better price, so yeah it’s slightly better than the oneplus 8t plus. It does not have any of the heating issues that i have faced with the snapdragon triple eight in the oneplus 9. So, overall, the oneplus 9r is a good all round, smartphone that you can go for if you have a budget of 40k. However, if you want a more complete flagship package – and you can spend a little more – you can consider the s20 fe 5g or even last year’s oneplus 8 pro well. That was my review of the oneplus 9r, but i want to know what you guys think tell us in the comment section below also give this video a like share it to all the people considering to buy the oneplus 9r and subscribe to our channel.