I just stand in front of a desk and i talk about the phone and that’s pretty much it. I thought i’d just walk around it’s beautiful in san diego. So why not take advantage of this beautiful weather and talk about the phone and just to let you know if you don’t, if you’re new to my channel put this phone down, i need to keep pulling up if you’re new to my channel, i recently had to Switch over to the galaxy s21 ultra because i broke my galaxy z fold, two, which i absolutely love i’ll, be honest straight up, you know, z, fold. Two is still my favorite phone it’s, a fantastic phone. It works great. I love that huge display now having to switch over to this phone, give it like my 100. You know it’s the main phone i’ve been using for the last, since it came out pretty much. Was it been a month or two at this point, i’ve really gotten into it in terms of like how i feel about it and what i miss about, you know that galaxy z full too so let’s talk about the stuff that i feel like for me personally Is a little bit of a turn off? First of all, the screen i mean the screen is definitely big enough for basically anybody it’s, a 6.9 inch display it’s huge and that for most people is perfect, so you don’t have to worry about seeing anything on the the screen.

Now everything looks pretty big, but when you’re coming from a z fold, 2 it’s really difficult to get into it again like these candy bar phones, just because they are, they do seem so much smaller. So, for me it was a little bit and it still is a difficult thing to get back into really falling in love with a candy bar phone. I’Ll, be honest with you. I i don’t, but at the same time, for most people it’s going to be absolutely beautiful. The screen is beautiful. It’S super bright, it’s, very clear, 120 hertz, 2k plus resolution looks works fantastic, so in terms of the display a plus, but for me a little bit too small and that’s a bit of a turn off for me. So like looking at websites – and you know zooming into photos and social media and reading things, i like it better on this e fold too. Some other key features that samsung hasn’t, really upgraded and even downgraded in some. Some cases is charging charging wire wired charging is stuck at 25 watts at this point in time you have. You know some of these other companies like oneplus and xiaomi, and all these other companies that are really pushing the envelope with wireless charging get 50 watt wireless charging on a oneplus phone. You can get wire charging over 65 watts on all these. A bunch of other phones as well and samsung’s, stuck at 25 watts and i believe, it’s 15 watts on the wireless side it’s slow at this point, especially compared to those other phones.

I can wirelessly charge my oneplus 9 pro in, like 45 minutes zero to 100 wirelessly. I can’t even do that on on this galaxy s21 ultra so it’s a bit of a turn off that they haven’t upgraded the charging, wirelessly or wired. They really need to push the envelope with that i feel like, but at the same time, battery life is good, so i’ll switch over to that, because battery life on the galaxy s21 ultra gives me basically a full day and by full day i mean wake up At 6am i’ve got to charge it from at about and i’m on my phone a lot because i’m gon na stay at home, dad so i’m. On my, i have to charge it like it’ll, completely die i’d say between between three and six p.m, depending upon how much i used it or so so i personally get all day battery life, and i consider that all the battery life, because i’m literally staring at My phone, the whole time for the most part or on it or checking it every so often so battery life for me has been really really good. Definitely one of the better battery lifes on a samsung phone. Another thing is: they removed the micro sd card expansion slot on the galaxy s21 series of phones, none of them have it not a big deal for me, but for others it’s probably going to be a big deal, especially people that don’t want to spend the extra Money to have to get more storage for me again completely fine, the storage amounts that they do.

Allow you to buy 128, 256 or 512 is great. I think 256 is the sweet spot that’s, the one i would personally go with and that’s the one. I personally do have in terms of the software great great great one, ui 3.1. They just keep making it. For me, i mean it does seem. A little tad slower, like the animations, seem a little bit slower than previous uh iterations of one ui, but it’s still feature filled packed. You can download good luck to really customize your phone. You can go in there and control. Basically, every bit and piece of the phone it’s a very clean and easy experience to get around it’s very fluid it’s fast, so the software overall, just the one they put on here, is great. You now have the google uh feed now on the home screen. If you want it, you can also switch over to samsung’s free, which also allows you to listen to podcasts and read news. So it’s really a feature filled easy to use software experience and it just continually gets better and better and it’s without a doubt. For me, my favorite software experience on any phone next up the camera very happy with the cameras they’ve now stabilized 4k 60 on the phone. So if you like to shoot in 4k, 60 video it’s now stabilized and the video and photos do come out really really nice to break it down, though, for me anyway, and what i’ve seen and used.

I personally, like the video better on the iphone 12 pro max, especially in 4k 60. I don’t know it just to me looks a little bit better and i might mean that that’ll be like drastically better. I mean like just a little bit better pictures. I do love the pictures that i can capture with samsung. I love the software that they have built into the phone with capturing their uh, the the one take. So you know it take captures video and multiple photos. I love using that, especially with having a kid to be able to capture easy photos of him. I like that and then it kind of stylizes them. I love the fact that you can do slow motion and do uh any hyperlapse and pro video and pro photo so there’s all kinds of different features built into the camera. The photos come out really nice. I don’t really have that many complaints about the photo or video experience. Another thing i love about this phone is the fingerprint sensor. It is so much better faster, accurate than it was in any other phone. So if you hated the fingerprint sensor on any of the previous on screen, galaxy phones you’re going to love it on this one it’s, just so much more accurate. You don’t have to press as hard it’s amazing. So i love the fingerprint sensor on here. It works fantastic i’m. A mess. I don’t know how i got here, but i’m blessed i’m blessed in terms of performance.

You can’t go wrong. It’S a speed demon it’s got this. At least in america. You get the snapdragon 88 12 gigabytes of ram uh. On the you know, international side, you end up getting the exynos 2100, which i don’t see many of my viewers complaining about it all that much so i’m, assuming that exynos runs pretty well for them, but for the snapdragon 888, and you know the the 12 gigs Of ram that i have and the 256 gigabytes of storage it’s plenty enough to uh perform at anything that i want to do and i’m, not a big gamer on my phone, but i know it can handle that stuff. It runs through opening apps and you know, making the apps feel smooth and that 120 hertz display – and you know, starting up the phone and anything i do on the phone. Just comes out great in terms of performance, so again, i’d have to give the performance on the galaxy s21 ultra and a plus Music. So with all that said, i mean you can kind of see where i’m going with this. What do i think about the galaxy s21 ultra? I think it is one of the best, if not the best phones, that you can buy um. You know the the things that i’m griping about aren’t things that should make you not want to buy the phone, and i what i mean by that is like sure it doesn’t have the fastest charging.

But you know 25 watt charging and 15 wireless charging are plenty fast enough. You still can charge it pretty darn fast, not having an sd card. Well, you can buy more storage and it’s, not that much more expensive, especially when you factor in if you have to buy an sd card anyway, on the previous generations of the phone, the display doesn’t fold. Okay, a lot of people don’t want folding displays because of you know it breaking or because they just don’t want a display that big, so with that kind of stuff done, you’re getting a beautiful phone with a great camera, with an overall uh, great experience and software And and and just usage on a day to day basis, and you can game with if you want to play anything, you want and do whatever you want, and the display is beautiful and large wholeheartedly recommend the galaxy s21 ultra. It is a fantastic phone that offers a fantastic experience, but at the same time, for me as a user of and lover, i should say of foldable phones. I don’t think i could ever and will ever go back to a traditional candy bar phone. As my main phone on a long term basis, because once my galaxy z, full 2 is fixed, i will be going back to that phone because of how large and amazing that display is so overall you’re going to get a great phone. But just my opinion and experience, let me know about you guys about the galaxy s21 ultra.