So here we go these days. Phones aren’t, really something. We spend a lot of time researching on what you need, what features you need and i’m guilty of it as well. I spent all of two hours deciding what phone i needed to get and i just settled on what offered the best features for the best price. But there is a group of people who a phone alone can’t do everything they need. That is where this comes in. The new cat s62 pro honestly, this phone is probably one of the most rugged and solid feeling phones that i’ve ever had in my hands. If it was mine, i would have thrown it to prove a point but i’m not going to do that. Mulspec, 810 rated. So it is as dust proof as waterproof as shockproof as you’ll ever need cat warrantees that from a one and a half meter drop, no questions asked screen replacement unless you go and throw it and the screen cracks, that’s a different story, but from ear height and Down they say: they’ll cover it. If the screen breaks mostly metal construction, i mean this phone is solid, it’s a lot more solid than my phone, but it it’s built for different reasons. Around the back, you’ve got a 12 megapixel camera doesn’t sound like much compared to some 64 or 108 megapixel cameras these days, but 12 megapixels the lower megapixels most of the time, the better it is in low light, which is where a lot of phones struggle.

Now this phone isn’t cheap, but there’s a certain feature that justifies that price so on the back you’ll see, is your normal camera, then above it a very non descript. Looking black lens, this phone is fitted with a fleur thermal camera, a real proper thermal camera. Not one of these little thermal filters that you can download or that your phone might have. This is a proper thermal camera. When you open, with my fluid pro app, you have a whole array of different features. Is your iron mode white hots, black hot, rainbow lava arctic night vision, proper night vision, i have to add it actually works. I’Ll add a little photo of what the photo looks like what a normal camera would see and then a photo of what the thermal camera sees. Then you’ve also got your different let’s call them temperature indicators. So you might be asking me a question: well dark! It’S! All while and good having a thermal camera, but how does that equate to usage in the 4×4 and camping industry? Well it’s say, for example, you want to find hotspots in your engine trailer. If you’ve got a you think you’ve got a dead wire, two wires side by side. The live one will be hotter than the cold one, so the camera will can see it’s a very minut difference in in color or shade, but the camera can pick it up and that is very handy sitting in the campsite at night.

It can spot up to a certain range. Of course you can spot wildlife beyond the trees and stuff that you won’t necessarily be able to see with your naked eye. If you’d like to see more products like these and have little hidden features that you don’t think would apply to our industry drop a like subscribe to. The channel we’ve got some awesome stuff planned some great diy projects coming up as well, and maybe the phone will make an appearance again.