How well the tennis max has aged and also whether it’s worth buying in 2021? Well, this video is to answer all that Music. The iphone tennis max by design is still a very premium and verbal phone. The form factor, is huge and heavy and it’s. Surely not a one handed type but then that’s the expected thing with max size devices and to be frank, when you compare the iphone tennis max size with the iphone 12 pro max, i do prefer the tennis max because of the curved sides. This phone feels much more comfortable to hold, even though it’s a big phone, and here for the durability with the unit i have well, it has been used for almost two years, but even then the frame and glass has held up pretty well now the glass does Get scratched up and same is the case with the frame, but even then the overall structure is still very solid and also there is no signs of any gap or button failure. All the buttons still work, great, with proper tactile feedback, and even the only port which is lightning still works. Fine now the camera section is protruding out, but then here the unit i am testing – has been used to the camera lens protector, so it’s still remaining free of scratches and from my previous experience with iphones there isn’t any need to worry about the camera lens because It does age well so, overall, based on the aging factor and from a design perspective, while the iphone 10s max will surely score at nine out of ten any other one point reduction is because of the cosmetic aging which is scratches, and here about the design.

I still feel this is a well designed phone and even now the overall design is good. The curved stainless steel frame with the glass on the front and back is premium, and even though, from the front, the notch might look ugly. Well, even if you get a 2021 iphone, which is the iphone 12 series, you can see the same size notch and in practicality. This knot is of great use because it does house the face id sensors and even with the mass situation, i do feel that face id is an advanced system and when it works without any entrance, it’s a very convenient, unlocking method. And here since we have touched the front portion of the phone well, what you see is still one of the best displays in any smartphone. This is a great quality well calibrated panel and hence the experience from it. Even after two years of launch is top class. This display is a 6.5 inch, oled display which has a resolution of 2688×1242, which in turn gives a pixel density of 458 ppi, and yet this display does have support for true tone. Then there is support for 3d touch and also the display is a white color. P3 display, and yet these specs do reflect well and that’s. The reason why the display is still a great one, colors does look very sharp and the viewing angles are good and also the outdoor usage scenario is not at all a thing to worry about.

The display can top at 6 25 minutes of brightness, and hence you won’t have difficulty in reading contents, even during a bright sunny day. Any other notch also doesn’t come as an obstruction, while you’re watching videos or playing games and actually the media consumption experience with the iphone 10s max is still very enjoyable because of this display and really good quality. Dual speaker setup, the speaker output is loud and also very clear, and even the sound does have that richness. So, even if it’s, a noisy environment, you won’t have issues with the sound output, and one more key thing to note is the support for 3d touch because it’s, something that i miss with the new iphones so till now, based on design and build, and also the Display and audio well, things are still promising with the iphone 10s max, but then i feel the best standout feature of this phone. Even now is its performance because usually a 2 year old phone won’t perform that well. But then, since this is an iphone, the internals do age in a neat manner. The processor that powers, the iphone 10s max is apple’s a12 bionic chip, which is a 7 nanometer processor. Any other ram available is 4gb and the storage options vary in the range from 64gb to 512gb, and yet these specs might not look very promising. But when you use the phone, the experience is undeniably good to grade normal tasks are better smooth with no lags or slow downs, and even if you want to shift the usage pattern to a heavy usage type well, even then you won’t face issues.

I mean all apps available in app store, does work great without issues and that’s, a big plus and yeah, and the key thing to notice that the phone still runs. The latest operating system, which is ios 14, and what we trust with apple, is that this phone will probably be supported for at least three years in terms of major software updates. So that’s, one of the biggest advantage with the iphone 10s max. And here a very key thing to keep note off is that the display’s refresh rate is just the normal 60 hertz and it’s, even with that, the user experience from the phone remains to be smooth. So when a phone is just like this, it surely needs to be hyped and that’s. Why i did say that the performance is still one of the best feature of the iphone 10s max. Well, that said, when you switch your concentration to the camera. Well, even in that department, the iphone 10s max still can compete with some of the flagships in market, because your this dual camera system is something we can trust to take good, stills and great videos. Both the cameras here are 12 megapixel wands and in that the main sensor is a wide angle. Camera with aperture, f, 1.8 and the secondary camera is a telephoto camera with aperture, f 2.4 and your both cameras have optical image stabilization and with the telephoto lens optical zoom is up to 2x and even now the shots that the main sensor captures is sharp with Proper detailing and also colors look natural there isn’t much of saturation effect and about the dynamic range.

Well, even though it’s not the best it’s good, dark areas lose a bit of detail, but overall, if it’s, an environment which has good lighting, the shots are great. But then, when the light fades, the shots becomes grainy. There is no official night mode support for the iphone 10s max. So if you’re a person who clicks a lot of photos in low light well, then you won’t be enjoying the camera system in the iphone 10s max and here about the telephoto camera it’s a useful one, not only because of the 2x zoom capability, but it’s, because It does help in capturing excellent telephoto shots. For me, that was the main core advantage with this secondary camera. But in that also, a key thing to note is that it’s only usable when there is plenty of light and about the main strong point of the camera system, which is video recording and you can’t record 4k video at 60 fps and the quality of video is Still better than most of the high end, android phones, extended, dynamic range support is available up to 30 fps and your videos are very stable, with no focusing issues and overall, if you plan to use this camera as a main video camera, you won’t be disappointed and Now checking the front camera well, it’s, a 7 megapixel camera with aperture, f 2.2, and this one is showing its age. I mean the shots are good, but there is loss in quality when the situation is challenging.

But when you switch to a proper lit environment, things are much better, but then the frame of capture is not very wide, and here also the strong point is the video is captured. The max video resolution supported is 1080p at 60fps and in such a setting, the videos are stable and also the colors look good and overall, i would still rate this front camera as a good one. If you want to take blogs so that’s the camera situation and right now, it’s holding fine, but then it all comes to the price point. You can get iphone 10s max because, as i said earlier, finding a new unit might not be an easy thing and hence your choice is tailored down to a used one or a refurbished one, and i feel for an excellent condition. Iphone 10s max, which has like maybe 90, of battery health. The pricing should be in the 35 000 to 40 000 indian rupees range, because if it’s anything about that well, you can get an iphone 11, which has couple of sacrifices. But still you can get a brand new one, and actually the experience you get from the iphone 11 is still impressive and also the iphone 11 does have the upper hand in terms of the processor camera and even battery and i’m, going to stress this battery point Because it’s, a very key thing for all of us and with the used iphone 10s max. The issue is that the battery health will be low and so you’re not going to get the full advantage of the 3174 h battery the unit.

I was testing at a battery health of 87 and from that with the latest os the screen on time i was getting was a maximum of four hours. It did drop to three and a half range if the usage pattern was not really heavy and during such a day, i did charge the device twice now you do get the advantage of fast charging, as well as wireless charging support, but then the charger that comes With the iphone 10s max is a 5 watt charger, so with that you won’t be able to do the fast charging thing and also about the wireless charging it’s on the slower side, and the battery thing remains a weak point for the iphone 10s max in 2021. But then some of the other highlights of the iphone 10s max is that it’s, ip68 rated, and also you can use two sims in which one sim must be a nano sim and the other should be a e sim. But in that also there is no 5g support. So if you’re a person looking for such a thing, then the tennis max is surely not the one for you and actually that’s the same with all the iphones available right now other than the 12 series. And lastly, about the bluetooth version: it’s 5 and the wi fi version is dual band: wi fi and you even get nfc, which comes as a handy thing for apple pay. So i guess this is everything about the iphone 10s max in 2021 and right now the phone does have some great stuff, and here the cool thing that you must consider is the price that you can get the iphone 10s max and also the condition of the Device you’re going to get, and if both these factors turn out good.

Well, then, what you’re getting is a device which still offers excellent media experience, which is still holding strong in terms of performance and the cameras you get are also good, with the main highlight going to the videos and also the portrait photos. And last but not least, this is also a very premium feeling and well built phone. You do miss the support for 5g, which might become a thing in the future, but right now in india, 5g is not available. So that’s, not something you have to worry a lot about, because here the core experience thing is still great and, like i said, if you can get an excellent condition, iphone tennis max for a good price, it’s, still a great option. You can consider that’s up for this. Video guys hope you liked it.