So galaxy fall 2 let’s get into it. So this one here is the mystic black 256 gig model. Specs are as follows: so the external display is a 6.2 ammo amulet amoled amoled display and it’s a 60hz display it’s quite long. You know when it’s folded over so it’s uh yeah we’ll get into that in a minute. The internal display is a 7.6 inch. 120 hertz display, which is also amoled as well so it’s a fantastic screen on this device. Um on the inside outside is fine 60 hertz to be honest, we’re doing little bits and pieces of browsing, and things like that it’s great, but uh inside is what magic happens so so there’s a front facing camera in the front panel screen on a front facing Camera on the inside as well, both of these are 10 megapixel camera and then on the back. We have a triple lens uh setup and the triple lens setup on these cameras is a they’re, both 12 megapixel there’s, a telephoto lens and an ultra wide lens as well. So all in all cameras pretty decent one too, strangely um processor, wise it’s, very rare. To get snapdragon here in the uk, so the fact that this uh this phone has the qualcomm snapdragon 865 processor is very, very good it’s, quite quack it’s quack that’s quack it’s, quick, it’s snobby, and it performs very, very well 12 giga ram as well and like I said before 256 gig of storage uh.

There is no expandable card slot, no headphone jack i’m sure there’s. Somebody out there so upset about no headphone jack yeah, uh, usbc connectivity, wireless charging as well so and also reverse wireless charging. So you can reverse wireless charge. Another device, which is a great feature: 4, 500 milliamp as well so there’s, no slouch when it comes to battery performance, either way and then at 282 grams it’s, not uh, it’s, not obscenely heavy, but it’s, not the small ones in your product. You definitely wouldn’t forget that you’re carrying this thing in your product, um it’s, six mil wide when it’s open, which compared to a lot of flagship phones today, is in about the sort of dimensions it’s a massive 16.8 mil when it’s folded, and you notice that when It’S folded up inside your product, i’ll turn it off for sure good points. This is an awesome, looking device, there’s, no ifs ways or bots about it. It’S cool. Looking i mean even when it’s closed, it’s it’s a slim device. It fits well on the hand. So the inside display is 120 hertz, refresh rate and again i haven’t used phones with 120 20 hertz refresh rate um. This uh. This phone is by no means a disappointment. The screen is, snobbery is the colors and the sharpness of it is phenomenal. Um, even just watching some videos and things like that on it it’s crisp, it’s, sharp and it’s, exactly what you need it to be so uh yeah, there’s, no uh, no, no fonts there.

At all, i, like, i said before 25 watt wireless charging with the option for reverse wireless charging. So if you have a pair of wireless headphones that charge using chi, you can pop them on there or, if you have your friend and the friend’s got a phone batteries will be about low. Hear me i’ll, try a job for you bosh there you go and you can give them a little bit you’re, just if you’re nice to go as expected with the display folded up. Multitasking on this is fantastic. Um i’ve i’ve, been using this now for just over a couple of weeks and using three apps simultaneously on the go at one time is a great thing, it’s, something that i never knew that i really wanted until i used it and that’s like i kind of Need it every day, so yeah multitasking on this it’s phenomenal, just simply because you’ve got that real estate. You know to do that. One of the figures i love about this phone is flex mode. Flex mode is great on this um for watching videos on the likes of youtube. You can have the video playing on the top screen and you can have the comment section on the bottom part. I really like that uh when you’re using the camera as well. You can sort of use it as a unofficial tripod and have it set up and have your controls, camera controls on the bottom screen and have your camera on the top screen really really cool feature.

And i really like that um. I think one of the best party pieces for this phone is selfie mode, so open up your camera on the front screen and up in the top corner hit selfie it’ll tell you to open the phone and you open up the phone and there you go and You can use the front screen and then you can take your selfie with the rear camera. Unbelievable and you can usually you can use the telephoto lens ultra wide lens and you can take a really really good selfie, fantastic um that’s. I must say that’s, one of the best features of this of this one bad points: yeah there’s, some bad points um when folded. This thing is all seemly thick in your pocket. Now i um, i use an iphone promox it’s, a big it’s, a thick phone, but this thing is next level when it’s in your product, next level, it’s very, very obscene – and you know it’s there um yeah that’s a wee bit annoying for me. Um not a deal breaker, but it’s a bit annoying. The crease is quite noticeable first, when you go to use it, but i find that i find it was noticeable because i was looking for um whereas after you start using it, you genuinely do forget. It’S there um, unless you’re doing a lot of stuff on a white background. To be quite honest, you don’t really notice that it’s there so again, it’s not something that’s a game changer, but it can be something when you first get this phone, but you might find out a little bit annoying the 21×9 movies uh on the full display.

Can’T have a better boxing on them, depending on what app you’re using obviously uh, because this is a completely unique screen resolution. Sometimes your things just don’t fit uh the screen. The way it should do, um that can be a bit frustrating, especially if you’re watching a white. You know a widescreen film and you have a lot of boxing um and around the uh. The video it’s, if you like your videos to be full full screen that could be a bit of a bummer for you. The front display now to be quite honest – i’m, not going to say 60 hertz, is a big issue for me, because i use an iphone and that’s what i have and so 60 hertz isn’t really a deal breaker for me on a phone screen um, while the 120 hertz on the inside is fantastic hours. Doesn’T really bother me. What does bother me is the size of this screen um, because the screen is quite uh, quite narrow, um if i’m looking at social media or if i get a message and i don’t want to open up the phone, and i want to try and reply personally For me, i have found myself getting frustrated, trying to reply back to a text message or an email simply because the keyboard is too small on this screen and that’s, because the screen’s too small now granted the issue may be my big sausage fingers. Well, i do have to find myself quite a bit if i’m replying to a message or from posting a comment or replying to an email.

I have to open it up and then i am typing on i’m typing away on a full size keyboard which is fine, but i just i have struggled a wee bit with this, and some people might find that a daily breaker uh. But if i’m being truthfully honest, i don’t really find myself using the front screen all that much if i’m being truthfully honest, i always do so i’m having them so personally. For me, i use a lot of video apps. I use a lot of youtube and likes and netflix and plex uh, you um that sort of thing um, but i also use remote desktop quite a bit and remote desktop on this phone, when the display’s open, i found, is really really good. Um it’s not quite a tablet but it’s bigger than a phone, and i thought it was really good. And last but not least, i feel that there’s still a lack of app support for this phone, especially when it comes to the display when it’s open the likes of instagram, especially um, still does not look like it’s optimized properly for the phone um you open it Up in the middle of this great, what this great open display and instagrams pump right in the middle of it. With these blank bars down the side um, i just don’t think there’s a lot of apps that are fully optimized for the fulton screen. Um it’s been out, for this is the second generation, and this has been night for nearly a year.

So i find that a wee bit frustrating you know some of the apps just still aren’t quite there yet in terms of they’re, just not optimized, for it now is that a case of foldables just aren’t mainstream enough. Yet, who knows i, i honestly don’t know, but i just don’t feel there’s a lot of apps a lot of apps i’ve looked at a month. Well, this is what we’re doing our apps at um that’s, really good. You know so sort of feel that’s the way it is with us. So my final thoughts on this while wireless phone is a great looking device and has flagship specs, which cannot be debated, uh it’s got the cpu it’s got the cameras. It’S got the display. It has all those things for a flagship for me there’s, something missing that would make me want to have this as a day to day daily driver phone, and for me, the issue with that is, i don’t think foldable. I don’t think the foldable concept works out. Well, on the phone, if i’m being truthfully honest now, i think the concept of foldable technology is better suited to a tablet. So if you could imagine the likes of an ipad pro or the likes of the galaxy tabs, s7 um par, really powerful devices um that can easily replace a computer in terms of specifications and power and that sort of thing imagine you could fold them in half. Imagine you could be out on a job doing something and you could have it folded over and you could be working on something and then you need to do something.

A bit bigger, open it up and there you go you’ve got a full display. Personally, i would dig that i would prefer that, rather than a foldable phone, so those are my thoughts guys. What do you think on this device down below? Have you got one? If you do, let me know in the comments down below. Let me know your thoughts and uh, keep it locked with the channel i’m gon na have uh a tech tips, video for this phone, so i’m gon na give you five tips on pictures for this phone specifically, so keep an eye for that and uh i’ll catch.