Hey everybody! Welcome to the channel i’m michael and i’ve been testing a lot of the camera of the mi 11 ultra lately and thought of comparing it for you to one of the other hot devices right now, oneplus 9, pro a video that is possible thanks to the kind Help of my friend alex from the techspace channel, you can go ahead and subscribe. He has been using the oneplus 9 pro on a daily basis ever since it appeared. So it was kind of my experience versus his experience and it turned out to be pretty awesome while we’re going to test all the cameras included with most of the important modes. Let’S begin with the photos taken by the main camera sensors, those that you’re likely going to use the most pretty similar in terms of specs when it comes to the size. The mi 11 ultra has the edge here rocking the brand new samsung gn2 image sensor, with one by one to 12 inches size, while the oneplus 9 pro has the sony imx 789 with size of 1 by 1 31 inches, but also includes the so important hasselblad Logo, a partnership supposed to give them the so needed boost in terms of image quality in daylight photos are mostly about software processing. So i expect quite similar performance let’s take a closer look. These two have been shot in almost ideal light conditions left. One is taken with the xiaomi device right side of the screen is for oneplus and i’m going to keep this setup till the end of the video.

In order to avoid any confusions from what i see here, we have two very good and bright photos quite obvious that oneplus has deeper blue sky it’s, probably thanks to the ai processing, which tends to make the photo more instagramable, it’s, obviously, a lot sharper than the Photo taken with me, 11 ultra, i tend to like the softer more natural, looking style of the mi 11 ultra zooming in 5 times just confirms this observation. The oneplus 9 pro just loses in terms of quality, and the image starts to look cartoonish. While me 11. Ultra retains rather good amount of detail, and just look even if i add some extra sharpness to the image. It continues to look great important to know that oneplus 9, pro main camera, tends to be about 10 wider than the one on me, 11. Ultra speaking of that let’s switch to the dedicated wider sensors oneplus have chosen the 50 megapixel imx 766 by sony with size of about 1 by 156. Inches xiaomi are deploying the imx 586, which is half an inch sensor, a bit older, but well known from the past years for its great performance on theory. We expect oneplus to have the edge here this time. The mi 11 appears to be a bit wider. Quite an important characteristic for ultra white camera, because that’s the point here to get as much as possible inside the frame. The difference is exactly 20 percent. Quite a lot.

In my opinion, we tend to notice the same approach with color science being a lot more realistic with me, 11 ultra, however, some distortions become apparent. Zooming in five times shows again. The much sharper image by oneplus sharpening is often used to compensate lack of details. However, here we can see that, even if we increase the sharpness of b11 ultra photo, it still is slightly behind one plus in terms of quality in this round i’m going to give the point to each one of them since me11 is wider and has more realistic. Colors and because oneplus has a bit more detail and better contrast now going for the telephoto lenses. These are the scales of the original photos. The one taken by xiaomi appears to be much closer, almost twice closer to be precise. If we adjust the scale oneplus photo starts to fall. Apart gets grainy, continues to be oversharpened and lacks details zooming in twice. They appear to be in totally different leagues. Easy win for me, 11, ultra with the conclusion that the telephoto lens in this phone is not just usable it’s, a lot better, probably the best i’ve seen in a smartphone so far, let’s go for quite the opposite. Some macro photography craze here, go to the oneplus 9 pro. This bee was not patient enough to wait for the mi 11 ultra photos, so something else side by side. If you like, making a lot of macro photos, this is where the 9 pro truly shines.

Fantastic bokeh and the ability to get much closer to the object. I don’t think there’s anything else to say here, just reminding you that in case you want to check any of the samples. I will link the originals in the description below the video. Shall we switch to portraits now? I need to underline that here the miui camera app has a good excuse, because all the photos were taken with the first version of the camera app. Therefore, you cannotice, some weird artifacts happened to some of the photos that we took there. Finally, is a new version of the software which seems to correct this behavior, but now the weather is bad again, so i guess we’re gon na catch up some other time. Even after putting this fact aside, the oneplus portrait mode seems to be a lot better. Not only that, but oneplus offers dedicated ultra wide portrait mode, which is also cool but well has kind of part of my hat. I still think oneplus deserves a point in this round. Let’S put things in motion now with some videos, starting with slow motion that’s exactly what oneplus are highlighting because they promise 4k at 120 frames per second and they deliver obviously more details in 1080p and some skipped frames with me, 11 ultra, which i would blame again On the early revision of the software but it’s another 9, pro victory, autofocus in video mode is great, with both smartphones. Of course, the higher the bitrate and the resolution gets.

The tougher is becoming for the phone to catch up and i think it’s slightly better. With the oneplus 9 pro looks like in the next round. The 11 uter manages to catch up. Oneplus shows slightly better dynamic range, maybe just a bit better stabilization, but the amount of details in the color balance is in favor of mi 11 ultra at 4k, 30 frames per second, i think it’s, the better one. It strengthens its position even further. With the 4k 60 frames per second, i think stabilization here is superior with the mid device. Has a lot better dynamic range, more details, and i personally like the colors better. Let me now cheer up all the oneplus fans, because selfies they’re, obviously better with the 9 pro nicer, colors good softening of the image and a lot better looking background, so how about doing the same, but in low light night mode here they are side by side. I swear right after taking the photos, we compare them on the phones side by side and both me and alex agreed that the oneplus 9 pro taken photo looked better. Perhaps some display optimizations, but now having them side by side. This clearly is a win for the m11 ultra. Furthermore, if we take the photo with the regular photo mode, difference is even greater surprisingly. The situation was not much different with the ultra white camera. I say surprisingly, because theoretically, the sensor inside oneplus is a bit larger.

While i expected an easy win for the oneplus 9 pro due to the slightly larger sensor, it actually failed to deliver the needed quality. Guess some software optimizations will bring it on track. I will, however, give this point to each one of the phones in this round, because results are really close with the telephoto lenses. We replicate the same result as in daylight. Just the difference now is even greater and in favor of mi 11 ultra i’ve done multiple low light photos with this lens and it never disappointed with low light portraits. However, oneplus is again crushing it it’s, actually a photo that good that it looks surprisingly similar to a photo taken by a camera with expensive lens. Note that the mi 11 ultra does a bad job, but just look at how nicely blurred the lights. On the left, side are, with the oneplus amazing hopping onto video fumi 11. Ultra less noise, more details, better dynamic range for the oneplus 9 pro stabilization is a bit better because you can see less artifacts, but both are done. Good Music. I even tried the dedicated knight video modes. The second part of this clip is shot in almost complete darkness, so the results are amazing. Pretty close, as you can see, some of the areas on the m11 ultra are better and some on the 9 pro video Music. If you decide to use your phone’s selfie camera here’s, how both of them perform side by side, you may well remember that oneplus 9 pro showed better quality in daytime low light it’s about the same.

So how can we sum all of that up? Both cameras have very good performance, whichever smartphone you decide to buy it’s going to offer true flagship, great experience. Obviously, when it comes to pure image sensor performance me, 11 ultra has slight edge over the 9. Pro oneplus has a lot more aggressive sharpening in order to overcome this disadvantage, and it sometimes works good, but sometimes just doesn’t. They also have achieved extracting 120 frames per second out of 4k video, which makes them among the first to support it. However, the miui camera app is, in my opinion, superior offering a lot more features, including a pro video mode and also a lot better post processing functions through the photo editor major strengths of the mi 11 ultra. Besides, the fantastic main sensor is the much wider ultra wide camera, the much closer and detailed telephoto mode, which i believe is in its own league and the fisheries smartphone app. On the other hand, oneplus 9 pro nails it with the portraits class leading performance. Indeed, as well as the macro mode, which is just mind blowing, so in the end, let me ask you, which is your favorite model. Let me know comment below what you think about these images and videos i’d. Very much appreciate if you support the channel, subscribing and liking. It is always great way to show your appreciation, as usual links to both smartphones, you’re gon na find in the description below in order to get to know more about them and also buying through these links supports my channel with a minor percentage out of your purchase.

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